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Do you work for the Secret Service?

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I'm not at liberty to disclose that information

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I'm amused that you find offenses that helped get us to 12-4 records unsustainable. We lost to Arizona in the playoffs because Jake threw 50 picks. We lost to SF for multiple reasons, failure to execute at the goal line, the D being overhyped giving away silly penalties, helping the enemy sustain drives and basically capitulating right at the end of the first half. The #2 ranked D disappeared in the second half altogether.


If its Shula's play calling you have issues with say so, but that isn't what you said. You mentioned their lack of plays and drives and I provided evidence of a team having even less but also executing and excelling. SD were also a very good running team and actually led the league in TOP per drive, so while Rivers made big plays and their passing game was certainly more effective than ours they still remained balanced. That we can agree on, I'm all about balance. The Panthers were also ranked 3rd in plays per drive, SD were 1st.


The D was also not "constantly" in bad situations. The only bad situation I can think of off the top of my head was the Giants game where we threw a pick in our own 20 and held them to a missed FG after a TD was called back. The D ranked 4th in the league in starting position per drive so no, the stats suggest the O and Special teams did a good job of avoiding putting them in a bad position. Then of course you have the O's TOP stats that clearly also limited the time they spent out there. The O was ranked 2nd in TOP per drive, the D was ranked 16th. Plus, I didn't say "never" either, I said very rarely and I stand by that. I'm sure there are others, the SF pick sticks out at midfield but I could have sworn I saw holding on that play.


I'd be shocked to see a radically different approach in 2014. Cotchery and Avant are possession receivers and Benjamin is more of a red zone threat than a burner. We're not exactly built to be launching it down the field, I expect more steady eddie I'm afraid. The only legitimate speed guy is a WR Tampa let walk.


My original post:



If the playcalling doesn't improve though, folks...we're f*cked. After the scripted first drives, Shula's situational and red zone play calling last season was a monstrosity.

I have issues with our lack of down the field passing. That's what I've said constantly throughout the thread. That's my problem. Our problem is the lack of effective playcalling in the passing game, but also AND especially in the red zone. The only situation that Shula has succeeded in is the 2 minute drill, which is admirable. We're saying very similar things, but you didn't see my original post that got us to the point where you started the conversation with me.


I say that our offense is unsustainable in a different sense than SUSTAINING drives in specific games. I mean unsustainable in a broader sense, I don't think that it's an offense that can get us to the NFC Championship.


This isn't due to talent, it's due to the fact that although defense and not turning over the ball does win championships, you have to make plays down the field and score touchdowns in the red zone against good teams. The most glaring and angering example of that is against New Orleans in the Superdome on Sunday Night. Also, Seattle is a ball control offense, but they won a championship because they were consistently able to throw the ball down the field when they needed to, especially out of play action. It wasn't their go to, but they could and did do it. San Francisco can't get out of the conference playoffs because Kaepernick and previously Alex Smith couldn't deliver the ball 25 yards down the middle and on a streak down the sideline efficiently. Cam can, and those are things that we did not do even though I think we are more than able to do. Our offense needs to vary in that sense.


My words were misconstrued to you because you caught a post that I was directing at someone else. I didn't want to go into time of possession or plays per drive because I never said those were our problems. Our problems, in my opinion, are playcalling in the passing game, but also playcalling and execution in the red zone.


I really don't think we disagree very much, but I will reiterate that I don't think our offensive scheme won us the majority of those 12 games. I think that our defense and our 2 minute drill offense and of course the D won us 12 games.


EDIT: This post is way too long, but I also want to address 2 other things. First, when I say "we put our defense in bad positions", I'm referencing the fact that WE don't score enough, and we consistently put the defense in a position of having to win a game 9-6, in other words, a single touchdown will lose us the game. It's a very tough position for them. Also, when I referenced the 08 season, I firmly believe that our offensive scheme was unsustainable and easy to defend from a passing standpoint, and we were playing - in the playoffs - a Kurt Warner led offensive juggernaut. Jake was forced to have to sling the ball around when our run game didn't work after that 1st drive and our playbook wasn't built that way. Jake couldn't sling it anymore. It wasn't sustainable.

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If it's an internet message board ypu probably shouldn't worry about it.



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Such anger. I feel for those close to you.


You provoked me with your urban dictionary nonsense...what's a man to do just sit idley by and take such abuse?

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