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In Topic: The ACA has saved over 50,000 lives since it was unleashed to destroy America

Today, 02:14 AM

What is this? Your version of the Second Amendment?

"Access to health care rarely leads to better health outcomes."


Access to health care affords patients medical treatment and access to health care professionals who guide/educate patients on how to take better care of themselves.

Plenty of people who have healthy lifestyles, not just fat ass smokers, are diagnosed with serious illnesses everyday.

If these people don't have access to adequate medical treatment their chances of a successful recovery significantly diminishes.

Rarely is a strong word but OP has a point. If you smoke 3 packs a day and go to the doctor he can prescribe drugs and even get you an oxygen tank but the inherent problem is the 3 packs a day. Same thing if your eating a case of twinkles a day. I think this is what OP is highlighting. I would not argue that having access and going to a dr and adhering to his/her advice allows for great advances but it is not a silver bullet.

In Topic: Kansas continues to see its conservative economic experiment completely fail

Today, 02:01 AM


so of course they have to cut education and raise taxes on the poor so the wealthy job creators can do their thing to make it a conservative paradise.

It sounds like the same kind of square peg in a round hole kind of thinking that the Soviets had to abide by to not give up on their batshit crazy ideas....

In the article I failed to find any specifics on the policies. So was hoping you could fill in the gaps while I check the Google for info. Sounds like a lot of the shortfall is coming from oil and gas which is taking a hit across the board. A year ago a barrel of oil was going for over $100. Now it's $49 and change. Maybe that's just noise or something we can simply ignore but just thought I would bring it up for discussion.

Will be waiting for your details on the policies.

In Topic: Byrd Runs a 4.28 on grass at SC pro day- not an Aprils fool joke

Today, 01:48 AM

We should draft him in the middle rounds and try to convert him into Quar.... Oh. Nevermind

In Topic: Contracts Details - Boykins, Todman, and Jason T

Today, 01:44 AM

Actually only a $135,000 net cap hit. Todman's hit is reduced by the veteran minimum benefit (as Wilson mentions), so they're total hit is $1.305m less two minimums totaling $1.17m.

Gettleman is still shopping at the Dollar store and it is a good thing. Looks like he has made key improvements on ST with very little cap space. This is huge IMO. Nothing high profile here but the team ( at least on paper) is considerably better with these moves.

In Topic: Voth's Latest - Comparing the Panthers a Year Later

Today, 01:35 AM

As usual Voth is spot on. I agree 100% about the DE position but I would argue that the DE unit is better now than the team we fielded in Game 3. Realize it's a roster comparison but I seem to put an asterisk next to Hardy.

Definitely think this is a big need. Problem is DE is not usually fixed immediately through the draft as it usually takes a while for that position.

OT is better on paper for sure but I feel like we've just polished a turd. Even though it's better I still think there is a lot of room to improve.

My overall takeaway is that Gettleman is attempting ( and succeeding) at improving the roster by evolution rather than revolution and by revolution I mean grabbing high priced guys in free agency. This team is better than it was last year at this time. With the addition of free agents I would argue it is better than it was in January.

Can't wait for the draft.