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In Topic: Our O line is good enough right?

Today, 12:30 PM

What exactly does "hit" mean.  He has ran the ball 364 times during the last three years.  If he is hit/tackled running the ball does that go into this category?   Tis the devil in the details.

In Topic: Chris Faulk, yay, nay?

Today, 08:05 AM

I think he has been injured since he left LSU.  On the other hand I do think we have a bike that is currently idle. 

In Topic: 7-29 Practice Thread

Today, 08:00 AM

AJ ran with the ones all day yesterday. He also lined up as MLB with the twos.

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Thanks for that tidbit.  Good to see the young lad progress.

In Topic: Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 01:42 PM

Eh, I have been pleased with what I have seen out of Bene. He has been out of position a bit, but that completely normal. Physically the kid has the goods. He excels in one on ones.


Saw your post yesterday regarding this and viewed it as accurate and assumed the comments were credible.  


But to contrast, there was a guy in another thread saying Bene was awful, falling behind and was basically a lost cause for the season (training camp days are apparently like dog years). To me this is what makes training camp so fun. 


There is reality and then there is the other 70% that overreact to almost everything.

In Topic: Your afternoon inspiration....

Yesterday, 01:29 PM

If I saw something like that pop out the side of my arm I would be heading to the Dr. office to get some salve or something.  Thats some serious definition tho.

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