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#1504343 To my Huddle friends

Posted by SPANKY on 05 November 2011 - 02:49 PM

Are you someone special LifeisaGarden?I kid I kid, who the fug are you? What's up CoolPepper!

#1501865 To my Huddle friends

Posted by SPANKY on 03 November 2011 - 01:20 PM

Just want to let you guys know I've been without internet for a while, but I'am still around. Cam was solid in the Vikings game, and seems to be improving every week. Smitty is making big plays, and Olsen looks to be a threat Cam can look to as well. I hope to have internet soon, but can't say when for sure. I'll try to keep up guy's, hello bye week.

#1476763 Another great quote from 89

Posted by SPANKY on 22 October 2011 - 03:56 PM

I'am so glad Smitty stayed, I love it when 89's in the building.

#1434862 Congrats to Smitty!

Posted by SPANKY on 02 October 2011 - 05:07 PM

Smitty is still going strong, still torching guys. Congrats Smitty!

#1344179 Would you be upset if we traded J-Stew?

Posted by SPANKY on 21 August 2011 - 10:20 PM

Very upset, they need to get him a nice new contract when his rookie deal is up.

#1246684 Ever thought about...

Posted by SPANKY on 25 June 2011 - 05:43 PM

I had'nt felt that pain in a while, thanks TruCatzFan. No offense Tru, but I could'nt talk for 3 days after Kaseys kick went OB. I had buried that moment deep in my mind and now it's loose again...hello Mr.Beam.

#1237280 Newton Lobbying for Smith to stay a panther

Posted by SPANKY on 19 June 2011 - 08:16 PM

I hope Cam can make an impact on Smittys outlook of the team over the next few years. Cam wants Smitty to stay as bad as most fans do.

#1236732 Steve Smith almost considered retirement.

Posted by SPANKY on 18 June 2011 - 07:52 PM

I'am glad he's going to stick around and make some people eat their words...again. The guy is not done by any means, guys like Smitty don't show up in every draft or FA.

#1224670 I'm starting to think 89 will be here in 2011

Posted by SPANKY on 07 June 2011 - 04:57 PM

lol, yeah me too Dock. Hope he's a Panther when it's all said and done.

#1217550 Lockout: When will you start to panic?

Posted by SPANKY on 31 May 2011 - 09:21 PM

I won't be panicking, I just hate to see the NFL go down this road. When will they get out of the courts and back to the table already?

#1213152 Rivers likes idea of Smith to San Diego...

Posted by SPANKY on 25 May 2011 - 09:26 PM

The thought of Smitty in a Charger or any other jersey makes me want to vomit.

#1208621 Yet Another Vid...

Posted by SPANKY on 21 May 2011 - 11:27 AM

Good vid LilSmitty, thanks man.

#1190644 Smith supposedly wants out...

Posted by SPANKY on 07 May 2011 - 08:13 PM

Please not the FN Pats, just saw an article on espn.com about the Jets looking at Smitty. Who ever he ends up playing for, they will be happy. But if Smitty is going to start over anyway, why not with Cam? Shockey in the mix, gettis and Lafell are going to improve. Add Dwill and Jstew...wtf? Some Jets fans were bashing Smitty, saying he's done. LOL yeah right, I hope we get a chance to find out.

#1190377 Brett Favre?

Posted by SPANKY on 07 May 2011 - 02:26 PM

Umm...well...thats funny:) But please no.

#1189842 What I loved

Posted by SPANKY on 06 May 2011 - 10:46 PM

Damn I was late to the party....swag>rep!

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