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Janet Napolitano

24 March 2015 - 10:24 AM

“We Don’t Have to Listen to This Crap”



Hey Saints Fans

10 March 2015 - 08:31 PM

There is some important questions coming up for y'all and for the franchise, like:

Paper or Plastic?

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Will Breezus be traded?

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Hey but don't worry, the stadium is in the process of a makeover for all the poo that is about to hit y'alls franchise B)

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ECU88 final

02 March 2015 - 10:34 PM

1st round:

D.J. Humphries (OT)

Can we please just keep Cam upright?!? DJ Humphries plays with a mean streak, can possibly start day one, and can handle multiple types of DE play styles.

2nd round:

Preston Smith (DE)

Preston is very much a DG type player, versatile, strong, and solid tackler. Also, insurance for Frank Alexander.

3rd round:

Justin Hardy (WR)

Gold gloves number 1 fan. He will be overlooked just a gut feeling which might cause him to fall. Good speed not elite speed, elite hands, elite route running, smart, tough runner, long arms big hands huge catch radius, and a very willing blocker.

4th round:

Byron Jones (CB)

Instincts, quick, and can out leap anybody along bring competition at the position.

5th round:

Davis Tull (OLB)

If (a big if) there, he could be a long-term solution after TD finally hangs up his cleats.

6th round:

Blake Bell (TE)

A good project player that could pay dividends, low risk pick.

7th round:

Justin Coleman (CB)

Aggressive and could contribute in rotation along with helping special teams.

Society, Private Life and Ignorance

25 February 2015 - 11:36 PM

Yes, we have a separate topic for Dez already and countless Greg Hardy topics. This thread is dedicated to 'witch-hunting' and the unintended consequences.

'TMZ' types has marginalized humanity to ground breaking stories that involve scandals and 'shock' stories. I for one do not condone Ray Rice's behavior nor any other horrible story that has come out but I do recognize all those incidents are a private matter which deserves reserved judgment, not pitchfork and torches treatment. Those 'TMZ' types have no respect for one's private life nor the victim's (if truly one). When it comes to facts, speculation is what is forced feed to the masses (ESPN the leader in the sport world is a prime example). Without facts there is no truth, only irrational outbursts and stirred animosity. Stories of private lives are auctions for the highest bidding gossipier entity just have the latest shocktastical story to stroke one's ego and pad one's wallet, talk about morality on a bidding block. One's private life does not define society as a whole but 'TMZ' types sure try to put an exaggerated narrative compelling us all to believe that there is an epidemic going on spreading like wildfire (Fox News, MSNBC). Is society perfect, no. Are we perfect individual, no. 'TMZ' types breed ignorance because the more the chaos there is perceived, the more in control those type of journalists, bloggers, news agencies have on society and ultimately you.

As many on this board have mentioned, do not feed those entities with unwarranted clicks or viewership. Each click to their site is a victory for them. It breeds a steady stream of nonstop talk from their worthless article and to entice division (the comment sections). Each athlete, guilty or not, deserves a fair trial. Public opinion courts are deadly and if incorrect can damage one's reputation for life no matter what the truth is. There are a few things in life worth more than money and one would be your integrity/reputation which was instilled in me as a young kid by my parents. To assume from these are articles or to speculate basically is like the saying, you make an a$$ out of 'u' and 'me' when you assume. Is Greg Hardy innocent or guilty? What do you assume?

Here is an unwarranted click from me that made me rant (oh the irony).


Little Free Library

23 February 2015 - 08:39 PM

Interesting little read!


What about sidewalk gardens? I love when communities and individuals take upon themselves to promote a healthy and caring environment.