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In Topic: Harper next Please!

Today, 05:26 PM

Leading the league in tipped pass catches does not even make a difference in his arthritic body trying to break down and make tackles and general effort. His effort on plays looks terrible..he is either hurt or he does not care. On the big runs, on the kickoff return and against Jordy you see 41 making fart noises with his pooh play. Either way he needs a new career.

Munnerlyn would pluck passes outta the air MAKING INTS happen. This Harper stat is a mirage if you think it masks his also poor run defense and awful tackling on top of his non existent coverage skills and athletic ability.

In Topic: Frank Garcia talks about Rivera and the Kuechly ejection

Today, 05:20 PM

Garcia also defended Burfict trying to injure guys after the play saying "thats football!"

..if you did not know, Frank Garcia was voted the dirtiest player in football like twice in his career so as one who is a giant douche...His takes on matters in the NFL should be understood as a guy who's football drive and IQ is from a toilet and a pile of pooh.

In Topic: Godfrey Released

Today, 05:15 PM

Godfrey lost the only thing that made him ok. His speed.

Unfortunately his poor play recognition, recovery, pursuit angles, coverage, tackling, playmaking is worse than ever...and now no speed...so no job for him.

I still cannot believe he was extended to the amount he was.

In Topic: Harper next Please!

Today, 05:09 PM

Harper would be awesome in spot duty. It's too bad he has to start because he'd be a badass backup with his knack for INTs.

Uh.... If the spot is in a TV studio watching the game then yes I agree. There is zero reason his cleats should chew up grass in a NFL stadium.

In Topic: Harper next Please!

Today, 05:07 PM

Roman Harper is trolling us.

Sadly Godfrey offers wayy less so I agree with the order of the cuts. I just cannot see Harper being cut bc of his two year contract.

I said it before..Harper was the weak link on one of the worst defenses in NFL history with the Saints two seasons ago...now we have him.

I see a trend.

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