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In Topic: Question for the NASCAR fans (re: Kuechly)

Today, 11:54 AM

The new age of NASCAR drivers has always been whinny bitches.


Back in the day Earnhardt Sr. would have just wrecked him.

In Topic: Should I risk crabs and date Tyra Banks?

Today, 11:45 AM

Consult with Jameis

In Topic: Which 3 New Additions Are You Most Excited About?

Yesterday, 10:58 PM

Gary Peters
Devin Funchess
Jonathan Martin

Not sure I would go so far as to say excited but I am curiously intrigued with Jonathan Martin.

In Topic: Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

20 May 2015 - 06:47 PM

Went to the great American bash at memorial stadium a couple times as a kid. Believed rasslin was real longer than Santa.

In Topic: Online You vs Real World You

20 May 2015 - 06:27 PM

I think they would really be surprised that I'm an out of shape middle aged white guy that likes to occasionally have a glass or two too many. I would never reveal that on the Internet.