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In Topic: What is the best Christmas... holiday movie..?

Today, 09:02 PM

Emmit otter jugband fools!!!

In Topic: Ron Rivera: A Modern Day Wayne Fontes

Today, 08:38 PM

In all fairness Rivera took a job for a team with the worst record in the league. He signed off on having Chud implement read-option concepts at the pro level(which was unheard of) and improved the team's record in his first three years and making the playoffs, winning the NFC South in year 3.

Although the team has taken a step back in year 4 Rivera may have the Panthers make the postseason in consecutive years for the first time in team history.

Also possibly salvaging a top 10 defensive finish in 2014... That would be having a top 10 defense in consecutive years.

Id say he is infinitely better than Wayne Fontes... I guess both are hispanic? Other than that I dont see it.

If Rivera can cut ties with Shula Id be in full support of hin but he loves him some Shula.

In Topic: Harper Says TD Wasn't On Him

Today, 08:23 PM

Luke and TD can do no wrong by some, whereas Harper is a constant scapegoat who gets blamed for everything.

Just read through this thread. Coach, Luke, and Harper all agree wasn't on Harper, but these guys are STILL blaming him.

I guess the point being Harper has been terrible for most this season.... But even I think its a bit overboard. The MLB usually has te TE in a cvr1 or cvr zero blitz.

The past 4 weeks Harper's cvg underneath has been suprisingly decent.

Cameron wizzing past Harper made it look like it was on him.

In Topic: We are Under Attack

Today, 08:04 PM

When you say N. Korea it has to involve China bc the hacking is impossible from N.Korea.. They have virtually zero internet infrastructure.

Therefore it makes it difficult to retaliate.

In Topic: KB is at 999 yards

Today, 05:59 PM

As bad as Smitty was handled it was something that needed attention this season in hindight.. And after the heartbreak.

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