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In Topic: As horrifying as it is to think about, I think we're actually very well p...

Today, 08:22 AM


In Topic: Name the Panther who said this quote

Today, 08:16 AM

bell... has to be

In Topic: This weekend's preemptive gif

Today, 07:58 AM

no kidding this was initial reaction when I cam into this thread...








it really doesn't matter what we do. i guess we should win just to be the first back to back divisional winner.

In Topic: Don't read.

Today, 07:49 AM


















In Topic: Ravens in last place AFC North

Yesterday, 06:43 AM

thanks Steve for owning the saints and setting us up. lol



not that this is the type of winning season we should want but Karma is certainly ridiculously funny considering our school yard boys. for us to go to the playoffs and ss sit at home and watch us would be too funny. 

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