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Toby Gerhart & sleepers

14 August 2014 - 01:56 PM

Curious ?? For the folks that have done serious drafts already - where has he been drafted?

Rod Streater and Rashad Jennings other sleepers I'm curious about as well.

give me your cable/internet alternatives & opinions

03 June 2014 - 03:57 PM

GF right now has apple TV, amazon prime, netflix, hulu +, and a digital antenna alongside standard TWC internet. 


Looking to maybe go in another direction if/when I move in with her. Already checked U-Verse and Verizon, neither are available in her area. She used to have DirectTV when we first started dating, but do to trees the reception was awful during the spring/summer time and she chose to get rid of it since she wasn't able to cut trees down. 


thx and go heels 

Massive court leak connects UNC basketball to numerous boosters and NBA agents.

02 June 2014 - 03:22 PM

Just kidding. 



However, this is pretty cool. I'm sure someone of you saw the NBA $15 team. Here's a couple for Carolina:




Some pretty big names left off the list. No Vince Carter. No Ed Cota. No Sean May. No JR Reid. No Bobby Jones. But when you have the type of tradition, lineage, and history of excellence that The Carolina Way has produced, you just simply can not fit every elite player on the list. How sweet it truly is. 


I went with Michael Jordan, James Worthy, and Tyler Hansbrough. 3 players is all that I need. 


Here's another one I found from the N&O. It consists of only players from the Roy Williams era. 


Point guard

Ty Lawson, $5

Raymond Felton, $4

Kendall Marshall, $3

Marcus Paige, $2

Bobby Frasor, $1

Shooting guard:

Wayne Ellington, $5

Rashad McCants, $4

P.J. Hairston, $3

David Noel, $2

Marcus Ginyard, $1

Small forward:

Harrison Barnes, $5

Danny Green, $4

Marvin Williams, $3

Reggie Bullock, $2

Jawad Williams, $1

Power forward:

John Henson, $5

Brandan Wright, $4

James Michael McAdoo, $3

Brice Johnson, $2

Deon Thompson, $1


Tyler Hansbrough, $5

Sean May, $4

Tyler Zeller, $3

Ed Davis, $2

Kennedy Meeks, $1

On this list I went with Marcus Paige $2, Marcus Ginyard $1, Danny Green $4, John Henson $5, Tyler Zeller $3

need to get a suit tailored ASAP

19 May 2014 - 03:45 PM

Give me some recommendations and $$$ range. Need it by Saturday PM. Not a big deal if it doesn't get done. Nice suit. Never done this before. thank you and go heels

Hickory Tavern (harris corners) draft viewing party today

10 May 2014 - 05:10 PM

Anyone else go? I got a bunch of sweet autos and had some surprisingly cheap beers before the rain got crazy.


Got to see Kelvin Benjamin up close. Dude is a biggin. Nate Chandler looks like he could play almost any sport. Amini Silatolu was too cool to take questions. 


Pretty cool stuff. 

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