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In Topic: Brandin Cooks stealing the show!

Today, 05:54 PM

Maybe Brees was tired of being the shortest person in NO

In Topic: Effing yellow jackets...

Today, 05:41 PM

I think the little bastards are worse this year. I've heard serveral of these stories this summer and my mom just discovered a nest in an outside wall of her house. She actually said she was going to pour gasoline down in the wall then I explained to her why that was a bad idea :phew:

They are

In Topic: Brandin Cooks stealing the show!

Today, 05:40 PM

If I told you how much lower the Panthers had him rated than KB you'd laugh it off like I was BSing. But I wouldn't be.

In Topic: First Take Discusses A Woman's Responsibility To Avoid Being Beaten

Today, 05:37 PM

I know exactly what he is trying to do....

But comparing a battered woman not leaving an abusive relationship to someone who choses not to take advantage of school and education that is afforded everyone is not even close.

But, you simpleton's should just keep sitting over in the corner jerking each other off.

Would this woman find her self in this position if she took advantage of school and education afforded to everyone? DV occurs at a much higher rate to women in low income homes.

Don't want to be beat....bootstrap yourself out if it.

Or are you saying there might be more to it than that. I mean education and hard work would solve this...sure there are outliers of rich DV just like GED having millionaires.

Is all about their choices. ...or is it

In Topic: Effing yellow jackets...

Today, 01:56 PM

Small spiders cool. I wont say anything about snakes for jinx reasons. Wasps, Bees, and Bumblers Im cool with too. YJ are death

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