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#2872724 ABC Officers go crazy for sparkling water.

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 09:47 AM

Ah ok.


The question should be also be, why do they have 7 ABC officers stalking 1 non-violent person lol.  Waste of money to me.


Why did they have 7 agents at one store?


Guess they are adoption the road construction model....have 5 guys standing around watching 2 guys work.

#2872535 What $250,000 Buys You Around the Country

Posted by MadHatter on Today, 06:41 AM

Yeah we keep it around 74-76. My husband lost 50lbs a few years ago and now he's cold all the time and I'm always sweating and hot. 


We are just the opposite....which makes no sense.


My wife grew up in Erie PA (they measure snow in feet up there).  I have no idea how she survived as cold as she always is.

#2872188 ABC Officers go crazy for sparkling water.

Posted by MadHatter on Yesterday, 06:16 PM

The officers were morons.


She should be compensated for a night in jail and the situation.


But, $212k for that is quite ridiculous.  That is also tax dollars going to pay that settlement to boot.



#2871733 Largest teacher raise in NC history

Posted by MadHatter on Yesterday, 12:08 PM

One of my closest friends is a teacher.  She would tell you that a parent who actually steps up and disciplines their kid for bad behavior in school is extremely rare these days.


Punish their kid, regardless of whether it's valid or not, and pretty much all of them come out with guns blazing.




My kids ALL know that not respecting their teachers and being disruptive in ANY fashion in class absolutely will not be tolerated from me. 


I have instilled that in them so well that their teachers often send notes home (and notes on their report cards) about how they are exempliary in this area.  Makes a parent feel good....kid making straight A's and who treats their teacher's with respect.

#2871493 Largest teacher raise in NC history

Posted by MadHatter on Yesterday, 09:14 AM

I think that is really the issue with not enough parents to help and whatnot.  Most families have to have two working adults now.  There just isn't enough time for a normal family to be able to volunteer for their school, especially during normal school hours.  In Charlotte's case, you're probably in the car for an hour at least before you even get home at night.   This is a large reason why TA's are probably needed more now than 30 years ago.   Also, different areas will have different amounts of volunteers.  A more middle-class area will have less, etc.   


These are the kids that are going to be taking care of us when we're old, we better not shortchange the budget and not do all we can to see them grow as individuals.  I'm disappointed that in order to get a raise we're hurting those teachers that have dedicated decades to the school system and are still around.


I 100% agree....my point was a call to parents that CAN help to please do help.


Definitely have more two income families and single parent families now than 25 years ago....so, the paradigm has shifted.  Thus supporting your assertion that more TA's are needed.

#2870959 Largest teacher raise in NC history

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 07:19 PM

My wife volunteers at 2 schools and I can tell you there is never won it time or people to do the things that need to be done, and parent volunteerism is almost non existent. If half the parents gave a few hours a month perhaps things would be better but teachers work insane hours and without PAs it's going to be worse. Like I said this is mostly like overtime pay.

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Agreed on all fronts.


The volunteerism in the schools is pathetic.


My wife volunteers in all three schools that my kids attend (elementary, middle school, and high school).


She volunteered to run and manage the copy center in the elementary school.  She solicits and coordinates all volunteers in the center...spends about 18-20 hours a week in the school making sure all of the copies are made for the teachers.  She was amazed at all of the help they needed.


But, she is a stay at home mom with all three kids in school....so she has the time and knows that the work is appreciated and needed.


In addition, she spends one morning a week in the kindergarten class (son is not in kindergarten) reading to the class.  The kids love having different people come spend time with them.


Those that do have the time and can volunteer really should.  It would go a long way in improving the learning environment without stressing the education budget more.

#2870850 Another discussion on Affirmative Action

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 05:27 PM

I would say they will need some type of affirmative action for many of the people illegals crossing our southern border. However if they are like those I've had the pleasure of working with, their performance will easily surpass the young us citizens in the job hunt market, white or black anyway. 


The only thing the "illegals" crossing the border should be shown is the other side of the border.

#2870830 Another discussion on Affirmative Action

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 05:04 PM

I would say if I'm denied a job because of my race, let them deny.  Wouldn't want to work for that company anyway.  As long as they don't impede my own venture at becoming successful.  I don't need the job denied me because of my race.  There are billions of other jobs out there who will respect my character.  Now of course it's easy for me, a single man, to say these things.  If I'm educated and have the right qualifications, I can move to where there are jobs.  Yet ultimately, there is no impossible situation where one is willing to work.  All I need is one opportunity, surely not every owner of a business is racist.  Again even if that were so, that's where the community comes in and pull themselves together.  Pool together and create new business, new ideas, etc.  By the way, the biggest equalizer there is which will do way more than Affirmative Action can do right now, is the internet.  If you are willing to teach yourself, all the information concerning any education topic can be found on the internet.  I could become a math scholar by looking at collegiate classes uploaded on youtube, many from the top schools in the country.  I could buy books from any place on the globe, and study my butt off.  All of that could culminate into a brand new idea, an invention. (I spoke here before about my pursuit in developing ways to harness new forms of energy)



All that said, in terms of race and black communities, affirmative action is not needed.  I said the black community is the face of affirmative action even though other groups benefit from it.  Again white women have benefited the most from the program.  In essence the white family benefited more from it than anyone else.  Perhaps then that shows us it wasn't completely perfect in eliminating disparities in the black population.  It helped us get on our feet, and now we need to pick up where our ancestors left off.  No further assistance is needed.


I still just can never understand why ANYONE would not hire someone because of race, gender, religion, etc.


Work is challenging enough.  I want to hire the best and brightest to do the job...plain and simple.  Could care LESS about anything else.


I have hired every category possible.  That is why my departments look like a damn melting pot...and everyone knows that I do NOT play favorites based on any of this.


If you pass on good people because of discrimination....you are just hurting yourself.  Good employees always make your life easier.

#2870654 Ebola outbreak

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 03:06 PM

Thoughts and prayers go out to all of the volunteers who are over there working to save lives with this outbreak....ultimate act of kindness and compassion. 


Putting their lives in danger to help the less fortunate....those are the real heros.

#2870098 What $250,000 Buys You Around the Country

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 08:57 AM

5,800 sf house in Weddington for just under $600k.


Only reason we wanted the size is for the basement.  Three kids (two are teenagers).  Tons of their friends are always lounging around the house, so we wanted to make sure they had their space (rather have them at our house than out who knows where).  The basement is totally theirs...I seldom even venture down there.


They have their video room with big screen and XBox/PS4...pool table...foosball table...air hockey table...and a separate bath.  Perfect place for teenagers to have fun without getting into "too much trouble".

#2870092 What $250,000 Buys You Around the Country

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 08:54 AM

y'all have big houses.


I live in south charlottee/matthews.  We bought our 2100 sf house (300 of  which is sunroom) in 2009 for $180,000


We've made a tidy sum of money on its appreciation but it still isn't quite worth $250,000.


Our next move will be to a high $/sqft area (hopefully dilworth)

Potential $70k profit on a $180k investment.....you made a wise choice my friend.

#2870075 Should have known the law - or batpoo crazy DA?

Posted by MadHatter on 30 July 2014 - 08:34 AM

I normally don't advocate the defense of "ignorance of the law".  But, in this case she should have been given a misdemeanor at the most.


I think the cop did the right thing, but the DA seemed to have blown it.

#2869026 First Take Discusses A Woman's Responsibility To Avoid Being Beaten

Posted by MadHatter on 29 July 2014 - 11:48 AM

I'm not understanding this excuse mindset. All you have to do is not let them have the emotional/mental control. You flip that switch off, and you take responsibility for yourself.

. Stockholm Syndrome is not really a choice. It is a well documented mental condition that is no more a person's choice than other mental illnesses.

#2868727 First Take Discusses A Woman's Responsibility To Avoid Being Beaten

Posted by MadHatter on 29 July 2014 - 06:40 AM

The only legitimate reason I can think of for not being able to leave an abusive relationship is if you physically can't because he's got you chained up in the basement.


You really have no concept as to the control and power an abusive person can have over another person.  The emotional and mental hold/control is often more powerful than any chains in the basement.

#2868724 The downsides of being rich

Posted by MadHatter on 29 July 2014 - 06:35 AM

Hey!! I said I was drinking with you first!! This is happening. I don't know when, but I am coming to huddle tailgate and we are going to have a spiritual moment. It will be glorious. I am much more fun in person than in the Tinderbox

However, you closed a 500 mill deal so you are buying more than a round. That is the downside of being rich.


Tell me the tailgate you are coming to and what you like to drink....I am buying.


Also....if you like a good cigar, we can add one of those to the menu.  I am always partaking of one or two at every tailgate.....and I always bring a few extras to share.

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