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In Topic: Round 5: WR Hawaii Kealoha Pilares

30 April 2011 - 07:55 PM

After checking again with some friends, Kealoha might mean "Beloved". Aloha has multiple meanings including love, compassion, beloved, etc. So it just depends on what his parents were going for. Maybe your media can ask him when he gets there. Anyhow, I agree with folks on here, it's a great name.

Best wishes in 2011, Panthers!

In Topic: Round 5: WR Hawaii Kealoha Pilares

30 April 2011 - 06:10 PM

Aloha Panthers fans,

As a long time UH supporter I was curious what the reaction was to drafting Kealoha Pilares. Interesting so far. Everyone has their own opinion but here's my view after watching him play the last 4 years. Hawaii fans, if you think I'm wrong on something please correct me.

He has improved each year. He has always been extremely shifty and can stop on a dime and make defenders whiff. I think that's what makes him exciting to watch.

Like some of you I laughed seeing the opposite descriptions of his hands from scouts. From my observations, most of the time his hands are great . . . but he does seem to have that one game where he drops multiple catchable balls. Again, it's maybe one game a season where this happens, but that game can still be frustrating as a fan. I don't know if it's a matter of just having an off day coordination wise because otherwise he has been consistent catching the ball.

The one characteristic of Pilares that I think might have made your office want him is that he's very good at coming back to the ball as well as catching low or off-target balls. It doesn't bother him to have an inaccurate passer. He is very workmanlike that way. Some of the knock on Newton is that he's not always that accurate. So, a hard working receiver who will come back to the ball and stay alive is probably a good fit for where Newton is developmentally.

Finally, Kealoha (btw he's Native Hawaiian not Samoan . . . "ke" means "the" and "aloha" means "love", so his name means "love" as in the noun, not the verb. I know some of you don't care about Hawaiian culture but . . .) is really smart. He just won the campus-wide academic athlete award at UH, carrying a 4 year cumulative GPA of 3.63 in Kinesiology. He is a modest, humble guy---but lets his passion and drive shine in whatever he does academically and athletically. He's not going to talk about his achievements or himself even if you try to get him to. Don't mistake that for not caring.

I will be watching and cheering him on. I have no idea how he will do in the NFL but I think he has as good a chance as any to be very good, especially because of his drive, work ethic, and athleticism. Just my two cents.

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