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#1630779 NFC Pro Bowl Practice 4pm Today

Posted by Jak3Allen on 26 January 2012 - 07:33 PM

I was at practice....

-Cam had his shorts jacked up and shirt tucked in. Looked pretty goofy, but it was obvious he was just having a great time.

-Smitty had on some sweet cleats, panther blue. Made an awesome one handed catch in the endzone from Brees.

-There "practice" was basically going up and down the field running different plays. Nothing more than that, it's the pro-bowl what can ya expect. The coaches had Rodgers, Brees, and Cam switching every 2 plays. Cam has the strongest arm, but we all knew that. One play he pump-faked a screen pass and took off in a sprint toward the endzone, looked pretty.

-They worked on kicking off a few times. Cam was actually the return man, again its the pro-bowl, he was just kidding around. FWIW he dropped the kick-off, thank god, probably the last time he will ever do that.

-Oh and Patrick Peterson can throw the ball pretty well. They did one kickoff return where he runs it up the sideline and throws the ball across field to Marshawn Lynch on the run. I expect we will see that on sunday.

And of course the highlight of the practice....
Cam went to wide-reciever, Rodgers QB. Crowd noticed it and got LOUD. On the hike...Cam runs a go route and burns Charles Tillman, Rodgers hits him in stride with a 50 yd TD pass. Cam hands the ball to a little kid, screams "CHECK ME OUT, CHECK ME OUT" and does the superman. Boom.

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