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In Topic: If you want to see how the game should be played (Broncos vs. Colts)

07 September 2014 - 09:05 PM


In Topic: What does it mean?!

29 August 2014 - 09:57 AM

"see the forest for the trees"  - to see the big picture, or the broader, more general situation.

In Topic: Joint Practices.

25 August 2014 - 12:19 PM

Practice? We talkin about practice? 


Not even a preseason game, we sitting here talking about practice. 






sorry had to do it...

In Topic: I met Kony Ealy today

12 August 2014 - 04:18 PM

This was like reading a children's story and I mean that as a compliment. The pure joy, anticipation and excitement you expressed throughout the story had me hooked.


Awesome stuff man, don't ever grow up, it only gets worse  :)

In Topic: ESPN Insider ranks Panthers OL the worst in the NFL

12 August 2014 - 02:39 PM

Preseason rankings are pretty worthless, but honestly, most of us have been working under the assumption that we do in fact have the weakest OL in the league on paper.


exactly, right now the facts don't lie but I think our O-line is going to be fine. Doubt they'll be dominate but they'll be respectable and won't be as weak as advertised. They've been hearing this all offseason and only will grow and get better with time barring any injuries. 

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