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Response to Toddler Car Death Thread

01 July 2014 - 03:50 PM

I noticed that the Toddler Car Death thread was locked, but I did want to make one last response to the whole Cantrell comment and subesequent responses.


Did Cantrell make an incredibly dickish and insensitive remark?  Yes


Did is upset me?  Yes....and I lashed out at him.


Am I over it and have no ill will or feelings against Cantrell?  Absolutely



Having received the response from Cantrell that I did, it did bring to light the fact that I have said some incredibly insulting, dickish, and insensitive things to varying posters lately....mainly CWG, Delhommey, and Panthro.  For this, I do want to apologize to these individuals. 


I may not agree with most of your political views, but the manner in which I have responded to them was out of line and unwarranted....and for those who know me personally, they ARE totally out of character.  In attempts to be sarcastic, I missed the mark and became insulting and way out of line.


I have no ill will towards anyone on this site and am sure that the people I have insulted are caring, intelligent, and genuinelygood people.  I would sit down and have a beer with any of you.


Panthro....I know you are a good man as I have met you on several occassions.  CWG/Delhommey....I am sure that you are as I have been told as much by others that know you.  If I am missing others, it is not meant as a slight.


Again, I am past the statements, have no ill will, and am actually glad that Cantrell played that card.....as it has opened my eyes to faults that I have too often displayed.


That is all that I wanted to say.