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In Topic: MedellinHeel needs to step up this year

Today, 11:05 AM

No debate about Cam could be brought to the huddle you know.

I think this thread is fair. A nobody calling out another nobody, who had the audacity to call out somebody.

In Topic: David Gettleman draft Recap on WFNZ.

Today, 10:21 AM

I don't get what you're trying to say here.

He chose Shaq because he was the best player on his board.

It is hypothetically speaking to have said, IF Shaq was available for Dallas at 27, they would have chosen him.

In Topic: David Gettleman draft Recap on WFNZ.

Today, 09:48 AM

He also confirmed that Dallas would've taken Shaq at #27

But he said he didn't want to speak of hypotheticals

In Topic: Cam needs to step up this year

Today, 09:39 AM

Very insightful thread. Maybe OP should consider stepping up his thread creating game.

In Topic: Nickname for the Funchess and Benjamin duo

Yesterday, 07:57 AM

too unoriginal...even before 9/11, every time a team gets two huge bigs to pair together (most often in basketball), they have people going "Hurrr Twin Towers!" It never sticks because it is too unoriginal, like "Thunder and Lightning"

and after 9/11, "Twin Towers" evokes memories of one of the greatest tragedies in America history

A nickname thread is not worthy of such explanation