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In Topic: Running backs other than Gurley

Yesterday, 10:50 AM

Honestly if we don't get Gurley. I wouldn't mind looking at Jay Ajayi, Tevin Coleman, and Jeremy Langford.

In Topic: Which round do we trade up?

Yesterday, 07:25 AM

2nd. We're grabbing Jake Fisher.

I wouldn't mind but it will depend on what the Eagles will do.

In Topic: Hot take on Cam Newton

Yesterday, 07:22 AM

He is just a kid that saying things he heard his parents say on game day. It's nothing to worry about and if anything, it might push Cam harder this offseason to correct some fundamentals and flaws.

In Topic: JAC RB Jordan Todman signed

30 March 2015 - 06:57 PM

One of these days I'm gonna have to play this thing you all call Madden.

You not trying to get sparked up in that Xbox one

In Topic: Panthers top 5 draft targets

30 March 2015 - 04:13 PM

I'm not into drafting RB in the 1st round anymore because the position is devalued. . I also don't like the fact you're drafting a RB in the 1st round to be in a commitee. . Are you getting value out of him in his rookie deal when he is in a commitee backfield. . Then it's time to sign him to a new deal and the 3-4 year shelf life kicks in.. I just don't see the value in a 1st round RB anymore. .

Their is value if he performs like Bell and Eddie Lacy then nobody would complain. Those two guys played a huge role in getting their team to the playoffs especially Levon Bell. If Todd Gurley can come in and preform at a high level he will do the same for us and give us the flexibility to move on from Stewart next season.