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Star Wars Books

02 July 2014 - 06:41 PM

Going on a long drive soon and would like to pick up a book to start reading, any suggestions on what to pick up or start?

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Soccer Experience

01 June 2014 - 10:19 PM

Since we had a section on here about favorite team etc. Figured we could talk about if we played around here locally and might be surprised who knows who etc....

Positions Played: Goalkeeper, LB, CB(Stopper), SW
Teams/Associations:CSA(Cabaruss Soccer Association now FCCA), played in Challenge, then Premiere League for them. Played for North Meck soccer association as well but only for a year when I was a senior in H.S.

Tried out for NC ODP (olympic development team) never made it but my younger sister (hate to admit it but got farther than I did in soccer) made it easily and plays in college now)

Frank Wagner (I think was his name) use to do huge soccer camps in the charlotte/nc area he was a "trainer/assistant coach" for a few years but later found out hw was arrested up in NY for child molestation

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Morgan Moses & Jeff Otah

06 May 2014 - 11:19 PM

Just wondering and hopefully someone can enlighten me....

We drafted Jeff Otah with the 19th pick in 2008, a pick that we even traded up to draft, he was a "road grader" known for his run blocking and potential ability to grow into a very dependable tackle for years to come. Everyone knows how that ended up but I dont really remember people on this board saying he was a reach or analyst saying he was a reach for the pick.

In my eyes (havent watched any games with Morgan except when he has played the Hokies) they are both built as similiar players

Morgan Moses
6'6" 314lbs (listed but I dunno if that's accurate)
5.33 40-yard dash
35" arm length

Jeff Otah
6'6" 330lbs
5.55 40-yard dash
(Cant find his arm length anywhere)

Whats different this year with the 28th pick compared to trading up and picking even earlier for a player of similiar build. Would most people not be happy for a player that was like Jeff but lasted in the leauge and was still playing for us?

Anyways look forward to Thursday because its going to be exciting.

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QB Brewer Transfers to VT

02 March 2014 - 02:58 PM



Sorry on mobile or I'd make it more user friendly....

Anyone know anything about the kid? Im a hokie fan but was concerned with Logan leaving this year.

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Which Offense do you want?

13 January 2014 - 08:45 PM

2013 Carolina Panthers?

Offense lead by Mike Shula....
22.9 Pts a game (18th)
316.8 Yards a game (26th)
190.2 Pass Yards a game (29th)
126.6 Rush Yards a game (11th)
1st in NFC South with a record of 12-4

2008 Carolina Panthers?

Offense lead by Jeff Davidson....
25.9 Pts a game (7th)
349.7 Yards a Game (10th)
197.4 Pass Yards a game (19th)
152.3 Rush Yards a game (3rd)
1st in NFC South with a record of 12-4

Did the 2013 Carolina Panthers over achieve on offense though out the year? I remember this board being ecstatic when Jeff Davidson wasn't our O-Cord any more. It was said he didn't get along with Steve Smith, and ran a very boring, predictable offense.

What do y'all think? Keep with the status quo and keep Mike for another year and hope for a marginal increase in performance? Get him more weapons? I would say that both teams were very similar with talent overall.

QB- Jake
RB- Deangelo, Stewart
FB- Brad Hoover
WR- Smith, Moose, Hackett, Jarrett
TE- King, Rosario
LT- Gross
LG- Wharton
C- Kalil
RG- Hangman/Bridges
RT- Otah

QB- Cam
RB- Deangelo, Stewart
FB- Tolbert
WR- Smith, Lafell, Ginn, Hixon
TE- Olsen, Hartstock
LT- Gross
LG- Wharton
C- Kalil
RG- Scott/Chandler
RT- Bell

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