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In Topic: Room to Run

Today, 04:22 PM

he did a great job of falling on the fumble caused by the man he was supposed to be blocking.

yea he got burnt on that play, but can we really expect him to never give up a pass rush all of a sudden now? even the best tackles get beat every now and again. im not sure what the expectation levels here have gotten to, i didnt say we should lock him up for 5 more years or anything.

In Topic: Who's better than Norman?

Today, 04:18 PM

there are so many variable including front end and back end help that can make a corner better or worse than they are. now we have solidified the safety position and the front four are playing well, Norman is playing better. All those guys listed have good safeties and pass rushers so of course they are the top guys right now.

In Topic: Julio Jones - the problem child

Today, 02:07 PM

our dline will be the difference, they are playing hot right now with CJ and KK ballin out. 

In Topic: Superman Returns

Today, 11:21 AM

i have missed like hell the first down celebrations. glad to see they are back along with a nice hop in his step. we might just be a dangerous team right now.

In Topic: Anyone want to eat their crow?

Today, 11:14 AM

oh goodness. you let the Raidas eliminate you.

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