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In Topic: They have nothin. Again.

Today, 07:05 PM

Your dumb assery has found a new low. Keep diggin

In Topic: They have nothin. Again.

Today, 05:50 PM

Well that's a fail. I mean that's like a G5 level fail. Do you need me to explain what "quote some posts from me" means?


Either you do, or are just covering up your embarrassing inability to think through things before saying them.


So linking your post doesn't cut it.... hrm.... speaking of fail

In Topic: Understanding Immigration reform

Today, 04:32 PM

It's a pretty speech.  It would be amenable were it not for his administration's history of not being forthright and the litany of things he failed to mention.

In Topic: They have nothin. Again.

Today, 04:20 PM

Really? Well here is your chance to show everyone how intelligent and observant you are. Please feel free to quote some posts from me where I invoke Pelosi.


This would be the latest that you took directly from her (along with everyone else on the left)




In Topic: They have nothin. Again.

Today, 01:10 PM

Hey at least you got to mention Pelosi in a completely unrelated thread and that's something

Invoking pelosi is your job. Sorry to step on toes there.

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