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In Topic: LB Shaun Philips cut by Titans

26 November 2014 - 08:44 PM

Bigger areas of concern for me than the third in our three amigos at LB.  Not saying that Klein/Blackburn are solidified for the future, but a 33-yr old LB is not who I want us to focus on.

In Topic: To those pondering the benefits of a 5 game Win Out vs. A 5 game Lose Out

26 November 2014 - 08:39 PM

I'm all for winning out over watching a team like ATL or NO playing in the playoffs.  Though, I do see the flip side of a top-10 draft pick and possibly losing a coordinator or two.


Then, there's this too - http://catcrave.com/...ning-nfc-south/



In Topic: Any Capologists Out There That Can Explain CJ's Contract

16 November 2014 - 11:55 AM

If CJ needs another elite DE opposite him to be able to perform his job adequately by no means is he worth half the money he gets. Let him go when it benefits the team concerning the cap ie 2016. Let him go to his beloved ATL. If they'll have his underperforming a$$. Cause right now he's stealing money the way he's playing

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CJ..... along with:








In Topic: Any Capologists Out There That Can Explain CJ's Contract

15 November 2014 - 05:37 PM

The $4m of dead money in 2016 is part of the $14m of dead money in 2015.  If you cut him and absorb the $14m in 2015 there will be no dead money in 2016. 


Cap hit if he stays:   2015 - $20m ----- 2016 - $15m

Cap hit if he is cut:   2015 - $14m ----- 2016 -    0 


As you see we would save $6m in 2015 and $15m in 2016.


If you cut a player after June 1 you can spread the dead money over two years.  Teams are also allowed to designate 2 players as June 1st cuts before June 1.  One mistake I often see on this forum is people split the dead money evenly between the 2 years.  Actually the dead money of the current year hits the books and the remaining dead money accelerates into the following year.  For example his 2015 dead money would be $10m and the following year would be $4m.


Cap hit if he stays:                    2015 - $20m ------ 2016 - $15m

Cap hit if cut post June 1st:      2015 - $10m ------ 2016 - $4m


In this situation we would save $10m in 2015 and $11m in 2016.


Thank you kindly for this explanation.  I agree that it would be wiser for us to keep him through '15 and then cut him loose in '16.  Hardy is def gone, IMO.  Damn you Hurney.  

In Topic: Any Capologists Out There That Can Explain CJ's Contract

14 November 2014 - 06:39 PM

Dead money is money we've already paid him that hasn't affected our salary cap.


So then we literally save money in '15 and '16 and the dead money has already been paid to CJ?  If I'm understanding you correct, we save $6M next year, and $11M the following year = $17M/next 2 years, with no cap penalties.  

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