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Ron Rivera - Locker Room speech - Intense/Not satisfied

08 September 2014 - 04:05 PM

Just saw this posted on the Carolina Panthers facebook page.


Ron Rivera just seems so intense this year and this speech is a great example of it. He was very serious and focused on the sidelines yesterday, didn't show much emotion. I think he's got a new fire in his belly this year and I like it. See video below. 



Newton-Benjamin relationship tight already

08 August 2014 - 07:40 AM

Nothing that we probably don't know but a nice fluff piece from David Newton. Quoted a few of the good stuff from it. Link below. 






That's the image I got recently as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and rookie wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin sat across from each other at lunch. Nobody else was at the table. They were so engaged in conversation it was like nobody else in the noisy room existed. 

It's the same way during practice. They're almost always side by side during stretching. They're often side by side when the second, third and fourth teams are running drills. 

"I've only got one beef with Benji, and he knows it and I'm pretty sure y'all know it," said Newton, referring to Benjamin catching the winning touchdown for Florida State in this past year's BCS National Championship against his beloved Auburn. 

"I'm telling you, we've got that unique relationship that we hold each other to a standard,'' Newton said. "It's funny that when we first started talking, I didn't know Kelvin Benjamin from ... doggone Ronald McDonald." 

As Newton described the conversation, he tried to imitate Benjamin's voice that is a few octaves higher than his. He recalled that Benjamin phoned not only to introduce himself, but to say the NFL was "tripping" because it wouldn't let him have the No. 1 jersey he wore at FSU. 

"I said, 'Well, you've got two problems,'" said Newton, who wears No. 1. "First, you've got the league to worry about to get No. 1 and you've got me to worry about to get No. 1.'" 

"He's my little big brother," Newton said. "And for so many reasons, I'm helping him and he's helping me. I'm trying to tell him, 'Look, I know what you're about to go through. This is the best time in your life. Appreciate it. When you come out on this field, love it .... God has blessed you with having physical specimen-like features, and shame on you if you don't use those to the best of your ability.'" 


Undrafted Rookie signings

12 May 2014 - 12:44 PM

LBDenicos Allen Michigan State

WRPhilly Brown  Ohio State

CBCarrington Byndom   Texas


LBAdarius Glanton   Florida Atlantic

WRMarcus Lucas     Missouri

GAndrew Norwell   Ohio State

RBDarrin Reaves   Alabama-Birmingham

DTShaq Rowell    West Virginia

CJared Wheeler    Miami


Undrafted Rookie signings

12 May 2014 - 12:41 PM

Didn't see a topic on this...here are the ones we signed. 




Pos Name Ht Wt Age College Hometown LB Denicos Allen 5-11 218 23 Michigan State Hamilton, Ohio WR Philly Brown 6-0 190 22 Ohio State Springfield, Pa. CB Carrington Byndom 6-0 180 21 Texas Lufkin, Texas LB Adarius Glanton 6-1 215 23 Florida Atlantic Lakeland, Fla. WR Marcus Lucas 6-5 220 22 Missouri Liberty, Mo. G Andrew Norwell 6-6 316 22 Ohio State Cincinnati, Ohio RB Darrin Reaves 5-10 210 21 Alabama-Birmingham Pinson, Ala. DT Shaq Rowell 6-4 305 24 West Virginia Cleveland, Ohio C Jared Wheeler 6-5 319 22 Miami (Fla.) Plantation, Fla.


Seahawks lock up Sherman - 4yrs - 57mil, 40mil guaranteed

07 May 2014 - 01:06 PM







Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman has signed a four-year contract extension worth $57.4 million, a deal that reportedly makes him the NFL's highest-paid cornerback.