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In Topic: Rivera up for Coach of the Year Again

Today, 07:05 AM

Good to see him get recognition from Billick, the former head coach of a Super Bowl winning team who knows orders of magnitude more about being an NFL head coach than the sum total of all the Huddlers put together.

Unless someone on this board has also coached a Super Bowl winning team, I'd suggest that you accept Ron just might know what he's doing.

With everything.

Including his OC and ST coaches.

Well put. I think coaching is a thankless job when you are losing and Ron had his share this year. I think he gets props for keeping the locker room together but what he also did is keep his staff focused and they were able to maintain and manage their areas. It's easy to manage when things are going well but when poo hits the fan stuff starts to unravel if your not careful. Usually it's starts at the top. That never happened. He's not perfect by any stretch but he worked through a lot of poo.

In Topic: The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

Today, 03:51 AM

Whodafuk is Al?


He's The Google.  The Google is scary man.  Really scary.  Gonna start rationing TP and Yoghurt and stuff like that and simply deliver it to your house once a week via a drone.


Get your guns and head to the hills.

In Topic: NC Lands on UFO list

Today, 03:17 AM

Several folks around my house say that they saw one during the 70's. My dad claims he saw it and wouldn't be surprised if it was military related.


That military poo is our attempt to re-engineer alien crafts. 

In Topic: My draft 1.0

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

My concern with adding another young WR (or two) is that we'll be fielding a VERY inexperienced WR corp. that could take 2-3 more years to fully develop. Sure, youth has its advantages as well, but I'd rather go get a veteran with playoff/SB experience with Torrey Smith in free agency and focus on the tackle spots and pass rush in the draft.


Agree with this.  If you double up on WR you need to have an experienced guy such as Torrey Smith or even Cotchery to balance things out.  I think a FA upgrade would be beneficial but would not totally whiff on two WR in the draft if the opportunity is available.

In Topic: I have recently been exposed to the idiocy of the food babe

Yesterday, 08:23 AM

Hot. Would bang.

Ditto on this. Sums up the entire thread for me. I want to eat organic now.