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In Topic: LA Riots of 2015.... Time to call Al Sharpton and Jesse... Video is NSFW

Today, 01:33 AM

Doesn't matter if you are blue, green, black, yellow, white, brown. Bottom line is if you reach for a cop's gun while resisting arrest say goodnight.

In Topic: Top 5 favorite movies

Today, 01:21 AM

The Ninth Gate
The Prestige
The Matrix

Too many to name.

In Topic: I met a stripper on Friday ...

Today, 12:21 AM


In Topic: Important new study from the National Chicken Council

Yesterday, 11:52 PM

I take full responsibility for this.

In Topic: Report: Andre Johnson will be released if Texans can’t find trade partner

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

No no no no no.... NO!