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In Topic: NCSU Football in 2014 - should I even try to watch?

26 August 2014 - 11:12 AM

- Resources mean nothing without proper leadership and coaching... maybe you should read Tony Dungy's book and get back to me. Since Fedora got to UNC he's been successful. Two years ago we would have been Coastal champs if it wasn't for the sanctions and last year was an abnormality due to Renner's injury and we still managed to thrash the mighty Bearcats of the AAC. Also look at the conference, there is always one very good team in the ACC year after year (FSU, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech, and this year Duke). The competition is tough so saying that UNC has failed is flat out wrong. If that's the case than Arkansas by all standards is just as bad as UNC based on your silly standard of failure.

- Oh boy lol... In what world is ECU better than UNC? You are taking an utterly small sample size. Year in and year out UNC is better than ECU. How many times to I have to repeat it... ECU has beaten Carolina twice in 14 years... TWICE. Try reading my post instead of acting like a complete fool.

- Oh really no one cares about money and draft picks? Then why is the main reason of college football to produce revenue for the school? Maybe YOU don't care about money because you aren't intellectual enough to understand the business side of football but trust me, others care.

- How many times do I have to say it, Carolina has beaten ECU so many times that it's not even funny. We're bound to drop a game from time to time and I literally don't care who your team is led by because at the end of the day, the winner isn't decided by who was 4* recruit and who was a walk-on. It's decided by preparation, game-plan, and execution.

- You're right it's not like one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history went to UNC or one of the best centers etc... let's only mention quarterback and running back so it looks like I know what I'm talking about when I'm actually making a fool out of myself.

You legit might be the most biased and possibly the most uninformed poster in this section and that is saying something.

The mighty Bearcats? I mean they finished 3rd. They had a good season, and UNC beat a good team but mighty? That's uninformed.

Where the hell did I say money doesn't matter?! What I meant was when talking about the products on the field currently, talking about money and the NFL Draft are irrelevant. Money is ALL that matters especially to conferences and the media! I said that's it's pretty f'ing sad how poor of a football program UNC has in SPITE of all of their financial resources. They aren't Indiana, they aren't Kentucky, but it's underwhelming. UNC has a fanbase that doesn't care about football, and the results on the field are just..meh. I mean they had a good run with Butch Davis, and before that a good run with Mack, and a slightly good run with Dick Crum, but we're talking very short intervals. UNC has an inconsistent and very dissapointing program for its fans. And my point about the money is, that yes they are a class above ECU from a financial standpoint, a standpoint of facilities, a historical standpoint, etc. That is at the end of the day ALL that matters. BUT, at this current (and re-read my post I said CURRENTLY) ECU has a BETTER on the field product than UNC does. Until I see UNC defeat East Carolina this season I will not be convinced otherwise, and I firmly believe that it will under no circumstances happen.

And no, NFL draft picks really don't matter that much and if they did Rutgers would be a mighty power multi time national champion but instead they are too historically underwhelming. And as far as bringing up Garrard and CJ2k, THAT WAS THE POINT. I brought them up sarcastically, because that sh*t DOES NOT MATTER.

You need to really, really improve your reading comprehension man.

In Topic: NCSU Football in 2014 - should I even try to watch?

25 August 2014 - 05:41 PM

- By technicality ODU was in the CUSA last year but they had to sit out a season (couldn't compete in FCS Playoffs) but I actually saw them play live last year and they had the CUSA emblem on their field. Not to mention they played a very comparable schedule to a CUSA team.

- Also I believe at least four if those schools weren't even in the CUSA when ECU won it's two championships (which is what fueled my comment).

- The teams aren't knew but the faces and competition is. That Cinncy team is not the same Cinncy team from its' CUSA today's.

My comment wasn't meant to diminish what ECU has done it was to get idiots that are placing their mid-major teams at the same level as these (former) BCS teams.

Not to mention why would you talk poo about a team that you have beaten TWICE in14 years.... Yeah, that's intelligent.



Oh boy not you again. For the LAST time. The point is not comparing East Carolina to an ACC School. My point when bashing UNC is that, and read it slowly if you have to because we've talked about this before, their accomplishments when compared to their resources are flat out dissapointing. As an ACC program that has all of the stroke and the money in the state, UNC flat out sucks by all power program standards. No modern day conference championships to talk about, no BCS bowls, academic misconduct. It's a complete disaster and nothing has come of it.


And what's worse? This school you've been bashing currently has a better team, and embarrassed UNC out of their own building last year. Of course they should be better than ECU, but unfortunately right now they just flat out aren't. And they can't beat a team headlined by a 2* QB and a walk on WR.


So you, just like every other UNC fan, are just making moot points. They aren't arguments because no one cares how much more money UNC has or how many more players UNC has in the NFL (which I admit is a f*cking hilarious argument). Hey, how many UNC Quarterbacks have gone to Pro Bowls? How many UNC running backs have had 2000 yard rushing seasons? I mean come on dude you're about as smart as the other guy.

In Topic: Notable OL Cuts

25 August 2014 - 01:03 PM

Max Starks is in the conversation at least once a year. Justice would at the very least give us experienced T depth

In Topic: NCSU Football in 2014 - should I even try to watch?

25 August 2014 - 12:42 PM

Conference championships, bowl games, games vs top 25 opponents.


UNC is taking all these 4 & 5 star recruits and whimpering their way to mediocrity every single season.  ECU is taking 2 & 3 star recruits, and walk-on's, and beating the crap out of ACC teams, EARNING their way into the top 25 when they do crack the list, and actually having championship trophies in the case.


ECU doesn't even have a TINY percentage of the $$$, recruits, or exposure that UNC & NC State have... yet we can blow both of you out in your stadiums in the same season.  We can compete at the highest level and beat teams like VT, WVU, Miami, USC, Boise State, NC State, UNC, etc. 


If only all that talent we hear about EVERY SINGLE YEAR (pre-season) at UNC would ever materialize... man, you'd think we'd have an Alabama on our hands.  But nope.  It's the same every year, and for some reason, the Holes are ranked in the pre-season every year.  Some pundits never learn.


I haven't heard it put better.

In Topic: Cam not playing Thurs, has rib injury

24 August 2014 - 04:15 PM

didn't romo play with broken ribs a year or 2 ago? I think cam can go with a hairline fracture


Romo's damaged goods now...can't remember the last time he played a full 16. It's just not a trend I'd like to start with Cam at the age of 25

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