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In Topic: Strickland & Henson's take on the tightening bond between G-man &...

16 January 2015 - 11:07 AM

Honestly I think the last two seasons have been duct tape and dollar store, when Smitty was cut it was a signal that although we didn't have the cash- Getts was going to work on chemistry even if didn't save cap space. The secondary was a mid season surprise that only came because we had some young players willing to be trained by the coaching staff. The Ol is another surprise... 


I'm not a fan of Shula but how do you tell if an OC is any good with a crap OL and QB that was hurt and still learning his trade? If he is gone, it's fine with me.


Rivera has done a good job in keeping the locker room engaged in an awful season and managed to be in position for a gift playoff game. i like Rivera's style, even with some rookie mistakes, he doesn't get high to or too low and the players ( and apparently the rookies) respond well. Ditka said that he knew where every player was supposed to be on every play as a Bear and although he didn't say much, the other players listened to him.


I'm looking forward to the next couple of years with Getts/Rivera, it will be a slow climb but I like the trajectory we are on now...looking forward to some home playoff games in the coming years. 

In Topic: What does Gettleman do about Cam

12 January 2015 - 05:32 PM

Gettlemen will not pay Cam a ton of cash because losing teams would. 


Funny when people get all emotional about this--I assure you, Gettlemen won't.  Cam will get a fair deal.  He has not played well enough to dictate what the amount will be and hold DG in checkmate.  Gettlemen has options, and will consider all of them.  That is why he did not give Hardy a big deal (and drafted Ealy) and sent Smitty packing.  Call it dumb if you want, but you are not trying to get this team out of Cap Hell.  He will offer Cam a fair deal, guaranteed money based on his performance and incentives (unguaranteed) based on his potential upside. 


Nothing that Gettlemen has done leads me to believe that Cam is in control of the situation.  We are in the same situation the Niners were in with Kaepernick, the Bengals with Dalton, and the Ravens with Flacco.  Flacco got a big deal in terms of guaranteed money, but the other 2 were incentive-laden deals.  Since Flacco has been money in the playoffs, has a ring, and is a top 10 (statistically) rated QB, he got guaranteed $$.  The others were not, but wanted a big contract, so they got one that is not predominately guaranteed.  Cam is in the Kaepernick/Dalton category. 


I agree with all of this, it all depends what Cam wants...Money or making the playoffs. Makes sense to offer him an incentive laden contract and let him earn his cash with a team that essentially, rebuilt itself in the middle of the 2014 season but unlike some other teams that will offer more guaranteed money-  haven't sniffed the playoff game in a while-there are worse O lines out there.


another point is that Cam is taking hits, some of it is the O line's fault and some is his style and its going to be a concern for a many teams that could offer more cash.


I really think the Getts made some moves for Cam this year ( shipping Smitty out...if the intention was to give him the locker room) and although it was a very tough year on Cam, Getts will offer a Daulton like contract ( like MH said- Some guaranteed money plus signing and other caveats but around $9M cap hit a year). He already has some working parks like KB/Olsen and where will find a D like this?


I think he does take it because it is his team and we have made around the corner in rebuilding process. besides- what other teams have a MFCEO and board like this?

In Topic: Lack of talent around Cam is showing

12 January 2015 - 10:33 AM

How do you know you're an attention ***** posing as an everyday douchebag?

Answer: When you have to quote your own posts and comment on them because nobody else gave a f**k.

Congrats....pick up your Summer Eve on the way out.


Thank god you were here to quote me... talk about self absorbed trolling losers.


It's great when people like you quote someone to say that that no one gives a poo- do understand how fugging funny that is?


Please quote this some more or maybe offer a real thought once in while...

In Topic: Something nobody has talked about.

12 January 2015 - 08:19 AM


In Topic: Lack of talent around Cam is showing

11 January 2015 - 07:15 AM

you didn't pull Cam and now it's over...


I was experiencing a classic Delhomme affect...

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