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#3325305 Panthers draft hat has been unveiled:

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 06:34 PM

I love flat bills and will definitely be buying this

I would def wear one if I could pull it off.

But a 48 yo white dude sporting one is just......well wrong.

#3325299 Panthers meeting with Landon Collins

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 06:32 PM

Collins just reminds me so much of Barron....and that scares me.

#3325047 Justin Hardy route tree breakdown

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 03:13 PM

Outstanding breakdown...lots of time invested...great thread.

Would pie you multiple times if it were possible

#3324523 Three 5th Round Picks

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 09:02 AM

We can only touch 1 5th round, the original one. That's it.


Well, he did say "package one of our 5th rounders to move up".

#3324521 Civil lawsuit against J. Winston

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 09:01 AM

He is exaclty right- it's the power over a woman who would generally have nothing to do with that man, not the attractiveness of the woman. So that book/article is flawed in pointing out that it is generally less attractive men raping attractive women. That is true. Also, sex is the ultimate most intimate violation showing dominence versus just beating a woman up. If it's just about sex with a hot girl, why not get an prostitue? But it isn't always true you're right, just like it's not always true it's a lower economical person doing the raping to a physical attractie girl. There are always exceptions, always people who don't fit the standard, always ways to look at one study or book differently and skew it to make a point. But in general, take from multiple studies accross time (generations), genders, cultures, etc. and power and control are what fuels rape.



Also, castration was a punishment until recentley. In fact I think they still use some sort of hormone altering drugs for child rapist/molesters/violators.


Abnormal Psychology/Forensic Psychology is not my area of study but I have read quite a bit on rape cases (I have a MA in developmental psychology) through miscellenous classes, and talking to sexual psychologists who deal with this stuff on a daily basis.




Many rapists and serial rapists have wives and girlfriends.  Therefore, having sex with a woman is not what they are missing.  It is the thrill of the kill and the power over a woman that they crave.

#3324390 Seahawks GM hints he'll just let Wilson walk if he doesn't lower his...

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 06:50 AM

I wouldn't pay Wilson nada!


So you wouldn't pay him "nothing".....which means that you actually would pay him.



#3324388 CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 06:48 AM

I get the point, but personally I can't see us taking a QB in this draft, especially not in the 4th round when there are better players out there. I feel like the need for a backup now doesn't outweigh the benefits of having Webb on the roster. If the new acquisitions like Williams and Trusnik end up being effective on ST, then I can see them getting rid of Webb and taking a QB in next year's draft.


I understand what you and others are saying.  And, I am not sure that I would take a QB in the 4th of this draft as well.


However, a strong case could be made that if a guy you like and think could be groomed is there, then you take him.


Anderson is old and on his way out of the league and Webb is NOT a potential QB of the future.


Bad teams wait until they have a big issue at a position to draft depth......good teams build depth on their team and have a next man up mentality.


As for Webb.....with the amount of improvement and additions that we have made to ST, his value there has been tremendously diminished.

#3324384 Seahawks GM hints he'll just let Wilson walk if he doesn't lower his...

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 06:44 AM

You can't compare RW to Cam.  RW has largely been a game manager during his NFL career while on the other hand, Cam has largely been asked to BE our offense.


Yep...one is a Superbowl winning QB, and the other has 1 season with a winning record.

#3323800 Civil lawsuit against J. Winston

Posted by MadHatter on Yesterday, 05:29 PM

Its Jameis.... no offense but Darren and Bill aren't what he is. He had plenty of girls want him and you would think he would rape a girl who looks like that? The vagina must be heavenly.

Rape has nothing to do with sex nor attractiveness you dimwit. It has to do with power and control.

#3323618 Ricky Proehl... WR coaching genius or overrated?

Posted by MadHatter on Yesterday, 03:17 PM

He's a good coach that fans over hype.


The myth that was created around Proehl was a direct result of Smitty's comment that Proehl had a lot to do with Smitty developing as a WR.


In fairness, Proehl really has not developed a WR at a level to deserve the love that he gets on here.

#3323126 Hernandez Gets life in Prison without the possibility of Parole

Posted by MadHatter on Yesterday, 06:44 AM


Why do you think the jury deliberated for like four days?


Because they took their job seriously and a man's life was at stake.  They did exactly what a jury is supposed to do....problem is that many don't.

#3322791 Pre draft sig/avatar bets

Posted by MadHatter on 15 April 2015 - 05:12 PM

I am getting old because I have no idea what that SIG bet means.

It is the internet equivalent of a slap fight.

#3322773 Browns new unis unveiled

Posted by MadHatter on 15 April 2015 - 04:55 PM

Cleveland all browns--how can they not feel like turds in those? That would be as bad as a peach-colored pant/jersey/helmet combo with a scrotum pouch hand warmer.

I wonder how bad Tampa Bay feels, because their uniforms still suck more than any other team in any sport.

That was awesome!!!!!

#3322501 Browns new unis unveiled

Posted by MadHatter on 15 April 2015 - 01:04 PM

Dear God those are hideous

#3322499 Hernandez Gets life in Prison without the possibility of Parole

Posted by MadHatter on 15 April 2015 - 12:58 PM

If that's how you feel, I can't knock it. What he did was terrible. He took the life(s) of another human being.
I believe different in that I believe everyone deserves peace, peace of mind, etc. I was taught and brought up to have compassion and mercy on all living things. We all mess up and do things were not supposed to do. He wasn't put to death, so while he'll be in the pen, he's still got a chance to get his life right. Sad the guy murdered doesn't get that opp, though.
But like i said in the beginning, I def respect your opinion and feel where your coming from.


I understand where you are coming from but I just can't have a lot of compassion for a person who did what he did.


Murderers, rapists, and child molesters deserve what they get and more.