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#3255949 FCC's "Net Neutrality" introduced to highly regulate the internet

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 09:54 PM

What's interesting is both google and apple are both for this and both are pushing google wallet and apple pay more and more.
Glad this about showing monopolies whose boss.

#3255833 FCC's "Net Neutrality" introduced to highly regulate the internet

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 08:10 PM

I guess the question is what is this ruling currently fixing?

And are there current websites that are being targeted unfairly or people not having access to?

I mean i can see the potential for isp charging on a tier basis but that model would probably fall on it's own due to consumers.

#3255687 FCC's "Net Neutrality" introduced to highly regulate the internet

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 06:03 PM

People are upset because breitbart and theblaze told them to be.

Those silly independents.

And someone told you that was the reason.
Silly robot.

#3255685 FCC's "Net Neutrality" introduced to highly regulate the internet

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 06:02 PM

This is just a fact free ideological circle jerk at the moment. What taxes and fees does essentially codifying what was pretty much the current practice establish exactly? Is it because you read FCC and regulations and blindly assumed that it constituted a government takeover of the internet?

By the way listening to what mark Cuban has to say about this and taking it seriously is like listening to what a tobacco lobbyist thinks about regulation of his industry. He also needs to learn the difference between a bit and a byte.

The context of peer to peer video etc is why he used bits instead of bytes.

I think you might want to bone up on this subject a little more.

And no i don't think the net goes away. It will be in courts a lot more.

#3255664 Huddle App Is Back Up

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 05:50 PM

I can't post from the app. Which for some may be a dream come true...

#3255463 Jon Stewart tells you what is wrong with all the conservative nut jobs here a...

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 03:28 PM

I think there is something wrong with both conservatives and liberals. It's great to be independent!

Careful with the I word. The robots on both sides get angry and defensive.

#3255238 FCC's "Net Neutrality" introduced to highly regulate the internet

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 12:24 PM

Check out Mark Cubans interview on cnbc today and he breaks this down and the possible unintended consequences.

#3255002 Why do white people complain and argue so much?

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 09:27 AM

Seinfeld ended years ago so the white rage only grows.

Fact: White folks do not argue when you play anything by Arcade Fire.

Under 25 white people you are correct.
Over 30 it can be anything by Elton John or Billy Joel. White people love them some piano.

#3254971 Why do white people complain and argue so much?

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 08:50 AM

He who uses oxygen can make up some drama.

#3254943 With more snow on the way, just a friendly reminder

Posted by pstall on Yesterday, 07:07 AM

We'll call it a half inch and a lot rain here in south Charlotte. Bummer.

Premature accumulation?

#3254763 Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline, leaving it in limbo

Posted by pstall on 25 February 2015 - 10:07 PM


So when you see the pubs freaking out on FoxNews, just remember this little diddy.

The moment you get in congress or the white house it should be mandatory most if not all of your assets go into a blind trust.
What's worse is the total abuse of this at the local level. City council voting for public housing or a road etc all while owning property nearby or somehow benefiting from the approval.

#3254639 Is the huddle mobile web version working on your phones?

Posted by pstall on 25 February 2015 - 08:44 PM

Ok everything is right with the world again.

#3251727 Why is white face acceptable?

Posted by pstall on 23 February 2015 - 08:50 PM

I can personally attest to this.

I went to the redskins game in washington in 2012. I painted my face black with blue eye strips under the eyes. I wore my Cam jersey.

I had no intentions to try and paint my face black and impersonate Cam.

I was approached several times by black redskins fans. They were not happy with me

There's some irony in this somewhere.

#3250331 Wow even WalMart is more in touch with reality than the RNC

Posted by pstall on 23 February 2015 - 01:10 AM

pstall you like to play this puppet master thing whenever ppl occasionally choose to stop ignoring your dumb posts just long enough to mock you but im here to let you know that no one is buying that you were pulling the long con when you posted about calling elementary schools to offer your expert analysis on the looming ebola crisis.

and yes you are an unwitting propagandist; a dupe. you like to post the same old boring status quo bullshit packaged as something profound. you are basically this forum's equivalent to a wolf blitzer/thomas friedman hybrid suffering from a midlife crisis. i have never ever read a pstall post and thought to myself "wow what an interesting, unique perspective on such a pressing topic" because critical thought is forever an afterthought to you.

You're as edgy as Rich Hall.
You have egg on your face for both taking me serious calling a school over Ebola, which was totally mocking someone like you on the expected response of someone like me. You whiffed and swung so hard you fell down.
Then i post one thing about what Isis had admitted too and like a drunk golfer you are trying to hit a ball that isn't even on the tee.
Im not the one whose identity comes from the ever elusive cred given by others.
My only crisis is from laughing so hard at a half witted douche who actually thinks of himself as some champion of message boards. You probably have printed off threads from here and reddit and admired your work or tacked them on your ceiling and wistfully dreamed of meaningful human interaction.
Maybe i went over the line with cinnabon. Im sure good people work there and truth be told they offer a delicious snack on the go. And now they are at Taco Bell for breakfast? Well now somebody is just toying with us.
Sadly you have a severely over inflated view of yourself and I'm sure you get tired of hearing that from people.
Good luck with those phantoms. I'm sure you'll catch one of them one day.

#3248578 Intersteller

Posted by pstall on 21 February 2015 - 01:55 PM

I can't go to movie theaters anymore. Drives me nuts when people check their phones the whole movie, too distracting.

Drives me crazy too.