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In Topic: With more data I'm posting this cool site again

Yesterday, 07:53 AM

stats are for losers.

This is true about 65% of the time.

In Topic: For those who are wondering, the best way to cook a turkey.....

Yesterday, 07:50 AM

I set my turkey frier in my garage between some paint cans and oily rags and fire it up. No need to defrost the bird either, just drop it in and let it go.

In Topic: So who do all of you nonbelievers say thanks to..

26 November 2014 - 08:15 PM

I am a "believer" and I am thankful for the ability to ignore stupidity and the mods ability to ban. I am also thankful that I live in a country where people are able to practice or abstain from practicing any religion they choose.

Happy Thanksgiving douchebag.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

25 November 2014 - 08:05 PM

I won the internet.

I have done no more or no less then the doofs on here have done to themselves. The bunch is mostly ignorant. I am ignorant on many things and I can admit that and will when necessary.
Instead of admitting such fault they just spew back words that Democrats love to use: racist! intolerance! and other words to make them feel like a victim.

Okay then, good talk. Your posts are the equivalent to a Molotov Cocktail to society no matter what political affiliation but ok.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

25 November 2014 - 07:07 PM

Nah.  I don't even know what site that would be.  I am not a conservative socially.  I am more a liberal on that front.  I am on this board for a few reasons.  Decent football discussion, the women, it's the local team, and the workout thread.


I don't trust their opinions, nor Fox News, nor anyone else's.  I trust information reported in a factual basis which is hard to come by; so I must gather information and use that to form opinions.


The 83% figure I had forgotten, thus the 88%.  I have the site book marked.  Between that site and the CIA site where you can view information on any country in the world, well, you could spend hours.  I have.  Either way, the I do not believe it but I do not disagree with it statement was saying I do not agree that it is factual but I do not disagree there could be some truth to it.  As in, because it is a statistic, it could be presented in such a way that the number could be about anything you'd want it to be or represent.


Either way, numbers don't mean all that much when looking at it as a whole until you factor in the population of this country and demographics of its makeup.


A win is a win?  Can I point to the scoreboard?


I do understand that.  I have been a wrecking ball, of sorts, in this thread.  Mav was the first to actually provide a link to a statement, everyone else is just blowing up the place with opinions and rants.  I felt no need to go to a higher level because it would have been wasted effort.  That has since changed as some of the idiocy has left the thread and maybe now the finer points can be talked about - two I am interested in: the possibility of Civil Rights charges for anyone in Ferguson and what the responsibilities of those left there now have (police, NG, politicians, residents, protesters and even looters).


Do the protesters cut cord and leave town to save face for what has changed in to a joke?  Do the NG be used to squash any threats?  Do the residents rebuild their town and work on this never happening again?  If so, what method are they going to use?  Everyone with their hand in the pot now has some hot water to deal with.


What exactly do you think you've won?  If you wanted to polarize folks and make them think that the only alternative viewpoint is irrational then maybe you can add that to your trophy case but not much else.



I think you have quixotically espoused your views much like a tv/radio talk show host that caters to like minded individuals. In the real world we have to work with people with varying opinion, come to a common ground and espouse ideas that foster thoughts and solutions in the stead of snarky comments.




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