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In Topic: Kemba

Yesterday, 10:56 PM

I think he's a bottom third starting PG in the league. I like his attitude and effort, but he would be better suited to a 6th man role.

Paid on top ten.

In Topic: Magic (5-8) @ Hornets (4-8)

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

We should trade this years point guard for last years..... Kemba for McBob

Seriously, this loss was a lot about where did the defense go from last year. Not that it helps that the starting back court jacks up bad shot after bad shot.

In Topic: Magic (5-8) @ Hornets (4-8)

Yesterday, 09:33 PM

Elfred Payton..showing up Kemba....you cannot keep defending this type of performance game after game.

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But the huddle will.

In Topic: UNC Academic Scandal

Yesterday, 06:09 PM

Wainstein report cost NC taxpayers 3.1 million dollars.

Should be docked out of Roy and Butch's pay.

In Topic: Winthrop upsets Clemson...

18 November 2014 - 09:50 AM

Pat Kelsey is a legit coach.  He might carry on what Skip Prosser was able to do at the collegiate level.

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