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In Topic: Can you relate?

Yesterday, 11:27 AM

They're going to be a better team when Glennon starts playing. Not good, but better.

In Topic: UNC @ ECU

Yesterday, 12:20 AM

This game will be close. And it's going to be two talented football teams giving it their all. No doubt about that at all.


I predict a 6 point game. I think this one is going to be a tough one to watch for the fans of both sides, but those that don't cheer for the Pirates or the Heels are really, really going to enjoy it.

In Topic: 2014 College Football Season

16 September 2014 - 11:41 AM

I was asking for your top 25, not someone else's, and there is nothing positive about losing by 24 points unless you are The Citadel against FSU or something and you never planned on competing in the first place.


Haha wait a minute now, we were comparing 2 games and teams here, not a general discussion. If I'm 9th in the country and I lose by 24 to a fellow SEC member that's also ranked, follow it up with a 10 point win against a good football team, and then beat Georgia, OF COURSE I'm worthy of a Top 25 ranking each of those 3 weeks.


Of course Week 1 isn't how they'd want to start the season nor is it a positive, but this is a comparison.


If I'm UNC, finished last season 7-6 and start with a 23 ranking, that's suspect from Day 1. This is where I'm with you on rankings this early (especially preseason rankings). Now, when I'm suspect from the beginning and start out by giving up 30 points to Liberty, that's not a notch in the belt by any means. Going back to your previous statement, there is nothing positive about having a defense give up 30 points to an FCS team unless you too are an FCS team. Follow that with what really was an escape win against SDSU, and are we really talking about a Top 25 team? They shouldn't have been ranked, but they were and that's ok. Now they aren't, and that's also ok.


My point being, I'd rather have USC's 2-1 situation right now than UNC's 2-0 situation if I'm ONLY looking at what's getting me and keeping me in the top 25. Opponents are tougher and the loss is more understandable. If you disagree, that's fine. It's still early and like I said, UNC will figure out how good they are this Saturday.


If you really want my top 25, fine


1. Oregon

2. Texas A&M

3. Florida State

4. Oklahoma

5. Alabama

6. Auburn

7. Baylor

8. LSU

9. Notre Dame

10. South Carolina

11. Georgia

12. Ole Miss

13. Michigan State

14. UCLA

15. Stanford

16. Arizona State

17. Missouri

18. BYU

19. Wisconsin

20. Clemson

21. Kansas State

22. Ohio State

23. Oklahoma State

24. USC

25. Nebraska

In Topic: 2014 College Football Season

16 September 2014 - 10:16 AM

I was asking exactly what I said I was asking.  Who are the Top 25 teams?


You were using UNC's games as evidence they were not a top 25 team and I brought up Clemson and Nebraska of examples of teams ranked ahead of UNC that have also not performed at times.  I do not understand trying to put a positive spin on a twenty-four point loss whlie at the same point putting a negative spin on UNC's twenty-seven point win.  Also, I do not find putting up 70 on an FCS team impressive.  Nothing about FCS an FCS game bolsters a team's resume in my opinion.  Unless you almost lose (or do lose) like Nebraska then those games mean nothing to me.


I am not saying any of them do or do not deserve to be in the Top 25.  I think it is idiotic to have the polls so early, we have so little to judge them on.  But you seems very sure of who is not a top twenty-five team so I am curious as to who the top twenty-five teams are.


It's because of who they played. That's why I can put a positive spin on a 24 point loss and a negative spin on a 27 point win on Liberty when UNC allows them to put up 30 points. That is unacceptable. Quite frankly, I don't really care to have this argument anymore because you're asking a stupid question. Who are the Top 25 teams? The Top 25 teams are the Top 25 teams. They are a Google search away if you're curious. UNC isn't one of them in the poll I (along with most media outlets) use.


If you want to use another one where UNC is, go right ahead. They'll be out of it on Saturday at about 7 PM anyway

In Topic: Yahoo Sports: Is Cam Most Underrated QB?

15 September 2014 - 08:15 PM

I wish sensationalist sports media like this would just dissolve into the depths of hell.


It's just such National Enquirer-esque trash.


These are the same stupid writers that will say Cam isn't getting the job done and is a bust if he somehow puts together a few bad games in a row.

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