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In Topic: It's time for a new busted spleen

Today, 06:47 PM

Y'all done forgot bout Chris Simms

i ain't forgot nothin.

Sims really did bout die that's why I'm for the metaphor.

However haha at jimmy getting plowed by Luke and jones like prime time back in the day. Lol

In Topic: Eisen Says if We Win Out, We're In?

Today, 06:45 PM

Not sure what you mean, he was wondering if we had won the Bengals game instead of tying it.

It's a serious question.

Sorry I know a guy named Bret Weed.

We may have had this convo before now that I think about it.

In Topic: Taking over the Georgia Dome in Week 17 again

Today, 06:43 PM


Lol please. You guys have never taken the Dome, your fans can't even hold serve in your own place. The only team that has taken us over in the past five years were the Steelers and the Packers, two of the biggest fanbases in the league. You guys don't compare. Not to mention the fact, that ATL fans are mostly fair-weather. Since we have a chance to win the division, tons of our fans WILL be there.

All that being fact, and you guys thank you have a chance to take us over?


Get outta here with that weakness, Huddle.

I was hoping for a tool-bag this Christmas.

I see it got here early.

In Topic: Taking over the Georgia Dome in Week 17 again

Today, 06:40 PM

Me and the fam bought tix as soon as it hit 0:00

In Topic: Jim-meh is pissed

Today, 06:38 PM

Fug Detroit.

But fug Chicago too.

Ah, well, fug pickles.

I don't even know anymore.

Fug em all.

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