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In Topic: What first?

Today, 10:16 PM

If someone has trouble with the triple S sequence then they should consider having a cup of coffee (caffeine) prior to commencing the process.  This usually helps to grease the pipes. 

In Topic: Vince Gilligan's other new show: Battle Creek

Today, 10:09 PM

I dont know about the TV series but I have been to Battle Creek MI and it is a true Poo Hole. 

In Topic: Bad friend

Today, 08:08 PM

Can't help note the irony. A woman seeking advice from a bunch of dudes on a football message board about how to understand a woman's behavior.

Not making fun but I find it funny.

In Topic: Gandhi was kind of a dick

Today, 07:57 PM

politics and greed is what's holding back technological, medical, etc. advancement these days. Just look at how long ago internal combustion was invented...

Henry ford built a car out of plastic soybean composite in 1941 that was 1000 pounds lighter than step cars and arguably much safer.

I'm sure the steel guys of the day were happy about that.

In Topic: Top 5 TV shows

Today, 07:49 PM

Breaking Bad