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In Topic: Matthias' Cam Mock

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

You do a pretty good job of addressing some needs except QB.  I guess the good news is with this strategy we are a lock to have 1-2 top 5 picks in 2016.  May be able to get back to the playoffs by 2018-2019. 

In Topic: How bad is Chandler that he isn't 1st up when Bell is out?

Yesterday, 10:07 AM

what if canida man shows out?


Then we're all just a bunch of hosers ay...

In Topic: Just as we get our RBs back...

Yesterday, 08:54 AM



I think the plan is to invoke the obscure 5 Mississippi rush count rule.

In Topic: Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee!

29 October 2014 - 04:37 PM

The Canadian police are famous for being mounted, but I think they would cringe at the thought of being mounted by David Foucault

In Topic: Newton sings the Super Mario theme

29 October 2014 - 03:49 PM

I saw this yesterday and I was also surprised. I'm all for joking and stuff when we are winning but in the midst of losing, it sends a different message.



I see the point to these posts, I really do but I think its a tad bit hypocritical. 


When people have a bad day at work and they are so impacted by it that four days later they are acting out of character and like someone other than their normal self it does not bode well. 


When I have a bad day at work I like to blow off steam and even sometimes joke about it and put it behind me so it does not impact anything going forward.  Bottling that stuff up is not the right thing to do.  If everyone in a high stress job did  what you expect Cam to do then I would expect to see a huge increase in suicides, heart attacks and dog kicks.


He is human, makes mistakes and should be called out for them but should also be allowed to put them behind him.

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