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In Topic: USC WR Nelson Agholor has private visit with Panthers today

16 April 2015 - 02:05 PM

I dont see us looking at Agholor before the second.  No way is he worth a first rounder being arguable the 5th or 6th best receiver in the draft.  Why go for 6th best when you can get a similar talent in the third round and instead get a top  corner, or other position.  He just isnt a good value int he first and frankly isnt so unique we cant approximate his skills further down the draft. And yes being from USC is an issue since the last one of their receivers that really panned out was in the 90s.  For whatever reason their guys do not pan out in the NFL and with the last 16 being busts si surely not pure chance.

Just because you think he is the 5th or 6th best receiver in this draft based on a few articles doesn't mean our GM thinks the same. What was Kelvin ranked last year? I only looked at CBS but that had him 8th....


Being from USC is absolutely not a problem, does attending a certain university automatically suck away your talent? Its not fair to judge a player because of where he went to school (which happens to send the most players to the nfl nonetheless). I don't think a professional is going to shy away from a player based on a fanbase's superstitions. And labeling Marqise Lee and Robert Woods as busts already is just absurd. Woods would clearly be our #2 receiver and showed solid progression in his 2nd year with a pretty bad QB situation. 

In Topic: Panthers to work out Agholor

14 April 2015 - 01:30 PM

Agholor can pretty much do everything, he'd be a great complement to Kelvin. Not at all a reach at 25. The anti-USC logic around here is ridiculous.  Lets just not touch anybody from the school that has had the most players drafted to the NFL!! That'll make everything better...



In Topic: Why I think Owamagbe Odighizuwa will be the pick and should be the pick.

27 March 2015 - 11:31 PM

He would not be a great first round pick. Would not be happy with drafting a raw DE who needs time to potentially become an effective pass rusher. Much rather take a polished WR like Strong or Agholor.  No denying he's a freak athlete but he's not a first round prospect.  Put up similar numbers as Datone Jones did his senior year at UCLA, while being surrounded by a superior supporting cast. Datone Jones was taken 26th overall and has not amounted to anything.  Ya never know though.

In Topic: Carolina Panthers 3 Round Mock - Mid March Edition

21 March 2015 - 01:33 AM

Imagine if we doubled up and got Strong and Agholor. Benjamin and Strong outside with Agholor in the slot would be insane, with Ginn coming in to stretch the field...too bad that won't happen.

In Topic: Nelson Agholor WR USC

12 March 2015 - 12:07 PM

He is a legitimate option at 25 in my opinion. Would love for him to fall in rd 2 but I'm not so sure that will happen.  


Also, his teammate, George Farmer ran a 4.35 at his pro day and is probably nothing higher than a 6th rounder due to injuries and lack of production. Good chance he goes undrafted. If we still need someone to stretch the field at that point, we could take a look at him.  Was more highly touted than Woods and Lee by some out of Serra High School