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In Topic: Telling stat

Today, 02:28 PM

I just want to seem something physical off of our Oline.  I don't know if it's coaching, talent , schemes, or something else, but we are never physical coming off of the ball on offense.  I don't understand it tbh.  I look at the numbers an we should have a decided advantage running the ball but we don't.  It's been like that for years.


In Topic: Should tackles pass the LOS be counted?

Today, 12:51 PM

It doesn't. Now the offense is in field gold territory.


So a LB should get credit after allowing an 8 yard gains? It's the job of every player on the defense to tackle. If there is no tackling then there is no sport. I can assure you that total tackles have no correlation to wins.



I can assure you that missed tackles has a correlation to wins. See every long run given up this year.


I can assure you that not being in position to make a tackle has a correlation to wins. See Charles Godfrey/Harper


I can assure you are not thinking clearly.  See your OP.

In Topic: Should tackles pass the LOS be counted?

Today, 11:54 AM

3rd and 10, you tackle the guy after a 5 yard gain.  That doesn't help win games?


Guy is running down the field, miss the tackle and he goes to the house, you make it then team gets a turnover on the next play?  Did the tackle not help?


Blitz is called,  DE gets clean release, QB steps up in pocket  completes 80 yard bomb.  DE gets a QB pressure stat, CB gets blamed for allowing the completion.


4th and 10,  LB tackle rb out of the backfield after 8 yards?  That doesn't count?


I could on and on.

In Topic: The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

Today, 09:13 AM

Also again I want to reiterate that Cam has shown he can throw from the pocket.  I've seen one pass in particular, during the Ravens game, that the phrase "thread the needle" wouldn't give it proper justice.  The problem is he is yet to make that his signature.  He's still developing etc.  That concerns me if we are going to give him all that money.  Now look at all the top teams right now....















Most of these teams field a guy who's specialty is passing the ball.  Then you look at teams who are always in the mix....














Again, guys who specialize in the passing game.  Some of them have some athleticism, but you will never hear them talking about read options or design runs.  Cam still lean on these things, and it's still a question if he will eventually be known more for his passing than his running.


Everyone of those teams except the Giants have a waaaaayyyyyyy better Oline than we have.   Our pockets disentergrate regularly.

In Topic: The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

Today, 09:11 AM

There's no question our O-line is bad


Peyton's Oline is far superior.

Rivers Oline is far superior.

Bradys Oline is better

Brees Oline is better

Rodgers Oline even patched up was far superior.

Lucks Oline is tremendous

Russell Wilson Oline is waaayyy better.

Kapernicks Oline is the exact opposite of our Oline (thats a good thing for them)


If Cam has SF O line we wouldn't even be having this discussion. 


Taking away the garbage time/game over runs by Stewart .. we had no running game. 


It all comes back to the line.  Cam is fine when he has a clean pocket,  although yesterday he was a bit off with the high throws (first time this year).

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