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Rivera's Asutute Observation: "...Make Sure This Never Happens Again."

21 September 2014 - 04:27 AM

So, Rivera said something that I don't think is getting enough attention in his press conference from 17 September:

"In all honesty, we’re worried about the wrong types of things. We’re trying to figure out who we need to blame. We don’t need to blame people, we need to find answers and corrections and make things right for people, and this is what this really should be about. I’ve been up and talked about this on and on and on, and I really just hope people understand we’re doing the best we can under the circumstances that we have and we’re trying to get this right. And at the end of the day, we have to come up with solutions to make that this does not happen again."

I think Rivera's said something particularly profound here, and it seems largely ignored.

Obviously, it is important to set proper disciplinary policies in place in order deal with issues like this in the future.

But it seems to me that our Head Coach is actually interested in preventing occurrences like this.

And shouldn't that actually be the focus?

We can punish people like Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson all we want.

But will that actually change anything?

Violence against women and children is something we need to address at a cultural level. But given that the NFL is such a huge part of American culture, doesn't it seem logical that the NFL help lead the way?

It may be a pipe dream, but it seems to make sense.

And I for one applaud Ron for actually saying something of substance rather than going through the clichés.

Question Re: CAR @ Pitt

24 August 2014 - 11:51 PM

Here's something I've been curious about for awhile.


We all know that the fourth preseason game is garbage time; a last chance for guys on the bubble to make the the team and separate themselves from the rest. However, Rivera has stated that he wants his starters getting more reps at Pittsburgh. It remains to see how far he goes with that given Cam is certainly out.


Anyway, to the question at hand. Someone in the know, help me out.


Do the staffs of opposing teams ever communicate before a preseason game to discuss how much they plan to play starters and such? Or are decisions made largely in reaction to what the other coach is doing on the field?