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#3141286 Please pray for my grandmother

Posted by pstall on Today, 12:32 AM

Hang tough

#3141199 "The Interview" cancelled

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 10:17 PM

They had to cancel. If one person gets hurt who shows up at a theater there would be serious fallout.
The ultimate bluff was called.

#3140854 Dillweed Republican Senator blocks vet suicide program because he'd rathe...

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 06:56 PM

Outside of some very very obscure and life threatening pork attached to this bill, I see NO reason to stop this.
Some of these guys are insane.

#3140837 Bears starting jimmy pickles over cutler this week

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 06:51 PM

Raise your hand if you have Forte and are in fantasy playoffs.

* right here

#3139884 while browsing Browns message board...

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 10:39 PM

Cleveland still thinks there are jobs.

#3139739 Huddle debate. Fashion Edition: To turtleneck or not to turtleneck?

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 07:52 PM

Let's just see what turtlenecks do to guys who could generally kick your ass:


The double whammy. Tneck AND fanny pack.

#3139385 a journey from theism - ideas, sources, commentary, questions, and a whole ho...

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

I'm a fan of the contrarian, resourceful, at times black sheep Jesus.
There are 3 movies that pretty much sum me up.
Cool Hand Luke, one flew over the cuckoo's nest and Real Genius.
Each guy had their unique way of going on their journey and yet can't quite ever be fully understood or plan for anything.
Frash I agree about Christians who talk a big game but don't do anything or lead a life contrary to the bible. I'm nowhere near the radical Christians I was several years ago. Not because of organized religion or hypocrites in the church. Heck there are hypocrites everywhere.
I had a couple of dreams blow up in my face that has taken me a few years to get past. Not to mention a very scary and disturbing stalker issue that made me want to move to a remote island.

I think in life we too often outsmart ourselves and we miss the simple pleasures around us.
The goal of every Christian should just be the two greatest commands. You do that and you make a pretty big impact.
Oddly enough I don't like the rat race. It's not in my DNA. I just try to make people laugh or see something a bit differently each day and not grow cold hearted in this crazy dysfunctional world we all share.
Jim Morrison was right. Nobody gets out od here alive. Or as my girls say YOLO.
Make it count.

#3139374 Russia is officially dildos

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 02:23 PM

Yeah this one will be interesting. Hope some good comes from it.

#3139230 Why are so many Muslims violent in the modern era?

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 01:00 PM

is this Pstall for "it didn't mean anything at all and was just nonsense?" At this point it doesn't matter.

Not at all. For me it was late as I have to take my kids to school in the am.
I just didn't think what I said was cause for any consternation. It was simply a Colbert like jab at rodeo and you saw my responses on that.

There has yet to be a discussion here where I throw an entire group into one basket. Not my style but you alluded to that so no sweat.

actually I said in a previous post I didn't think you were generalizing and I still don't, so I am unsure what the point of this comment is. RE: Rodeo, I didn't even notice his post until you called attention to it with your comments, and I didn't interpret it as generalizing all Christians would turn to terror, just that Christian terrorism would increase if what he said happened... which I completely agree with. While this is a generalization, sure, I don't think it is insulting; Maybe I am putting words in his mouth but I suspect he meant "certain groups of Christianity." The thing is, the topic of this thread was specifically related to Muslims which is why I wanted to turn the discussion back to them. I think at some point the parallels to Christianity are inadequate, though it is important to keep in mind what has shaped our point of view and allows us to get to where we are.

When I was prompting the question, and it wasn't just to you, you hadn't clearly stated that. The question was not also meant to be specifically to you, and I've apologized if you took it that way in past posts already. My questions were more general to the thread as a whole.

I feel that the US thing is a strawman. Nobody thinks that the only reason this is happening is because it is a response to the US.

I think a lot of it has to do with the history of the region and the way those ideas can take root. I think even wealthy people can feel powerless on a geopolitical level. I don't know the solution there. There is a lot going on in this region. I do think that stabilizing the situation in Palestine is critical to long-term stability of the region, but that seems to be increasingly impossible.

I agree that just saying "well Christians would/have/can/did do it too" isn't really helpful. Neither is it helpful to claim Islam itself is more violent.

I think that it is important to try to see where these people are coming from, as Nanuq and Philly have tried to highlight. DDII brings up important implications of the way many of these countries were treated by the West that we must consider.

I agree there is no single answer. Which is why I was prompting questions.

#3139161 Old man rant: people wearing headphones while driving

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 12:19 PM

My cousin is completely deaf and allowed to drive.

I think you an old man.

Boooo. Now you finally agree with me..... lol

#3139037 a journey from theism - ideas, sources, commentary, questions, and a whole ho...

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 11:05 AM

I had pondered some sort of epic post last week in a similar fashion... basically talking about my transition to what I do and don't believe today in comparison to how I was raised. I'm glad you started this topic and I am glad I finally took the time to read it this morning.

To add my two cents, and maybe even move the discussion in a tangent or at least a little further along...

My biggest struggle with my own theological views today stem from my inability to reconcile a few things that have happened in my life. Much like some in the "thank God I didn't die in that car crash" thread tended to do, I cannot allow myself to simply write these things off as either coincidence, or some sort of supernatural event. I have to over analyze and scrutinize these situations in this metaphorical never-ending conflict. I never truly feel like I have achieved any sort of resolution. I don't know if it is the scarring of the way I was raised, or my own inability to let go of some sort of preconceived notion or desire for knowledge that I have on a personal level.

I've posted about a few of the events here in the past, and I too was admittedly a different person myself when the events happened and even when I posted on the Huddle about them.

As a quick overview of myself:

-Parents split when I was 7.

-Raised by mom 95% of the time, and made to go to church on Sundays (Free Will Baptist).

-Academically gifted since the second grade. Bussed to another school once a week for higher level classes up until middle school where they did it in-house.

-Struggled to care early on in high school because I was usually a Freshman in a class full of Seniors, and the coursework bored me to tears. Didn't care about much at all that the public school system had to offer. Skirted my way through the 4 years by attending just enough days and doing enough work to graduate.

-Was active in church as a teen, although not super gung-ho rah rah Jesus! Did captain a Bible Bowl team. Started losing my interest in religion in my later teens and stopped going to church. Didn't really believe too much in the church itself, saw it more as a political entity with its share of inner turmoil and a facade of spirituality. Got tired of the preacher using the pulpit to preach against things he saw as evil rather than things he saw as good. Too much negativity, and honestly I didn't really care.

-Signed up for Community College after high school with no real direction or no real desire to do much of anything. Got a year and a half into a graphic design/art degree and decided I was bored with it. Switched to computer programming just to have a degree in something I thought would matter or would pay the bills.

-Pretty much Republican when I started voting... IIRC first presidential election I could vote in was 2000 (I was 19 almost 20) and I voted for Dubya. Grew up with the indoctrination of the religious right, although I will admit it was a little more up for debate with my mom than most people raised in the south have. But yeah, it pretty much made me vote straight ticket Republican.

-9/11 happened, and I was glued to the TV for days. I wanted us to get whoever did it and basically burn the world down for 'merica.

-War on terror happened, and I became disgusted with blind patriotism and how it guided uninformed voters. I still question 9/11's official story to this day because of the fallout it had on the world. I believe this is one of the primary catalysts (aside from realizing how screwed up their platform is) that began turning me against the Republican party. I voted for Kerry in 2004. Obama in 2008. Johnson in 2012. Go ahead and call me a truther or make a reference to venom or something, idgaf.

So basically, the events I mentioned earlier that still are hard for me to reconcile, and are probably the major hangup in me being an outright nonbeliever in anything other than myself are as follows.

Somewhere after 9/11 I was beating myself up pretty bad inside because (and I know this is terribly cheesy) I was in my first real, meaningful, relationship with a girl. I was in college, with no direction, and stuck between the way I wanted to see the world and the way that I had been conditioned all my life to see it. I had all these inner turmoils and battles about the world outside myself and, combined with those that directly related to myself, I felt lost and under water.

I never prayed about anything in my life really, and I thought it was silly even though I was conditioned to believe it was a totally normal thing. One night, I was having trouble sleeping because of all the theological and existential thoughts swimming around in my head and decided that I needed to clear my mind somehow and hit a reset button. I prayed. A few moments later, after saying a silent prayer to myself as I lay there in the bed beside my sleeping girlfriend (now my wife,) I heard a very specific, audible to me, voice. It was a voice I had never heard before and have not heard since, but it was a very distinct voice, and a very distinct and specific phrase. It was a book in the bible and a number (I presumed it was a verse number.) It wasn't from any thing of note that I had studied or remembered reading in the Bible. It was a small, seemingly to me, insignificant book. It just seemed very very random.

Shocked, and actually pretty terrified, I sat up in the bed. I looked around the room and nobody was there. I got up and looked out the window. There wasn't a TV on in the house. Nothing could have made the voice I heard that was in my immediate vicinity. The immediate impact of this was very shocking, but I had to tell myself to calm down. I lay back down and surprisingly felt more at peace than I did before praying. I told myself that it was a coincidence and that I had heard the voice on the verge of falling asleep, and that it was something in my subconscious acting out. I told myself that if it was important or somehow divinely inspired that I would remember it and look it up in the morning.

I looked it up the following morning and was floored that it was a very specific, direct response to a question I asked when I said that prayer.
That said, and this is the crazy part, it didn't really change my actions the way it should have. I kept doing the things I was doing that were causing me inner turmoil. I shared the story and still do because it is absolutely crazy to me. The part is that I can't, to this day, reconcile what happened that night. Part of me wants to believe in some sort of universal consciousness that I somehow tapped into. Part of me wants to write it off as my own subconsciousness playing tricks on me and cherry picking some locked away answer I heard or read during my years in the church. Part of me thinks (as do most people I share the story with) that I'm a little crazy for hearing a voice (and admitting to it.) The bottom line, for me at least, is that I don't know that I can ever reconcile this event. This one event is probably why I can never give up on the "I don't know" line I so delicately walk when it comes to religion, human purpose (if we have any,) and the abandonment of any spiritualism whatsoever. I did embark on a small, brief, spiritual illumination quest after this event in which I delved into religious history, explored alternative religions and spiritualisms, etc. I read various apocryphal works, alternative theories, other canons, etc. But, it wasn't as life changing as one might think.

The second event that I reference was similar but I usually leave it of brief note...

Probably around a year or so after the voice event. I'd guess circa 2003 or 2004. I was going through some of the same inner turmoils (as I reflect now, I realize that I probably internalize way too much.) I wasn't religious at all at the time, aside from reflecting on the voice event and the subsequent research it led me to into religion (probably more worthy of a mention than I am giving it.) But yeah, I decided I was going to pray again one night to clear my head.

Basically, I asked for another event like the voice. Some sign that I wasn't alone and that someone or something out there that I could never understand was there for and with me. It wasn't even a prayer to specific god or religion, it was just a conscious request from some sort of incorporeal being or entity to pat me on the back and tell me things were going to be okay.

I went to sleep that night without any sort of event, but as I left the apartment complex's parking lot that morning and turned onto the main road headed to work, I got right behind a little red car with a Bible verse license plate. I couldn't help but smile at the coincidence, and I looked up the verse when I got to work. Basically, it was another specific answer to the prayer I had made the night before.

I still, to this day, don't pray. I'm not religious at all, other than sometimes pondering my own existence in this reality that we really don't understand. I've felt the need to clear my head from time to time since and usually just close my eyes and meditate or something or whatever you call it when you try to clear your mind. I can't reconcile those two events as just coincidence, but I'm not ready to let them be the definitive "God is real!" moments in my life either. I don't want to use these events to make me feel special or chosen or somehow any different from anyone else. But, they are probably the biggest personal theological stumbling blocks I have encountered in my 34 years.

They aren't the only events that have shaped my current beliefs. In fact, they are probably some of the least influential when you compare them to what I actually believe today. But they were pretty huge events for me on a personal level, and something that I don't know that I can ever come to terms with.

Could you go back over the third part about.....
I keed.
Thanks for sharing man.

#3138934 Do you have any confidence in ATL to beat NO?

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 10:05 AM

Every team in this division is bad and inconsistent

So who really knows

Exactly. The Panthers could win OR lose by 30 this Sun.

#3138863 Saudi Arabia is responsible for global oil war

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 08:56 AM

For full disclosure. Yes. The markets, especially commodities CAN be manipulated.

#3138669 Saudi Arabia is responsible for global oil war

Posted by pstall on 16 December 2014 - 12:47 AM

i wish i was more knowledgable about global economics like some of you guys areā€¦ i can't keep pace in threads like these. do any of you have good consistent info sources where you follow stuff like this?

Here is at least a good start.
Oh. Word salad and commie liberals and ludes man. Lol

#3138421 Why are so many Muslims violent in the modern era?

Posted by pstall on 15 December 2014 - 10:16 PM

Prepping for the apocalypse?


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