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#2798874 That #2 TE spot.

Posted by poorboysrev on 24 May 2014 - 09:20 AM

He said he can stretch the field and hinted that he was "ready" from that espn interview. It sounded like he was really excited and b will was going to get opportunities. At least that's the way I took it

That's the way it sounded to me also

#2704717 Smitty on Dan Patrick show Tuesday morn

Posted by poorboysrev on 18 March 2014 - 01:20 PM

Steve would've picked getting cut anyway. He's making more money.

Over taking a paycut? That's contrary to everything he and his agent said. The Panthers never gave him the option. He's said all last year that at this point its not about the money.

#2697751 So, lets see what Smith has to say (via David Newton)

Posted by poorboysrev on 15 March 2014 - 11:51 AM

What makes me think he's wearing two different hats?  Well GMAN say that Steve has had a great career and he's part of the evaluation process.  Steve says he feels insulted.  Then turns around right after he signs with the Raves admitting he's not a number 2 anymore.  So he agrees with Gettleman, but doesn't admit it until after he publicly blast the FO for saying it.


He did stay during the poo years....but was highly paid for it.  He wouldn't have stayed if it wasn't for the money during those tough times.   


I guess I'm delusional that I think the possibility of an extra 7-8 million dollars might have motivated Smith to separate from the Panthers.  He's 35 and now he's going to make 11 million this year, and he has the Ravens on the hook for dead money when they release him after this year.

   He has said on the radio and in newspaper interviews for about 3 years now that he would love for the Panthers to bring in a good enough WR for him to slide to the number 2 and prolong his career. I really cannot believe that you never heard or saw that as many times as its come up. He didn't like the evaluating comment but because it sounded to him and everyone else that they were going to evaluate cutting him. Anyone would want to hear that from their boss firsthand not over twitter.


The team gave him an exit interview and didn't say squat to him that this was an option. Of course someone with his history on the teams feels like they should be told that man to man. It's about respect. 


Again I don't see how Steve separated from the Panthers. THEY CUT HIM......he did not ask to be cut.  It's not like they came to him and asked him to  take a paycut and he refused. They never gave him that option. He and his agent specifically said they would have worked with them.


Why would you blame the guy for taking the money the ravens offered him after we just booted him.  It wasn't a long negotiation. Sounds like he just took what they thought he was worth.  I don't see why that pissed you off



#2697729 So, lets see what Smith has to say (via David Newton)

Posted by poorboysrev on 15 March 2014 - 11:31 AM

Good report.


I don't understand why Smith didn't say this publicly while he was still a Panther.  Why did he choose to wedge the divide further in the press here in Charlotte?  Why did he decide to serve as a catalyst to try and turn the fans on the Panther FO?  


I respected him despite the fact that he was a dick to people, but after this I've lost respect for Smith for wearing two different hats...one to us....and one for the Ravens.  


If this would have been his tune the whole time he'd still be a Panther.  It's obvious to me that he's just trying to say the right things to glorify his actions as almost being Paladin and paint himself as a poor victim.


The fact is....he wanted that back-end money a new signing bonus of 3.5 mil, and the same base salary he would have gotten here.  I've said before it's about money to Smith.  He's going to make about 12 mill this year.  That's a huge increase in pay.  This guy has just been using real politik to get the money not caring what's in his wake.  He's gone from one of my most favorite Panthers of all time to my most hated.  He did it so well that most fans are unaware of what his intentions were.  What a Benedict Arnold.


Steve Smith....bitch up son...bitch up.


I'm glad this fugger is gone, and I can't wait to see TD lay the smack on him.


What douche.  Glad he's gone.

SO... let me get this straight. You think Steve forced the Panthers to release him so he could go make money with the Ravens on top of what we will already pay him? Ok then why was he upset when the Panthers started leaking that they were going to release him? 

  When has Steve ever worn 2 hats? He's brutally honest to a fault which is probably what got him into trouble with the Shula comments. But he was answering  a direct question. He has said for 3 years now that he wanted the Panthers to bring in a WR good enough for him to slide to the number 2 or slot.

   It's one thing if you think it was good to release him but there's no reason to hammer him because he made it clear that he wanted to stay. He said he would've taken a paycut or restructure so how is that about the money? Did you here Gettleman or Rivera say one thing about asking him to take less money? No.


Steve stayed here thru the poo years to the detriment of his career. He resigned when Rivera was hired and asked him to stay instead of going to a contender. He said he wanted to retire here. AND when we cut him he said that he is always a Panther no matter what the paper says, will always live here and loves Charlotte. Should we just blame the school system because you don't know what the definition of traitor is?


You need to put down the meth it's making you paranoid dude. I don't know how old you are or how long you've been a fan but there's no reason to trash the best player we've ever had. It makes you seem like a 22 year old living in your parents house jerking off to Japanese cartoons all day.


And also it is really lame to call someone a bitch and dbag on your computer that EVERYONE knows you would not say to their face. Maybe I'm wrong though...PLEASE try to prove me wrong if you run into Steve Smith...please.

#2670995 Over The Cap weighs in on Hardy FT, Smitty

Posted by poorboysrev on 01 March 2014 - 09:19 AM

So what it's saying is gettleman is either a dumbass for wasting all our money on hardy or he must have a master plan like trading, I doubt this myself reading his and riveras quotes about him playing next year, ok it could be game talk to not how his hand yet regarding a trade but I just don't see a trade, it's not common practice, so we restructure CJ to prob $8mil this year backloading the other $8milto next years cap, which is rumoured to rise by another $7-10mil, we likely cut Godfrey and restructure Steve also, Godfreys cut $5.1mil will cover the draft class and we will have roughly $12-15mil on free agency left, as we are at $6mil at this point in time.

   A lot of teams tag a player just to give them more time to work out a longterm contract. I think that is what's happening and will happen before June. Then Hardy's cap number will come down for this year giving us more money for other players. with the salary cap going up the next couple years I think we are just going to backload the cap hit for the signing bonus as much as we can. Hopefully you are right about the CJ restructure.

   I don't think Gettleman would hamstring our whole cap space for 1 player for just a 1 yr rental. He's about to sign Hardy to a longterm deal so that we have our bookends for a few years together ala the Giants. Just means we HAVE to draft our corners, oline, and WR's well since their won't be as much FA money for those positions. Have to find late round gems like Seattle did. The Giants got 2 rings doing it that way so it can work.

#2654104 Would you trade Charles Johnson to keep Greg Hardy?

Posted by poorboysrev on 14 February 2014 - 10:40 PM

 to be honest, that wouldn't be a bad contract to absorb.


the team that got him would get a top end DE who is under contract for 3 years at a salary of $8.75mil this year, 9.75mil next year, and 10.75mil his third year.


that's not a bad deal, imo.

Gotcha.  I didn't know what his cap hit would be for other teams,  just that it is high for us. Like you said in your other post that is from prorated signing money. Basically though like you said there would be little to no gain to do it so it wouldn't make sense

#2653283 Get on the bandwagon: Odell Beckham Jr

Posted by poorboysrev on 14 February 2014 - 09:17 AM

This is why I have a hard time going WR at 28. If the first 2-3 guys are gone I don't think anyone else is so far ahead of the others that we need to grab them in the 1st. I think there is a big group of very good receivers after the "top" few and who we could get in the 2nd would be pretty comparable to who we get in the first.

And I'm totally with you about Landry. What he brings to the table completely outweighs what a few hundredths on his 40 time will mean. Why are we assuming he's going to have a bad 40 time anyway? Wasn't there a quote from G-Man talking about getting back to drafting football players with "it" rather than being so worried about measurables?

I love OBJ, too. My whole point is I wouldn't pull the trigger on him at 28 because he's not head and shoulders better than who we could get in the 2nd.

That's exactly what G-man said. Keenan Allen wasn't the fastest/biggest  guy in last year's draft, just the most productive on the field. When you watch the game tape Landry can play. I'm sure that will mean more to Gettleman than guys running in shorts with no one hitting them. People putting too much stock on the combine rather than game film is why things like Blaine Gabbert and Stephen Hill happen.

#2653264 Would you trade Charles Johnson to keep Greg Hardy?

Posted by poorboysrev on 14 February 2014 - 09:02 AM

    What team could/would trade to take on that kind of contract? Oakland maybe. But then we would have to turn around and give that same kind of money to Hardy. So what would that really net us? I'm not trashing Hardy. He's a very good player but he also benefitted from CJ and Star.


     Unfortunately giving him the kind of contract he's asking for would hamstring this team beyond belief. Rivera(and staff) developed Hardy into what he is now from a 6th rd pick.


     I do not get why people are so scared that he can't do that again with Alexander or the other young guys. It's not like he was an elite level  talent. He's a young player that we developed and got production out of on the cheap. With the salary cap that's what good teams have to do. Now he's wanting franchise player type money, of course he does and good for him. But now we have to do the other  thing  every year contenders(i.e. New England) do. Cut the heart strings and let that player walk


    This is what we've always been too loyal and afraid to do with good players  and we overpay and hamstring our team. Gettleman is too smart to do that. That's why people are saying he will/should  go. It's just logical. Now if Hardy was willing to take a much less contract than CJ then MAYBE it would be worth the hassle, but he's not(nor should he be).  I personally would rather the team make the decision early on so they can focus on addressing the offense and secondary instead of a position Rivera has shown he can coach up.

#2652527 WR Prospects: Who do you like?

Posted by poorboysrev on 13 February 2014 - 02:15 PM

I don't think Landry is far behind from Beckham though.  He actually matched better against Verrett this past season whereas JV put up a good fight against Beckham in the TCU-LSU game.  Beckham still played darn well though.  

The more I tape I see of Landry the more I think he would be the best as far as coming in and playing day 1 which is what we need with our cap situation. Great concentration and hands can't be taught. I especially like the catches on imperfect throws and that any sideline catches he got both feet down, Cam needs someone that can bail him out some times. Landry has some Chris Carter-esque hands.


Posted by poorboysrev on 06 February 2014 - 02:34 PM

Amen.  Hurney drafted some good players, but lost his butt when trying to manuever in the draft.  It was almost as if he was trying to validate his picks by making them rich. I have to think Beason, Godfrey, Delhomme, Kalil, Johnson, Stewart, DWilliams, Wharton (earlier) would have signed for much less than they actually got.


Both our coach and Gettlemen were passed over so many times, both figured they may never get a job. How ironic.  In my opinion, they are hungry to prove what they can do.  Once Gettlemen gets out from under Hurney crap heap, he will be pretty awesome.  THe thing I like about Gettlemen is your last comment--he is not afraid to make the tough call and we all trust his decisions, even when they are not what we wanted.

     Yeah Hurney's favorite mantra was "we are returning 21 of 22 starters." Hurney would lock up players before they got a chance to test FA, Gettleman let several of ours(Captain, Dwan, etc) walk when they didn't like what we could pay them and I think all of them came back. I also liked his statement that every team has let a big dog walk. I just think that sums up why I like him so much. We've let the players have the hand, your teams that are always challenging don't do that.

    Like you said I cannot wait to see what he can do once the cap is straightened out. I think we may have gotten one of the best talent evaluators in the league, look at how many holes he filled with no names. Just wait until he doesn't have to just go after the no-names.


Posted by poorboysrev on 06 February 2014 - 12:43 PM

I could live with this, however,, I think there could be some overkill at CB and WR--I love Lee, Hurst, and I have some interest in a few of your other picks.  Joyner is Captain 2.0 if you ask me, and I think we might need a bigger CB--However, Joyner is a baller and can play S.


I see where you have us franchising Hardy.  To me, that means we will have trouble signing and combination of Mitchell, Gross, and Ginn.  Gettlemen is a majic man, but we are about to hit 2 years of dead money that we cannot avoid.


If we franchise Hardy, the money is not going to appear in 2015 when Cam's deal is escalating.  Therefore, I like the idea but we need to start grooming is replacement now. I do not see how we franchise Hardy, despite his pro bowl, However, I am certain that we cannot keep 2 DEs on second contracts--we are talking about 20% of the cap on 2 players and 13% of the cap on the QB.  A third of the cap on 3 players, and that is not including a premiere CB, LT or #1 WR?  Scary.

Agree 100%. There is no way to afford it. Being afraid to let good players walk is what put us in this cap hell to begin with. Hardy took what 3 years to become the player he is now? And that only happened with opportunity.  For all we know Alexander or one of the other young guys will breakout the minute they get the starter reps. Paying both Hardy and CJ that type of money would cripple the team worse than the Dwill/Stew contracts(waaay more money tied up). Hurney gave out contracts like a fan would and it almost buried this team, I am glad Gettleman isn't scared to make the tough call.

#2618618 Draft: Ideal position value by round

Posted by poorboysrev on 16 January 2014 - 10:44 AM

This would make me pretty angry. Especially the Guard in the 3rd.

    If we take a corner in the first when we run a zone scheme  my head will explode. You can easily upgrade what we have with a midlevel FA. Of course whoever Gettleman picks will probably be a probowler so I will be confident in whoever. Like you said a high pick on an OG doesn't make much since with Amini and Kug, again you can get a good vet OG pretty cheap . I don't see how anyone thinking we don't need to seriously address WR watched us play this season. We need oline help but we have got to make getting Cam some weapons a priority too.

#2609926 Kraken Did Not Live Up To His Talk.

Posted by poorboysrev on 12 January 2014 - 05:21 PM

I can't say that I believe that the defense would take a "noticeable" step back. Alexander has shown up in spurts (just like Hardy used to do, and still does against top talent), but Mario Addison and Wes Horton look like they deserve a serious look to get more touches as well.  


Hardy's shtick may be bigger than his game, and all the antics in the world shouldn't deflect questions regarding whether or not the reward is worth the risk of burdening the budget, much less breaking it for someone who shows up sometimes.

    Yeah I have faith in Rivera and the young guys' too. All I know is that we can handle the Defense  losing Hardy ALOT better than the  OFFENSE not improving.  It's not an issue of not liking Hardy but of understanding that their is only so much Cap to allocate to any one position. Hurney paid CJ a kings ransom so by that choice we CANNOT pay Hardy that much. Hurney made that mistake with the RB's and we are still paying for it.

     We have to think like the Patriots here and realize that we drafted Alexander and these other guys for a reason. Rivera coached Hardy up, it is highly likely he can do that with other players. We got as far as a top 3 D could carry us. Our offense has got to get better in a hurry for us to take that next step

#2609445 Cam thread ~ Lets get it out of the way.

Posted by poorboysrev on 12 January 2014 - 04:38 PM

Smitty was limping the whole second half. He had nowhere to go with ball but lets tear him apart anyway.

Yeah it's funny how when Steve was running well Cam looked great...Steve goes down, Cam struggles. Now if only we could get him more than one good WR, crazy talk I know. Kaep has Davis, Crabtree AND Boldin bailing him out all game. Anyone trashing Cam is retarded. It's a team loss(with ALOT of ref help). Our Defense let us down also and they are the strength of our team presently. We HAVE to become more balanced

#2609271 Time to Revisit the Harbaugh Versus Rivera Discussion

Posted by poorboysrev on 12 January 2014 - 04:27 PM

Harbaugh is a douchebag