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2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship Race at Homestead Miami Speedway

11 November 2014 - 10:33 AM

This Sunday NASCAR will have their first ever championship race featuring four drivers who survived the regular season and the playoffs to fight for what is guaranteed to be their first championship. Regardless of what you feel about the current system to determine a champion, I think we can all agree that this is going to be a very dramatic and exciting race. Here's a look at the final four drivers who will be fighting for the title 



#4 Kevin Harvick

Wins: 4

Top Fives: 13

Laps Led: 2,083

Poles: 8


What you need to know -  If I had to guess I would say that Kevin is the fan favorite to win the championship. Kevin has been racing in the sprint cup series on a full time basis since 2001 when he took over Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s seat after his fatal crash. Kevin has always been a very successful driver with 27 career wins and he finished 3rd overall in points a total of three times. Despite his success he's never truly battled for a championship until this season. In the past it always seemed like bad luck and questionable equipment  would take Kevin out of the equation before it was even finished. This year that all changed though. Kevin switched teams from Richard Childress Racing to Stewart Haas Racing and it seems like he's finally got the equipment it's going to take to win a championship. This new points system is also extremely forgiving of any bad luck that falls his way since when he did have bad luck he was able to win a race and put himself back into title contention. With his reputation as being a "closer" and his average finish of 9th at Homestead, he's a strong contender for winning the NASCAR championship. 




#11 Denny Hamlin

Wins: 1

Top Fives: 7

Laps Led: 313

Poles: 1


What you need to know - Denny Hamlin is a nice guy and an extremely talented race car driver. Since his full time Sprint Cup debut in 2006 he has consistently been a threat for wins and championships. In fact in 2010 he had a slug fest with Jimmie Johnson over the championship and came extremely close to winning the championship. A lot of people think that the 2010 championship battle had a serious effect on Denny's psyche as he really hasn't been the same since he lost that championship in such dramatic and heartbreaking fashion. But you could also chalk up Denny's woes to his numerous injuries and surgeries that he has had to have over the last few years. A lot of people think that Denny shouldn't even be in the championship race as he hasn't even had that great of a year and there were several drivers who were notably better than him. But regardless, he is definitely a threat to take the title home on Sunday. Denny has historically been very strong at Homestead and he even won the race last year. Is he a deserving champion? That's up for debate, but he's definitely a contender and it wouldn't shock me if he takes home the title.





#22 Joey Logano

Wins: 5

Top Fives: 16

Laps Led: 993

Poles: 3


What you need to know -  Joey may have the most interesting story out of all of the contenders. When Joey debuted in the sprint cup series in 2009 he had astronomical expectations. He was taking over driving duties for former NASCAR champion Tony Stewart who was leaving to drive for his own team and Joey had been hyped up to NASCAR fans as a once in a generation type of talent who is the "best thing since sliced bread". Many NASCAR legends were absolutely in love with Joey's talent and many compared him to a young Jeff Gordon. Fan expectations were extremely high for Joey as he had an immense amount of talent and he was driving a car that Tony Stewart proved could dominate. Logano was an extreme disappointment to say the least. Through 4 years driving for Joe Gibbs he only chalked up 2 wins and he never even competed for a chase spot, much less an actual championship. Joey left Joe Gibbs and signed with Roger Penske for the 2013 season. Many assumed his career was pretty much finished since he was moving to seemingly inferior equipment, but from the start with Roger Penske, Joey was seemingly a different driver. When he changed teams he all of asudden became the driver that he was always hyped up to be. In 2013 he achieved his first ever chase birth and this year he has competed for the championship all year long. A lot of theories have came out as to why Joey suddenly realized his potential but that doesn't really matter. What does matter is that this could become the ultimate redemption story, something almost out of a Disney movie. Joey didn't get to this position out of luck either. This year Logano has been nothing short of phenomenal and one of the best drivers in the series. If he wins it will be truly deserved and one of the best turnarounds in NASCAR history. He is a legit threat to win too. He's been consistently good at mile and a half ovals this year and Penske as a whole has had the most dominant team. 





#31 Ryan Newman

Wins: 0

Top Fives: 4

Laps Led: 41

Poles: 0


What you need to know - Ryan is by far the most controversial championship driver. He hasn't won a race all year long, hasn't won a pole, and only has 4 top five finishes. Those are pedestrian results at best. Hell, he barely even made the chase for the championship in the first place, and now somehow someway he's now racing for a world championship. But just because Newman hasn't had a stellar this year doesn't mean that he's a bad driver. Newman has won 17 races throughout his career and even won 8 races in a single year in 2003. He has never really competed for a championship though and that one single 2003 season was the only one where Ryan was absolutely amazing. Besides that season he's never had more than 2 wins in a single season. He's had a reputation as being a solid hand. He's not the best driver out there but he'll always get solid finishes and he may even complete for a win every now and then. Shockingly that seems to be the formula to win the NASCAR championship in 2014. A lot of people are actually rooting for him to win the championship because it would show what a joke that the current system is. It's hard to make a good argument as to why Ryan can win the title Sunday. He's not the best driver, he's not on the best team, he doesn't have the greatest history at Homestead, and all of the other drivers are noticeably better. But Ryan has overcome the odds the entire year and somehow found a way to sneak through each and every cut off round, it's a long shot but I wouldn't be shocked if he took home the title.






Kevin Love may already be looking to leave Cleveland

10 November 2014 - 04:16 PM






That's pretty shocking to me. I honestly figured he'd be happy teaming up with Lebron and Kyrie.

A fire took everything from me and my Family last night

17 July 2014 - 02:41 PM

I'm currently at the beach and at around 1 am I got a phone call saying that my home completely burned to the ground at around 10 pm. We lost everything except for what we have in our dufflebags and one of our dogs died in the house. I hate to do this but my Mother and Sister's workplace has set up a fund to help us out so if you can please donate. If not just try to cheer me up. 






Kentucky Race thread

28 June 2014 - 02:12 PM

I'm too busy to find the stats and all that stuff but here's the thread.



I'm picking Jimmie Johnson to win

Sonoma race thread

19 June 2014 - 12:07 PM

Sonoma is a track that is really hard to predict. There's really no driver that is particularly amazing there except for Jeff Gordon and he hasn't even won at the track since 2006. If you look at the race results it's seemingly a random assortment of guys who win with no real pattern so it's pretty hard to predict.  This race is also one of only two races on the Sprint cup schedule that features right turns.



Here's the top 10 drivers at the track.


1. Jeff Gordon with 5 wins and a 8.24 average finish

2. Clint Bowyer with 1 win and a 8.58 average finish

3. Marcus Ambrose with 0 wins and an 11.83 average finish

4. Tony Stewart with 2 wins and a 12.0 average finish

5. Ryan Newman with 0 wins and a 13.08 average finish

6. Jimmie Johnson with 1 win and a 13.42 average finish

7. Greg Biffle with 0 wins and a 14.27 average finish

8. Carl Edwards with 0 wins and a 15.56 average finish

9. Kevin Harvick with 0 wins and a 15.62 average finish

10. Joey Logano with 0 wins and a 15.80 average finish




Hendrick is on fire right now so my prediction is that Jeff Gordon wins and if now Jeff it'll be Jimmie, Dale, or Kasey.

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