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In Topic: D-Jax Big Possibility of Being Cut

22 March 2014 - 07:31 PM

Actually, 6'2-6'4 is not prototypical in this generation of the NFL. Look around the league: Steve Smith, Wes Walker, DeSean Jackson, Golden Tate are your prototypical receivers now because teams rely on speed and shiftiness as opposed to a big possession receiver.

Size isn't everything and I understand Cam tends to over throw but to me deception and quickness> size, especially if a small guy has a high vertical.

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The fact you had to list Steve Smith as an example of a "prototypical" WR along with the amazing likes of Golden Tate tells me that it's false.


Looking at the top 7 WRs last year in yards, it consisted of Josh Gordan (6'3"), Antonio Brown (5'10"), Calvin Johnson (6'5"), Demaryius Thomas (6'3"), A.J. Green (6'4"), Alshon Jeffrey (6'3"), and Andre Johnson (6'3"). The back end of this list contains a few short people (including D-Jax), but it looks like 6"3" is the sweet spot.


Top 10 in TDs? A few tall TEs, Dez Bryant (6'2"), Fitz (6'3"), and Brandon Marshall (6'4").




So no, the prototypical AMAZING WR is not Shorty McShorts. It's guys 6'2" and up.

In Topic: D-Jax Big Possibility of Being Cut

22 March 2014 - 11:02 AM

Desean take less money? Hahaha good one.


He could take less this year and have it backloaded since he could make 3 or 4 mil and still probably make what he was going to make with the Eagles (or more?).

In Topic: The Official NFL Combine Thread

20 February 2014 - 12:44 PM


ND TE Troy Niklas 6'6 1/2 270…Lot of buzz building on him as more guys get a chance to study him. Complete TE.


Well this at least backs up my hope for getting him in the second. He'd be the perfect TE2 for our system because he can block AND he gets yards after contact mowing people down. Impressive catch rates from the 6-10 yard area (where we always seem to be throwing) and a really tall red zone threat.

In Topic: Peshek: TE Metrics

20 February 2014 - 12:34 PM

I think if we draft some people who can receive the first two rounds and pick up some CBs through free agency then that'd be the best way to go. Or maybe finding a CB gem. If we can find safety gems in free agency for cheap who fit our scheme and UDFAs like Melvin White, then surely we can hit homeruns with third round picks? 


For example, I'd love Jean-Baptiste if he wasn't such a press corner. I hate the cushions our scheme gives WRs and wonder what our defense would look like with more corner presence. Jamming at the line hard and aggressively following WRs throughout the whole route is what got the Seahawks a Super Bowl ring. Even though we won't look at Roby, he is one of those boom or bust kinda guys to go along with his on-the-field issues. I'm still upset we didn't try to get the Honey Badger.

In Topic: Peshek: TE Metrics

20 February 2014 - 12:27 PM

I'll be honest and say, after looking at the stats (not using the WATCH 'EM PLAY strategy), I like Niklas the most. His 70%+ line-up on the line of scrimmage would make him an excellent TE2. We're not looking for heir apparent as I think we can/should re-sign Olsen to a manageable contract due to his chemistry and ability to line up in different spots.


He had the highest percentage of yards after contact, something we desperately need. My wife and I made it a running joke that a Panthers' first job after securing the ball was to fall down. Most of our TD plays were bombs IN the end zone, or, like Smitty always seems to deal with, getting stopped inside the 5. A bulldozer TE with decent hands (his % for drops is skewed considering his lower catch amount) who can get separation and 6+ YAC despite almost always lining up with the OL? 


He's 6'7", is the perfect go-to in the red zone that we so desperately need, and although he only has one real season of actual body of work (because of Eifert being used as TE1 before), he did manage a 30+ catch season to go along with his 5 TDs.


Not to mention he'd definitely be available in the late second round in my opinion. A few mocks have him going to the Falcons in the third.

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