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In Topic: A little perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Today, 11:00 PM

People actually defending HAMAS. Wow. Not only that they use the name as a talking point. I guess next we can defend Hezbollah because they are the party of God.

Seriously, they are a terrorist organization originated as an offshoot of the Muslim brotherhood.

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I think the discussion has moved quite further than this well known talking point. Most know what HAMAS is...this is more a concern on the everyday citizens who are having parts of children blowing up on them from Missles and bombs courtsey of Israel.

Like the reports say that Gaza is now running on candlelight and info is not getting to its citizens or memebers of HAMAS. If you are being bombarded by a neighbor who has the most technologically advanced weapons what do you do to respond?

Do not confuse defending HAMAS with scolding Israel. Both have plenty of terror to offer.

In Topic: A little perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Today, 10:31 PM

And we are reloading Isreal during this "ceasefire"

Now they just blew up Gaza university...bc chosen people.

In Topic: Home Run Casting Choices in Comic Book Movies

Today, 10:27 PM

I feel sorry for you...Nolan took a comic book movie franchise and created a timeless classic with pretty tight plotlines throughout three films.

I personally enjoyed the Frank Miller version of Batman which was darker and Nolan latched onto a lot of the madness in those stories.

I do like Tim Burtons batman movies but they do not hold up well.

A perfectly casted Michelle Phifer as Catwoman in those Burton movies I might add.

I do like Michael Fasbender as young Magneto.

In Topic: How Republicans deal with a "crisis"

Today, 10:19 PM

And now demands from Bohner for Obama to take executive action..LOL...ITS A TRAP!!!

In Topic: Best wishes to Paul George

Today, 10:16 PM

That was gruesome...of course they broke to Sportscenter, who showed it real quick after the director of the bball game made the right call to not replay it.

I wanted to see Lance get back at Paul G and gang but only at full strength...so is Charlotte better than Indy now? I say yes..top 3 in the east now.

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