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#2497356 Cams MVP standing?

Posted by teeray on 19 November 2013 - 01:03 AM

wtf, what did he say? I don't know how you can not call tonight's performance a mvp performance.


I am going to be honest, I don't think I can explain it without being as concussed as Steve Young perpetually is.

#2497336 I see 12-4 in our future

Posted by teeray on 19 November 2013 - 01:00 AM

This game was sooooo important.  Hopefully we continue to do what we are doing, but this gives us a little bit of a buffer if we manage to lay an egg somewhere, like Miami or NYJ games

#2497322 "You're a Panthers fan?"

Posted by teeray on 19 November 2013 - 12:59 AM

Be proud my brother.


If we keep it up those same people will be like 'Oh, I've always liked the Panthers"

#2497296 Smitty vs. Talib

Posted by teeray on 19 November 2013 - 12:56 AM

They should have stopped it in the first round

#2497230 Free pie!

Posted by teeray on 19 November 2013 - 12:48 AM

I heard there was pie here?

#2497220 A lil disappointing to see how well Patriots moved ball.

Posted by teeray on 19 November 2013 - 12:47 AM

I am not saying that we let them move the ball.  But I think we were conceding the underneath stuff.  Trying to put them in third down situations and try to get stops, or drive the length of the field without making a mistake, and then trying to clamp down in the red zone.


I think that was the game plan.  Obviously we didn't do as good of a job of that as we wanted, but fug it we won

#2496538 Fug Espn-- "Cam and Controversy"

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 11:51 PM

If the refs call the blatant hold on 4th down or not throw the flag on an uncatchable ball earlier it probably wouldn't have come to that

#2496483 Your reaction when they waved off that flag

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 11:48 PM

No GIF or words to describe it.  It was the right call too

#2496237 Was THAT a game winning drive? fug the doubters.

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 11:38 PM

Back to back.  Narrative will be about non-call, but not about the call on a overthrow 10 feet over a WR's head earlier in the drive

#2493606 Official Panthers - Patriots Gameday Thread

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 07:19 PM

News flash to every one on my TV: we have played more games than just the one last week.

We have scored 30+ points in 5 of our 9 games. We can score points.

#2493559 Official Panthers - Patriots Gameday Thread

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 06:57 PM

I just hope that if we do pull the old switcharoo and come out in black pants that it isn't the most exciting thing about the game. :lol:

#2493377 The Atmosphere is Electric

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 05:31 PM

This has letdown written all over it.

I don't know if let down is the right phrase. I am more worried about us coming out a little too hyped at the beginning like we did against SF. Missing throws and stuff because we are too jacked up.

Got to come out of the gate strong against Brady

#2493045 Tom Brady and the no-huddle

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 02:16 PM

Speculation in Boston is the Pats will run 4-5 wide. Conceed the power run game (because we're such a good run stuffing team), and dink and dunk our defense to death.

If Brady stays upright, it could work. Don't forget this is the first game of the season the Pats will have all of their offensive weapons. Gronk, replacement Welker, and Vereen being healthy makes a difference.


I have seen a couple people say this.  I think we will be fine, because there has been a couple games where we have played nickel more than our base.


Another thing we do is we run a lot of our defense out of a 3-4 look and overload on one side.  At least twice against San Fran we dropped Krakken or Johnson out into coverage to take away the quick slant and blitzed from the other side with a safety, CB, or LB.


I don't think it will be as easy as just spreading us out and trying to dink and dunk.  Then again we haven't played anyone as smart or as good as Brady yet.


I still feel they have to run the ball effectively in order to be successful.

#2493003 Tom Brady and the no-huddle

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 01:48 PM

We have seen fast speeds against Philly in the preseason and Buffalo in game two.


I do think we will see some tonight.  Like a midget at a urinal we will have to be on our toes

#2492661 Panthers' defense is blast from past

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 10:52 AM

Great read all the way around about the similarities between our current defense and the 2003 defense.  But my favorite part was a NY Giants guard talking about our defense.  Before games you get the regular dose of coach speak and pumping up the competition.  It is usually more telling to get a guys perspective after we have played them.





New York Giants guard Kevin Boothe was asked about the Carolina defense, which sacked quarterback Eli Manning seven times in a 38-0 Week 3 rout.


"Ugggggh," he told ESPN.com last week. "Man, that's a sore subject. Yeah, I watched them play San Francisco the other day and I was like, 'See? It wasn't just us!'


"Everybody after that game was like, 'Giants, they stink.' But now they go and do it to the 49ers, so what are you going to say now?"


The Panthers sacked 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick six times. They held a San Francisco team that was averaging more than

30 points a game during a five-game winning streak to 151 yards of total offense, 45 in the second half.


"They're a talented group," Boothe said of the Panthers. "That front seven, they have guys that are stout against the run and can also get after the passer. If you can get after the passer consistently with four rushers, you're going to be tough to beat."



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