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In Topic: Now That We've Won, Let's Collectively Marvel At Norman's Incred...

Today, 12:48 PM

Anyone mention how that was 6 for Cleveland if Hoyer didn't have to double clutch his throw? Not trying to be a negative nancy here, great recovery by Norman, but he was beat and beat well up the sideline. One of the lineman got his hands up in Hoyer's face and he had to pump and throw. Check it out:


Nobody is talking about how wide open he was. It's insane. We're lucky he underthrew.

In Topic: About KK Short Sack....

Today, 07:03 AM

The wife wanted to know if that was legal? "He can't just fall on a player like that can he"? She's so adorable.

You can't drive a guy into the ground,this was close.

In Topic: Most NFL media people are predicting Panthers/Falcons will be flexed to SNF

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

I figure it would be Lions/Packers. 

In Topic: Stewart...

Yesterday, 08:41 PM

Play Stewart for the 1st half and if we're up by two scores then you can put D-Will in. 

In Topic: Panthers players nickname Luke

Yesterday, 07:11 PM

Toots McGoots?

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