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Rarely in life ...

06 January 2015 - 01:44 PM

... do players / teams have the opportunity to shock the sports world.  Do it in a way that leaves everyone dumbfounded and in disbelief.  It is so shocking that every sports talk show in America is covering it on Monday morning (including Mike & Mike).  Panthers haven't had that chance since the SuperBowl when the Patriots used a last minute field goal to secure the victory.  This is their chance again.


Outside of Carolina, nobody thinks they deserve to be in the playoffs.  The majority think the only reason we beat the Cards was due to their QB situation.  Many have referred to the Panthers as the reason why the playoff rules need to be rewritten ... to prevent a lowly team like the Panthers from ever making it in.  Outside of the Carolinas most don't want us there ... or really don't care.  The national television ratings for the Cards / Panthers game was the lowest of all playoff games last weekend.  Now, the kid that nobody likes has to play the golden boy ... the defending SuperBowl champions.  Vegas has us as double-digit underdogs.  Except for Herm, most analysts don't give us a chance.  Practically all the national sports talk is about the other 3 games. 


To all the players that are lurkers on this board (yes, there are some), this is your chance to do something special.  This is your chance to literally shock the sports world.  We believe in you ... you believe in each other ... but nobody else does.  Give everything you have to preparation this week and from kickoff, leave it all on the field.  Seize this opportunity and silence the 12th man.  You may never get another chance like the one you have this weekend. 

Very Early First Two Rounds - 2 OTs?

31 October 2014 - 01:24 PM

Well ... I guess it is never too early to start thinking of next year's draft.  With interesting prospects coming out in positions where we have holes, this could be a stellar draft with day 1 starters ... that assumes there are no more DEs on the board for DG to draft. 


Assuming we draft in the top 10, the following could be on the board for rds 1 & 2.  Who do you take?



OT - Andrus Peat

OT- Cedric Ogbuehi

WR - Amari Cooper

S - Landon Collins




OT - Ereck Flowers

RB - Melvin Gordon

WR - Rashad Greene

CB - Jalen Collins

S - Kurtis Drummond



IMO ... as much as I would love to see Amari in a Panthers uniform across from KB and Collins would give us a presence we haven't had in years, there is no way we skip on grabbing the top OT available.  Its doubtful that DG finds Gross' replacement in free agency again and he will be run out of town if he doesn't address the position.  Scherff is likely gone so its Peat or Ogbuehi.  Honestly, I haven't done a lot of digging on Cedric yet but I like what I have seen from Peat.  RD1 - Peat


RD 2 is a tough one.  Thinking out loud .... Another OT (especially like Flowers) gives us great competition and likely solves the O-line problem as Chandler can go back to OG and compete with Amini and Turner.  Stewart and Williams days are numbered due to their contracts but we can't spend more money on that position and there are plenty of serviceable RBs.  A quality WR, CB or S would provide immediate help.  Cam needs more weapons.  ....  If we don't pickup a decent RT in free agency, I think we have to double-dip and go OT again ... Flowers. 


DG did it with DTs, do you think we double-dip again with OTs?  I know the best player available lecture ... blah, blah blah.  This year, he takes best player available at one of our many needs.



Class Move by the Patriots

06 October 2014 - 12:49 PM

As much as I dislike the Pats, their video tribute supporting pediatric cancer and having the cheerleaders wear Still's jersey in support of his daughter, was pure class.  Kudos to Robert Kraft and the Patriot organization. 


This came from yahoo sports.



Hurst Starting at LT

28 September 2014 - 02:02 PM

Good to get a look at the guy we passed on for 7 rounds.

Ranking the Owners - JR #19

04 May 2014 - 08:42 PM

19. Jerry Richardson, Panthers


You probably didn’t know that Richardson played in the NFL. This is because his career was undistinguished. In two years as a Baltimore Colt, Richardson caught just 15 passes. “Undistinguished” can also be applied to Richardson’s ownership career. In the 21 years (19 seasons) since the Panthers’ founding, there have been only five playoff appearances, and little consistency. Before 2013, the Panthers had won 11 or more games four times. All four times, they won eight or fewer the following season. As a person, Richardson’s humble persona is sometimes belied by surprisingly vicious actions. He infamously fired his own sons before even more infamously insulting Drew Brees and Peyton Manning during 2011’s CBA negotiations. Throughout the talks, Richardson was billed as the “least flexible and most pessimistic” of the owners, and didn’t seem to want to mediate with the union so much as break it. Finally, there’s Richardson’s stadium machinations. Despite Bank of America Stadium’s relative youth, Richardson has already ransomed the fine people of Charlotte for $87.5 million, and a favorable lease. With the team instructed to be sold within two years of Richardson’s death, it’s conceivable it could jump town. Richardson is to be commended for bringing football to the Carolinas, and seemingly doing his best to field a competitive team. But his actions in recent years have suggested that his ego comes before all else.      

By Patrick Daugherty  Rotoworld





Interesting.?.  What is this garbage about the team being sold within 2 years of his death.  That's news to me ... and not very good news.  I wonder how this tidbit hasn't been discussed before, or did I miss it?