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In Topic: LB Shaun Philips cut by Titans

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

With all the needs the team has a patch might be better then a pin hole.


He would start in two weeks.


We are in nickel so often that our 3rd linebacker isn't even really a starter. Blackburn and Klein have only combined for 314 snaps. Kuechly has been on the field for 734 snaps.

In Topic: Looking for gift for beer lover(but only very certain types)

25 November 2014 - 08:47 AM

Looks like going to one of these stores and using your suggestions as a starting point is the way to go. Thanks for the help.

In Topic: Need help with computer ?

22 November 2014 - 03:09 PM

Some youtube videos have issues with audio if you have your audio is setup to play as a surround. Changing it to stereo in my settings has allowed me to hear audio on some videos that I couldn't originally.

In Topic: Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

21 November 2014 - 11:01 AM

It's really 3 things for me

1. First and foremost: Lack of Greg Hardy leaves us with only 1 perennial pass rusher who is in turned shut out of the game with double teams. Horton and Ealy benefit from Johnson being targeted at times, but they aren't talented enough to draw attention themselves. Hardy opens the entire defense up to cause chaos.

2. Close second: The secondary is piss-poor pitiful. They all suck. Norman has shown signs, but he's too inconsistent to say he doesn't suck right now. They aren't very good. It's simple. Now, you can blame the players, their lack of execution, and blatta blah blah. But the fact that this is what the FO has given this coaching staff to work with, the players can't be blamed for being told to start and play. The FO is fully at blame for fielding these players.

3. Third and less important but still worth noting: By and Large, our linebackers are inconsistent in coverage. Great tacklers, great at locating the ball, but the weakness of Luke/TD/Klein is the fact that they collectively are below average in zone and man coverage

Basically, I blame this coaching staff for game management and situational adjustments on both sides of the ball. I do not, however, blame this coaching staff for the defense, the offensive line, or the lack of weaponry on offense.

Essentially, Dave Gettleman takes the majority of the blame for this. These are the players that HE chose to give the coaching staff to work with.

The lack of talent can't be put on the players or the coaches. The players aren't very good, they shouldn't be on this team as the best possible options. Simple as that. But, you can't blame the players for playing and you can't blame the coaches for choosing from what they've got.

Your third point doesn't really hold water. Davis and Kuechly are top ranked at their respective positions in pass coverage. AJ had only been in for 88 pass plays. It's not our linebackers letting us down in coverage, it's everyone else.

In Topic: What sort of rage is unleashed if Olsen isn't retained?

20 November 2014 - 07:55 PM

You need to take off the glasses If you honestly think Olsen is better than JT and JG after the catch. You can't just go off a stat like that because you don't know where on the field those guys caught the ball.

We also run screen plays for Olsen, I'd love for those to start going to Brandon Williams.


So you'll make excuses for other players lack of YAC but Olsen doesn't get the same benefit. Can I get a list of players you'll use logical excuses for and ones you won't? This way I know which players to even bother having a discussion about.

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