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#2695263 Ravens sign Steve Smith

Posted by Bunskie on 14 March 2014 - 04:55 PM

Smitty getting signed before Nicks says a lot. 35yr old still has more game than the guy 10 years younger. 

#2121546 Panthers rewind: Top plays from 2012

Posted by Bunskie on 02 February 2013 - 01:48 AM

This season's D highlights by valleythunder34.. so sick. Keek just dominates.

#2060661 Which woukd you take next year in the middle, Beason at 100% or Kuek as a soph?

Posted by Bunskie on 24 December 2012 - 01:46 AM

A little shocked how quick people forget about Beason and his insane ability. I think Beaston is quicker and can transition to the OLB position a lot better than Luke so I would say Luke should stay at Mike. But I am a little unimpressed with the fan base who seem to forget the hard-hitting ability and solid coverage Beason has shown over the years averaging 140+ tackles a season. Take a couple min to youtube some beason highlights. I hope to have him back on the field soon!

#1438755 Deangelo Williams returns to LiveStream

Posted by Bunskie on 03 October 2011 - 09:31 PM

I came midway probably but these were some of the questions he answered while I was tuning in...

Someone asked about what he thought about Jimmy. He said he liked him and he thought he wasn't ready last year because he was "thrown to the wolves".. said he was on 3rd team playing only against scout team so he wasn't given a chance and it was obvious he wasn't ready... He did say that he has been impressing him this year in practice... He then mentioned how Derek Anderson lights it up in practice even moreso and that he can see how he is a pro bowl caliber QB and he says he helps Cam out a lot.

Mentioned that cam will not be a "beast" but he will be a "monster" once he learns and understands the offense inside and out but he has been impressed that Cam knows what he's doing without the use of a wristband.

Another person asked him who he was closest to on the team and he said the RB's....

He was asked what he thought about Olsen and he said he was probably the funniest guy on the team and if you ever get a chance to have a talk with him you should take the opportunity because he is hilarious..

Also brought up nicknames from the team and he said Cam has a nickname for everyone and refers to everyone by the nickname he gives them and he had a particularly funny one for one of the TE's but it slipt his mind what the nickname was lol...

He also said how fantasy football is a gift and a curse, he says people forget that players are human beings and he was disgusted by a person who asked him if he was going to play on sunday when he was injured because guy had him in fantasy instead of asking him "how are you feeling? get better etc..." but he likes that fantasy football gives the NFL greater exposure etc. He promised that regardless of fantasy numbers no one will work harder than him and he gives every run his all.

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