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#1984324 Jeff Sagarin's rankings

Posted by paulSM on 06 November 2012 - 12:49 PM

Ok, so I was a math major in college, and I actually put a lot of stock in the Sagarin ranks. Not to get into the weeds, but it takes into acount the connection the every game has to every other game. Also, if you look at his rankings they pass the eye test in a lot of ways (falcons and colts worse then their records indicate). I thought it was interesting where he had the panthers http://usatoday30.us...garin/nfl12.htm

#1162772 Panthers' Smith has cleared out locker, sui

Posted by paulSM on 26 April 2011 - 09:11 AM

I hope smitty is around for two reasons. 1. love him. 2. I want the panthers to be good AND be loyal. I don't want to turn into the patriots who show players the door as soon as they are not longer worth it. I know I'm in the minority here, but I want my team to have some loyalty. more pittsburgh then NE.

#1126241 NFL Exec.: Cam Would Be Clear-Cut #1, If He Were White (And Other Valuable Nu...

Posted by paulSM on 04 April 2011 - 10:15 AM

Falling into a trap of racial bias can happen to anyone that is any color. This has been a sticking point for a lot of people. RACIAL BIAS ISN'T ABOUT RACISM. People who fall into the trap aren't necessatily racists.

It is about having certain stereotypes that force players of a certain color to have to DO MORE than other players to dispel certain criticisms or critiques that are unjustified just because of the color of their skin and not their actual body of work or any other evidence.

And yes it does happen across different races. That doesn't disprove my point it only strengthens it.

In basketball it happens a lot. White guys always have scoutong reports like "high basketball IQ" and "hustles on every play" but they also almost always have "lacks athleticism".

I am a UNC fan and that is to a tee what people said about Hansbrough coming out for the NBA. It was also bullpoo. This was a guy that was 6'9 ran like a deer and could jump high enough to dunk with two hands over a 7'6 guy (the dude from UNC-A that had his foot amputated). Did he work hard? Heck yeah but he was a damn good athlete as well.

Some have pointed out that white receivers are a group that faces racial bias.

It isn't that ONLY a QB that is black faces certain criticisms and white QBs are immune to them. But often time black QBs have to disprove certain things even if they aren't warranted criticisms. Black QBs have to do MORE to prove they are intelligent, that they have good work ethic, and that they can be leaders than a white QB does. Again that doesn't mean that white QBs are immune from having their intelligence, leadership, or work ethic criticized. But most white QBs usually have to prove in some way that they ARE DEFICIENT in these skills whereas most black QBs have to PROVE THEY ARE EFFECIENT at these area even if there is no proof that they shouldn't be. Often times they are fighting these negatives before there is any proof they even exist.

Now regarding Cam I am not so sure he has been victim of a lot of racial bias. Most of the character questions are from things he brought upon himself and he can't blame anyone but himself.

Some of the football criticism MIGHT have a little bit of bias (like questioning of his intelligence for example). But the bottom line is right now he is the front runner to be the #1 overall pick so some GMs seem to be okay with his skills so it didn't hurt him too much.

But the bottom line is that racial bias can also come from someone who is black who is critiquing a black QB. It is about how black players who play the QB position are viewed not about the people analyzing them and their views on race as a whole. Because RACIAL BIAS and RACISM are not the same thing.

I liked this post so much that I went back and deleted my own and posted this again istead. Well done.

#1083489 Ron Rivera pays Newton special attention at Pro Day

Posted by paulSM on 08 March 2011 - 08:51 PM

If the panthers say, "we're taking Cam Newton" then maybe it's a smokescreen, or maybe we want him who knows. In the current scenario, we have the #1 and are doing due dillegence on everyone who might go #1. This is why hurney usually gets his high draft picks right, because they do their homework. If we decide we don't want him then whatever interest in generated is good for a possible trade. The reality is thought that ANYBODY drafting #1 overall would be doing the same thing we are about Cam Newton. It's called homework. I doubt the panthers know who they are picking yet. I'm sure they are keeping their options open

#1075481 What do the players hope to win in court?

Posted by paulSM on 03 March 2011 - 03:41 PM

There isn't a single industry in america that is allowed to dictate to it's employees like the NFL is. Imagine all major corporations getting together and agreeing on a salary cap for it's employees. or saying that there would be a CEO salary scale. No industry is allowed to do this... it's called collusion. The only reason that the NFL doesn't have people being hired by the highest bigger, and a free market is because they have a CBA with the NFLPA. Without the NFLPA there is no CBA, and the NFL does not have the right to control hiring across the industry.

You're saying that the owner's should be able to do what they want, and that's how it works in normal jobs. No, it isn't. if it did then bill gates and steve jobs would get together and decide to pay no programmers more then 40,000 a year.

#1054828 Why drafting a QB is more likely than you think

Posted by paulSM on 18 February 2011 - 01:34 PM

The only way we take a QB is if we end up convinced after the Combine that we're getting a guaranteed franchise-type guy. Because if we don't get one, then we're stuck going into 2012 with our last two initial picks being QBs that didn't work, and then what do we do? Draft yet another QB? That's Matt Millen territory there...

Is "matt millen territory" so bad at the QB position. Remember san diego? they blew a pick on ryan leaf before they drafted brees and rivers remember?

here's an Idea I posted on another thread

here's a question for everyone. Since QB has become by far the most important position for winning a championship, and given the apparent randomness of success (anywhere from first to seventh round, etc); should NFL teams without a franchise signal caller simply keep drafting intruiging QBs until they get one that works out. if they get more than one, even better. Kind of like what detroit did with WRs a few years back. So with us, we struck out on pike last year, and probably on clausen. so this year should we draft Newton, Dalton, and somebody in the seventh... and if that doesn't work, try it all over again next year until we get OUR GUY? just a thought

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