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Micheal Jordan Has Just Become a Millionaire

12 June 2014 - 06:06 PM

he got dat dough bro



oops I mean to had said billionaire. don't know how to edit title bro



aint makin no more threads bro

In the Spirit of Wrastlin Season

08 April 2014 - 11:11 PM

Here is the most extreme wrastlin match ever

edit: well apparently something is wrong and it want let me post the video. Below I did something with the app on my phone and you may be able to watch that video. I suck at technology. Just enjoy the video. It's so extreme

Why is Everyone Complaining Over Everything We do or Don't Do?

12 March 2014 - 06:00 PM

We have kept our great young core of players. We are only fixing our weakest positions, while also fixing our cap hell our former GM, not our current one, put us in. We have arguably the best defensive front 7 still, we have one of the best, most dynamic QBs in the league, who is just now starting to come into his prime, still. While it is sad the day has come that players like Smith and Gross, will no longer play with the Panther, players can't play forever. Tough decisions have to be made on certain player some times to better the team as a whole for the future. Gettleman was put in a tough spot by Hurney. Hurney made the mess, not Gettlman. Gettleman has to clean it up, before he can really do much himself. We have absolutely nothing to be complaining about right. It is only the second day of the NFL season. We still have the draft and a long ways to go before the season. Everything will be okay. Just relax.

My Girlfriend Got forcefully Molested and had Her Toes Sucked My a Midget in front of a...

11 January 2014 - 10:45 PM

So last night my beautiful girlfriend and I decided to go to the extreme midget wrestling at Amos' Southend. We had never been before. It was pretty funny and everything was cool. Well at intermission they wanted 8 girls to come to the ring from the crowd for a dance competition. She went because she didn't realize what was going to happen and thought she would win some cool prizes. Well when they first got up there the midget lined up the girls in order from his least favorite to his favorite. Mine was his favorite. So the 8 girls gave the midgets lap dances. When mine got up there the little fella told her what to do. So she did and the crowd went wild. All the old dudes were throwing dollar bills in the ring. So the crowd had to pick the winner and of course they picked my girl. So the prize was basically the midget got to do whatever he wanted to her. He said he was going to "suck her big titties" but he threw her all around and was very rough with her. I could tell by the look on her face she was terrified and was about to pass out. She was just raped by her pastor at church a little while back and that was all I could think about. So I was about to go to the ring and lay the people's elbow on that midget. She was wearing tights and he threw her on her back on the ring and pinned her legs behind her head and showed everyone her vagina. He also rubbed his fat black midget ass in her face. As she was struggling to get away. then he threw her in a chair and sucked her toes. Afterwards he told her that he wanted to take her into the dressing room for "private pics" and to fug around. He kept trying to get her number. And was telling everyone over the mic that he was going to fug her. She was crying  up there and he just kept getting more rough. She was physically hurt, embarrassed and upset afterwards. I felt really bad but I tried to stop her before she ran up there. So it was a very interesting night. Thought I'd share my story.

What is your weirdest medical condition?

16 December 2013 - 07:01 PM

What is the weirdest medical condition or crazy injury you have or have had?

I have these large black mounds growing on my body oozing a black puss that hurt really bad. Idk what the hell they are but don't care enough to get it checked out

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