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In Topic: Not NFC south Champs YET!

Today, 02:05 PM

Not everyone. PFF has us unanimously losing.


A majority of the ESPN and NFL picks is also in favor of ATL

Of course they are. Atlanta has the most to lose due to the fact they are playing at home in front of their fans. Carolina is the underdog no matter what. We really just need to show up and play tough and hard football.

In Topic: Brandt: Draft position will likely be 21 (provided we get the W)

Today, 02:01 PM

After thinking about this long and hard, ive come to the conclusion that losing and securing a top 10 draft pick is the best course of action. Yes I get the whole, "Go team! Win at all costs! Anything can happen in the playoffs" argument, but the reality is we suck, we suck bad. How bad?!

We beat the absolute worst team in the league (Bucs) by a COMBINED 8 pts. We beat a reeling Browns team with a joke of a QB situation by 2 pts. We got beat by the 6 win Falcons AT HOME, the 5 win Saints AT HOME, we get destroyed by the Steelers at home in prime time, dont even get me started on the Packers game.

Im actually quite stunned that I see some people on here make the claim "oh I hope we play the Lions in the playoffs, we beat them once we will do it again." Your kidding right? How did that line of thinking work out for us last year against the 9ers?!

Yes, "Anything can happen" in the playoffs. But does anyone in their right mind think we stand any chance whatsoever against the Packers or Seahawks, or hell, even the Cowboys for that matter?! No way.

Not to pile on, but the fact we would fall even further in the draft by actually beating a Cards team with a QB that hasnt thrown a TD pass in 181 pass attempts is a totally different story. So ask yourself, do you really think its worth dropping from top 10 alllll they way to top 20 or possibly even 25 for what?! The bragging rights of winning the NFCs back to back? So what, noone is going to care about that a few years down the road.

Dont get me wrong, if I felt we had a legit shot at just the NFC championship game, I would be 110% behind us making a playoff run, but here is exactly what will happen if we win Sunday.. We will destroy a Cards team with a joke of a QB, (while falling even further down the draft board mind you) then go get destroyed by the Pack or Seahawks, then all we will be is a 7 win team that will be picking between top 20-25 while our NFCs rivals ALL get top 10 picks.

Bottom line; I hate to say it, but im hoping for a loss.. Sorry

Really? You should be ashamed! We have a chance to make the playoffs and make history. If we win we can get in and nothing makes me more happy then the Panthers in the playoffs with a chance to make a run!

In Topic: WR Crabtree worth a look?

Today, 08:56 AM

I think Crabtree is a decent WR. I heard that he does want to play with Cam. I'll bring him in for a visit but he won't get #1 WR money from the Panthers though. Especially with Cam and Luke got contract extensions coming up.

In Topic: Huddle Podcast?

Yesterday, 11:19 PM

It's out there on iTunes and your podcast apps. Didn't have time to post it here.


In Topic: Huddle Podcast?

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

Uhhhhh, Christmas?

Yes Christmas! What does that have to do with the show lol?

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