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In Topic: Jimmy Fallon - SNF "Superlatives"

Today, 09:10 AM


In Topic: 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Yesterday, 10:59 PM

pay him whatever it takes.

No more

No less

Pay Him

In Topic: You want to get fired up for Sunday night?

Yesterday, 02:43 PM

I made sure 2 seats wont have yellow in them.  


Sec 537

Row 25

Seats 13&14


Gonna bring the noise with the real fans up top! (no offense to our affluent supporters downstairs)

In Topic: Our expansion brethren

Yesterday, 09:33 AM

I have never and will never sell my tickets to an opposing team's fan. In fact, I have never sold them.

I always give them away to true Panther fans when I can't go.

You are a true fan sir! Bravo

In Topic: Our expansion brethren

Yesterday, 09:27 AM

Damn, was hoping more Charlotteans had a sense of integrity and took pride in having an NFL team in their city. It's something that most cities don't have, like mine (Orlando) and even Los Angeles.


Think about that. Charlotte has something the 2nd biggest city in the USA doesn't, and a lot of it's citizens are doing this ticket-selling to get their money back and essentially go for free. Seems smart, right? But then it involves no sacrifice. Those tickets aren't cherished and valued. They don't mean anything anymore, it's just a place to go on a Sunday afternoon. If the Panthers win, hey great. If they lose, oh well at least I essentially got in for free.


No emotional investment in the team. Have I accurately described the wine and cheesers you guys complain about?


To a "T".  

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