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In Topic: Big Ups to L-TownCat

Yesterday, 05:52 PM

If you are ever in the Bay Area and need a place of lodging, I have a guest room and pool and wii bowling on a 120" projector screen in my man cave. We drink bourbon and the womens drink moscow mules. My wife may want to slap you for the amount of time I spend on this site, but other than that she's cool. I'll go above and beyond the call as well.

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This sounds so nice I went ahead and booked a flight out there..ill be there from Thur to Tues..so go ahead and gimmie your coordinates for my GPS.

In Topic: There is one player I wish we had from KC

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

Is that you Barack obummer?


In Topic: AJ Klein Catching On

Yesterday, 09:00 AM

Sadly we would get passed on to death. Teams would kill us just having 4 receiver sets that we wouldn't be able to cover.

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Not trying to be funny but in Madden, the 46 has a speed sub pkg which is like a nickle formation except a lber is replaced with a third safety.

The Saints went to this formation at the end of the year playing three safeties(Harper, Vaccaro, Jenkins) and had success...against other teams lol. Panthers find a way.

But if we had better safeties id be all for that formation.

On the Kuchley sack play against the Chiefs they came up in a 3-4 style and did a really nice hybrid zone blitz.

McD is going to do work.

Klein's development and ability is nice bc If god forbid Davis or Kuchley had to go down for a few games he would seemingly slide right in.

Jason Williams got great praise as a guy ready to play by Rivera in an interview but I think just watching Kuchley/Davis daily in practice is like a Linebacker science class. I hope we draft another linebacke with physical tools to develop behind the Kuchley/Davis/Klien trio.

In Topic: Quarantine Center for Ebola in Nigeria is Attacked and Looted

18 August 2014 - 12:56 PM

Are we doomed to have bubble boy suits and ipads in them eventually?

In Topic: There is one player I wish we had from KC

18 August 2014 - 12:51 PM

I love Thomas...i was hoping Barner was a slower version of him but DeAnthony is special.

Amazing how much vile i got from Huddlers saying "we got Barner!!" when I suggested he would be an excellent mid late pick. I think mocks had him in the 5th/6th which is really low for a guy with his speed and hands.

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