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In Topic: Kareem Martin has a visit with the panthers

Yesterday, 02:50 PM

No, I think it points more towards cutting CJ next year since his price tag will be large and he is aging.

He's 27, since when is that the age you start talking about someone as aging? Defensive ends play at an elite level well into the early 30s very often. He may be a cap casualty but he'll probably play at a top 10 level for at least 4 or 5 more years barring injury.

In Topic: Rivera says Cam wasn't consulted in WR moves

28 March 2014 - 08:54 AM

I'm not sure what you're talking about. This isn't something new, Cam hasn't had much help his entire career in Carolina. The offense was placed on his back from day one, and he's not been given any help since. The offense has regressed since his second year when Shockey wasn't resigned.

The offense has actually relied less on Cam each year he's been here. 643 attempts passing/running rookie year, 612 in 2012, and 584 in 2013.

In Topic: Cotchery/Underwood > LaFell/Ginn

22 March 2014 - 01:55 PM

Have people already forgotten last offseason? I don't think anyone expected Ginn to be half as productive as he was, he had 2 catches a year ago. Same with Mitchell and even Wharton. I think Gettleman has earned at least one offseason of trust based on how well those moves worked out last offseason.

In Topic: Panthers positional spending (Bill Voth)

20 March 2014 - 11:29 AM

Dang, Voth calling Hardy the elite one out of the group. Truth

We gotta lock the Kracken up and do what we can to decrease CJs cap number. Getting rid of Hardy puts our weakness out front and center and will fully expose our weak secondary. Even if we had an elite secondary, which we have no way of getting one even if we didn't have Hardy's contract, a secondary is not as effective as an elite pass rush...as we witnessed last season. I wish you detractors of Hardy would let this sink in...

I think we can get away with allocating the money between these two for the next couple of seasons because all our receivers will be on rookie contracts. Once we find that upper-echelon WR, we are gonna have to pay him eventually.

Getting DLo and Stewart off the books is gonna make a huge difference because RBs can be found on the cheap nowadays.

Cam and Hardy are our biggest assets. No way we let either of them go without serious compensation in return. Anyone who says different is deluded and needs to rethink their priorities.

We know that we can get away with using rookies and vet-minimum defensive backs with our current front 7. No need to go away from what works. Star and Kuechly will demand big contracts and getting our running backs off the books will help open up that money.

CJ's contract is utterly ridiculous and the single reason why Hardy isn't locked up to a long deal. CJ is still in his prime but will start the downward turn in a couple years. Hardy will remain elite for the next 5 or 6 seasons and it wold be utterly stupid to let Hardy go befo we tried trading CJ first.

Right now we have CJ, Hardy, Kalil, Olsen, Williams, Stewart and Godfrey on big contracts.
Three years from now I'd like to see Hardy, Cam, Star, Luke, an OT and a WR with those big contracts instead. And with rookies under contract including a replacement DE for CJ, a replacement OLB for TD, and a replacement TE for Olsen playing under rookie contracts that will be up for big contracts within the next couple of years.

I left Kalil off because I feel he, ultimately, Will have to be replaced because of his inflated contract and we'll need that money for Cam and a LT.

CJ is only 2 years older than Hardy. He had 11 sacks even after being not 100% the last two months of the season. No one would even be calling Hardy elite if he didn't absolutely explode the last 2 games of the season. Remember Hardy had 7 sacks against the swiss cheese Atlanta line and a rookie Lt.

In Topic: Kuechly & Lotulelei both fell in our lap... it could happen...

19 March 2014 - 12:54 PM

Where is this Moses has a 2nd round grade keep coming from? Most rankings I've seen have him borderline 1st round.

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