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Things over the past year that Smitty has done that don't correspond to the Gettlem...

03 April 2014 - 11:04 PM

Look, I know this is beating a dead horse territory, but I was doing some Youtube searches to find some good Smitty highlights to give me some motivation while taking a procrastination break, and I ran in to a lot of videos within the past year of Smitty doing some stuff that I don't think corresponds with Dave Gettleman's philosophies. It really put some perspective and evidence supporting that he was cut more for locker room reasons.


It just seems to me like Smitty got more attention for his "fired up" style lately than he has since he got the publicity for fighting his teammates, which I firmly believe he's grown above.


This point is brought up, but when you see video after video on Youtube of one player, it puts things into perspective.


1. Says he wouldn't want Sanchez throwing a paper bag sandwich. True? Yes. Good for camera? No.


2. Punks out Armand Smith on the sideline. Necessary? Christ yes. Good for camera? No.


3. Slams Cary Williams on the ground during PRESEASON. Necessary? Not ethically. Good for camera? No.


4. The Janoris Jenkins fiasco. Necessary? Maybe for TMZ/ESPN. Good for camera? Don't think so.


5. The Aqib Talib fiasco. Necessary? Once again, it's a cover story not about football. Good for camera? Not to Gettles.


6. This is one that doesn't get much publicity, but it's Smitty trash talking a 14 year old Jets fan. You know the drill. Unecessary. Bad for camera.


Then there was the deal after he's released where he trash talks the guy for using his full name.


We all love it, and we all love Smitty. But I also trust Dave Gettleman, and I can see that although these actions don't draw fines or anything from the NFL, it isn't something that goes in line with the kind of "leadership" that G-man wants with us.


I just wanted to add some video perspective to this, because flat out there is a lot of viral video that's come out about him over the past year that Gettleman could view as distractions.

Carolina Panthers Story - The Cardiac Cats Return

10 March 2014 - 11:26 PM

You bastards are starting to depress me and I'M SICK OF IT, ya hear?


Anyways, just found this video series on YouTube and I hadn't seen them posted. This is freakin' awesome. Highlights of every regular season game except St. Louis (for some reason) with pregame and postgame stuff. It's great, especially the New Orleans game.


Let's take a second and remember the incredible season we just enjoyed, because we spent a lot of time doing what we're doing now (bitching) hoping for it, and a 12-4 division title season is one hell of a fun memory.


Lighten up Huddle, you're welcome if you haven't seen them




This team would be absolutely scary with this "happy medium"

10 December 2013 - 05:00 PM

I got a text from a good buddy of mine and he asked me if he thought that we would beat NO at home because he's in some league that makes picks on games for money or something. He's a Bostonian, so he doesn't see much Panther football.


Anyway, I told him we rarely get swept by the Saints, and that we will split. In fact we're .500 against them in the dome (4-4), and 3-4 against them at the Bank, since the Brees-Payton era. The Saints don't own us, we don't own the Saints. It's a pretty even rivalry no matter either team's situation.


In any case it got us talking about the Panthers, and I basically came upon this conclusion offensively. Our shortcomings in the secondary will cause us to get in shootouts with potent offenses.


People have almost grown accustomed to saying this season that our offense is not able to play in shootouts, but my question is why? Why has Shula built this offense to be so one-sided? We have shown that we can effectively run a ball controlled offense, but Cam and this EXACT same offensive talent last year and the year before under Chud showed that we can ALSO effectively go vertical and put up some serious points.


So, this is my hypothesis. Why don't we find that happy medium? If we can find that mix between what Chud did and what Shula does every game, we could basically be the best team in the NFL. Think about it. If we sped it up and went for the big play (which the offense can certainly do) on certain drives, but also slowed down and played smash mouth Fox/Shula ball on certain drives (which the offense can certainly do), we would be able to win any type of game.


Shula has shown us this season that he typically is a much more controlled situational play caller than Chud was, and he's also shown that he has some very similar formations and schemes that Chud ran the past 2 years, but he rarely pulls them out. We can score points, the talent hasn't changed for the most part. We have the same offensive linemen, the same running backs, the receiving core has gotten more unique (not necessarily better but also not worse), what's the issue?


I think that Shula tried to completely eliminate that "let loose" style that Chud ran, but the fact is that it didn't need to be eliminated. It just needs to be toned down, and it needs to be more controlled situationally (like the offense during the December win streak last year).

Does anyone else have an uneasy feeling about tonight?

24 October 2013 - 11:47 AM

All the attention...we're playing well..chance to go above .500 under Rivera. Why should we believe Rivera and Co. will not blow this game? I mean, I love the Panthers 'till I die but I'm purely going off of instinct and past experience on this one.


Everyone knows the definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result". That has been the Panthers, with a few exceptions, since the NEWton rivERA started...and I'm just not confident.


I'm not claiming we're going to lose. But I guess what I'm saying is that I still do not trust this team, and I don't like the unnecessary confidence. We don't deserve to be confident yet at .500. We have seen this team blow 2 games against worse teams than us, 1 of which by almost 20 points.


This game is not going to be easy...and I just feel kind of uneasy about this. Maybe I'm overrating how good Tampa could come out and play.

What in Christ name is WRONG with you people?!

07 October 2013 - 03:17 PM

REALLY? We need a QB1? I just read that. And there are serious talks about this? WE NEED A QUARTERBACK?


You know what, I'm all about being pissed after a win, I'm all about being a sore loser right now. That's fine. That's fair, it's understandable after all of this.


But some of you are using server space on a Carolina Panthers fansite to talk about trading, releasing, or moving on from a 24 year old, 6'5 250 lb., record breaking, award winning, dynamic physical specimen that we have as a quarterback. FU*K ALL OF YOU.


We lose our starting RG to an ACL and we have a patchwork O-line to begin with, and you want to get rid of the greatest thing to ever happen to this franchise. TALK ABOUT MANAGEMENT. TALK ABOUT COACHING. TALK ABOUT THE POSITION THIS GUY IS PUT IN. He's under utilized, he's used completely incorrectly. No excuses on some things, but come the hell on!


This team has WORK to do. Our quarterback has work to do. This team has UPGRADES to make.


We absolutely CAN NOT compare ourselves to any other team with a young QB. We can't. Not with our coaching, and not with the talent that we started with post-2010. We've had to build from the ground up, and no other team has had to do that.


Sorry, I guess I just didn't realize that this forum had turned into the Observer comments section.

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