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#1729781 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 14 April 2012 - 09:57 AM

The events of the past 48 hours with this movement have really built on the momemtum we gained after swarming twc arena. I love how cho as set our roster for a complete wake-up this next year, and our rebranding will increase this energy. Im very happy to see the espn article, and am completely jacked about the potential here!!!!

#1726620 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 11 April 2012 - 11:08 PM

I ate at bojangles this morning, put my cam newton shirt on, bought bobcats tickets online, but oh well i live outside city limits......im a dirty inbred bc i enjoy my snapback

#1725156 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 10 April 2012 - 09:21 PM

However I do care about the name..... and teal and purple

#1725155 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 10 April 2012 - 09:20 PM

I don't care about our name, I care about wins and Championships but I'm tired of the only racist guy in here calling everyone else a racist because their views don't line up with his. This is America so cut that sh*t at, you know who you are.


#1725151 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 10 April 2012 - 09:18 PM

I loved the Hornets. I was only 6 when they were founded, but my memories of the franchise are wide-ranging. As a kid, I wrote to Larry Johnson, and asked him for an autograph on a sheet of paper. I ended up getting a signed hat from the entire team. Fans were loyal, attendance was on top, the team was heading places. That was the NBA in the early 90's. Awesome fans, players that wanted to win before anything and a growing city that had everything to cheer for in a franchise we all adored.

What happened? Shinn got cheap. LJ and Zo became in cohesive. The team went from a rising powerhouse to consistently 5 through 8 in the east. Attendance waned and the once darling of the city of Charlotte was an afterthought - The Panthers were the new talk of the town. Why?

No, not because of a racial divide, or the city was tired of talented players extending the height of their horses. The team was mismanaged horribly and the owner(s) were scumbags. Shinn was literally given a parade for bringing a pro team to NC. Woolridge just looked like a douche alone. The fanfare from the mid 90's disintegrated when Shinn became a cheap, cynical a-hole.

Sooooo, after all is said and done, why would we want to retake a name synonymous with bitterness? Because it might save this team! Like I said in an earlier post, I am for re-branding IF the stars align, but if they do align - Charlotte will be on the map again. A movement started by a fan will make a city-wide change that will draw national attention. MJ will be lauded as an owner that listens to his fans and takes note. We won't contract or relocate. We will have true fans (and I am not excluding anyone on this board) that have made a difference from a team that very well could end up like OKC if the cards fall.

If current and would-be fans alike want a rebrand, for eff's sake do it. I have nothing against the name 'Bobcats' but any true fan would want what is best for the longevity of this team.

Man I liked this post!!!!

Even if some fans don't much care for it, if it overall helps the franchise why not do it. MJ would be a viewed as a democracy leaeder who cares about what his customers want.

MJ's work ethic and competitive nature is the best that I have ever seen, and this would take his leadership credentials through the roof. He would firmly entrench himself as well as the franchise here for teh long haul and fans would take note.

Look at how the Miaimi Marlins rebranded and how much energy it pumped into the fans....if you haven't heard yet they are now the Miami Marlins with a new color scheme and the city has embraced their mlb team...

#1723805 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 09 April 2012 - 10:38 PM

Blitzkrieg are you guys still gonna come to Bobcats games to cheer New Orleans and show your pride for their team? If John raised money instead of siding with our rivals and begging the Bobcats Id respect your movement more. I dont hear any $$$ being raised in the name of Catch The Buzz. As far as respect, the Bobs have been taking hate from you guys from day 1, so as far as Im concerned Bobcats fans owe you 8 years of disrespect.

The part of the bring back the buzz movement that everybody is missing is that we are bobcats fans, we are on the same side. We just want our historical name to be associated with our team. I won't ever pull for new orleans. But the hornets name belongs here, its on the city crest, schools and competitions are for the hornets nest.

It does rile me up thinking about forefathers telling the british to go eff themselves. I am proud of that heritage and it represents the resolve of the city. On a national level we are looked at the Kmart of the country, whether it is sports teams or geographically mentioned. Having our resolve mentioned in our sports team would give me even more pride.

If it doens't happen I will still pull for the bobcats, but it just wont be as connected. But the only remaining time to state my opinions and attempt to get our name back is now, and that is why I support is so heavily.

#1723765 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 09 April 2012 - 10:00 PM

Mr. Td I was talking about PSC's short and punchline posts that help him feel cool, but I totally agree with you, merely entertained at his comeback.

#1723748 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 09 April 2012 - 09:50 PM

Like I said, Hater doesnt care the Panthers have 12 losing seasons out of 16. A 2-14 and 1-15 year to boot. He just cares JR is a local product he can feel good about. As long as JR remains a good old boy from Carolina and just shows up, Hater will tell you the Panthers and their owner are a symbol of success, performance be damned.

Who is a hater again.....??? Oh is a "good ole boy"......hmmm not stereotyping at all yet again

#1723743 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 09 April 2012 - 09:48 PM

The Charlotte Incest. We can have a purple and teal pedo bear with a rebel flag on his head as our mascot. It would entice farmhands all over NC to care about their team. We could even have carbon copy contests where all the fans dress and talk alike like soul less zombies. The NBA wont know what hit em!

Speaking of racist....

I find it absolutely amazing that you tied race into this, and are attacking people on a personal level! I find the above quote to be offensive to me as a white person, and I do believe MLK wouldn't support your rants. BTW....is it mere coincidence that all three of your QBs in in your evolution model are black? Please take Cam out of this BC he is way to good of a person to be associated with you and your personal idealogy. And second of all, I am a "DIRTY COMMUTER" and have made it to several NFL games and a few NBA games recently.

Also, by cooperating with New Orleans is how we are to accomplish both of our goals,that is what John M. is attempting to accomplish. He isn't merely sitting and typing on a computer, taking his frustration out on those attempting to discuss topics and feel out other peoples views.

My apologies for not fueling your fire sooner, I work full time and am I full time Grad student but I will make time for showing how I feel about getting OUR name back.

#1712448 Rebrand Hornets

Posted by Blitzkrieg Panther on 01 April 2012 - 11:23 AM

I wanted to comment on the thread about this, but it was locked in addition here is a few links to update this topic



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