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Luke Kuechly is going to be featured in..

Today, 12:07 AM

(Did not know if I should have posted this here, in the NFL boards or The Lounge. Anyway..)...sponsorship of Bose Products in the NFL. This is insider information. How did I obtain it, well for starters, I work for said company. 


There will be products have been confirmed that will start out with 6 NFL teams, depending on sales, the rest of the NFL teams will be featured in these two confirmed products. One would be Headphones, the other would be a bluetooth speaker called the Soundlink III. 


Bose products are actually going to be featured in the NFL from now on. You will no longer see Motorola headsets.


Some players will be featured in commercials and other propaganda. One of them is this guy....






Clay Matthews, Luke Kuechly, Russel Wilson, and 3 others that I don't actually remember, who cares really. Just hearing Kuechly's name in the meeting today was enough for me to get a mega boner. Apparently they are pushing hard for him to be the poster Child of this company. I am ecstatic to see what other products will feature Panthers players. It all depends on supply and demand. I certainly hope if there are Panthers related products, they sell well. I'm pretty sure some of you can get behind this. :D



(Zod, if this breaks some rule or regulation you may have, please delete.)

Chris Faulk, yay, nay?

29 July 2014 - 01:03 AM

Former LSU standout OT was canned by the Browns...He was on IR all last year. Worth a shot no?

Greg Hardy Camp Interview.

28 July 2014 - 12:48 AM

Started off rocky but Greg is a straight shooter. I really want this guy to stay. Regardless of the off field issues he's going through. I believe he can turn it around. He just needs to focus. Focus on the game. 



If you want some Tongan on Tongan Action, you need to click here.

27 July 2014 - 08:18 PM





This...is like dividing by zero.

I have no game in Spanish..

20 July 2014 - 03:34 AM

As many of you know, I used to live in the good ol' USA. There, it did not matter that I was close to 300 pounds. 280 to be exact. That I was a low level employee with a 4 cylinder car. I had some game. I could woo any woman off her feet. Why? Because I have a little thing called confidence. That and one really quick wit to make the ladies laugh. The thing I found out at a very young age...if you make a girl laugh, she will be all over you.




....fast forward to my extraction of the USA...and now I am here...In my mother land. The land I was born in. Mexico. Things have been rough. When I used to have dates a plenty...now...I am in a huge huge drought. I focused myself in my work. It has paid off and now...I want to hit the dating scene. Problem is that....my game is lost in translation. I know it's about the attitude I provide...but it's hard to get dates down here for me. Mainly because I have no game in spanish. Everything I try...it's like...not good. I have gone out on dates but they have not been successful like in the states. I sometimes rely on my wit, actually, all the time. Its not that my wit is missing in Spanish, its just that it's lost in translation. I often find hearing myself speak at such a high level that it bores even me. 



...there's this girl...she's....omg...she's freaking gorgeous. I've been talking to her for about a year... here's a pic of her... looking all fine with her glasses...Girls with glasses drive me nuts...






....anyway. I'm kind of setting myself up badly here. I know I should have such high expectations before even going out with her. She recently broke up with her Ex...and I may become the rebound guy. But....I don't know man. Her likes are the opposite of mine. I am so americanized that its like...weird. She loves 'Banda' music. I hate that crap. She loves Justin Beiber...I hate the fuger..she's also 8 years younger than me. 



I'm at my wits end. I really want this to work out with her, she's a sweet sweet girl that's had really bad break ups. I know if we hit it off, things would be great. Its' just that things have to hit off. I'm afraid of fuging things up before I try. I'm kind of cock blocking myself here....any tips guys? I'm like...nervous as fug. I'm usually not nervous unless I like the person a lot. So yeah...

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