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In Topic: Ricky Proehl... WR coaching genius or overrated?

Today, 04:51 AM

this is not reading previous posts..        hes over rated. outs nowhere.. hes the best WR coach in the league..  why? what has he done?   hes a panther myth..


he could be very good.. but to warrant the " prohel is gunnas make this guy a star,,"




who has he develeped??



In Topic: Margaritas

Today, 04:47 AM


In Topic: Margaritas

Today, 04:30 AM

errrr body frunk posting 2 nite!! haha!!



In Topic: Margaritas

Today, 04:28 AM

My wife is also currently enjoying margaritas...

...away from me

...in the company of two men

...while I stay home with the kids.

Hold on, what's happening?


DNA test

In Topic: Bruh! ~ A beer thread

Today, 03:34 AM

So I'm out in SoCal. On my way back to LA this afternoon I stopped into Ballast Point's brewery. Sumabitch their Grapefruit Sculpin IPA is the fuging poo.


well, i guess it sucks being a "salesman".. but at least u get to travel.. my dad grew up in san diego..


huge chargers fan..   padres fan.. hes happy excited about the baseball roster..


aint sayin sales man sucks but the phrase sounds sucky


yu sellin toilets?