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#3259410 Going on WFNZ at 7:45

Posted by Louie on Today, 08:37 AM

Good job with Mac today! 

#2941393 No sign of Hardy at practice today!

Posted by Louie on 10 September 2014 - 02:45 PM

While most in this thread pose as legal experts, my gut is telling me that they've been on the other side of the plexiglass in their experience with lawyers.

Actually, my experience comes from putting those people behind the "plexiglass" (bullet-proof glass) and being in court many many times, lol. BTW, ANYONE can go to a local magistrate and fill out a piece of paper and the magistrate can issue an arrest warrant for assault on a female. Then, whether it's true or not, that person would have to appear in District Court before a judge and have a trial. Hopefully, the guy doesn't get a female judge with a bad attitude that day.

#2941351 No sign of Hardy at practice today!

Posted by Louie on 10 September 2014 - 02:29 PM

Greg Hardy's case was originally held in District court because it's a misdemeanor offense. All misdemeanor cases are heard in District Court first by a judge. If a defendant is found guilty in District Court, anyone can appeal the conviction to Superior Court where a jury trial must be held. So, Hardy or his attorney had NO CHOICE, but to have it heard by a judge first. I have personally seen several judges that ruled on things that I thought were wrong. It's much harder for 12 people to agree on guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If only one person doesn't agree it's a hung jury. Also, I believe the domestic violence protection order request (50B) was thrown out. Holder didn't even appear for that hearing. If Hardy really wanted to kill her, or she was in fear of that, don't you think she would have came to court for that? This whole case screams of BS. Now, because of the Ray Rice video everyone wants to "hang Greg Hardy" or suspend him. Why? Because one "woman" wants to tell a judge Hardy said he's going to kill me? Those injuries are consistent with someone trying to stop someone from hitting them as well. Give the man a chance in court. A real jury trial.

#2887724 He's got the whole world in his hands....

Posted by Louie on 12 August 2014 - 12:06 PM

he doesn't look a thing like jesus
but he was drafted by a gettleman
like we imagined when we were yoooounggg

I love the KIllers! That's one of my favorite songs! Good job!

#2672807 Bucs Unveil New Jerseys!

Posted by Louie on 03 March 2014 - 09:30 AM

They look like ass! 

#2523201 Hottest Panther Fan in National Media?

Posted by Louie on 02 December 2013 - 09:14 AM

She is like a cute non-drugged out Lindsey Lohan.  :wub:

#2512851 Ranking the Panthers Most Effective Runners

Posted by Louie on 25 November 2013 - 10:34 AM

Right now, if the game was on the line with three yards to go, I'd only trust three rushers to get those harsh yards.

As much as I love D-Will, he isn't one of them.

1. Cam

2. Tolbert

3. Stewart


I love me some DeAngelo. But, Tolbert and Stewart both need more touches. Heck, everytime Tolbert runs the ball he seems to get 2 or 3 yards after initial contact. Williams goes down instantly, it seems when he is first touched. We would be much better off pounding the rock with Tolbert and Stewart and using DeAngelo on 3rd downs. The other team's defenses are stacking the box with 8 at least, Williams isn't going anywhere.

#2489374 Patriots blow out Panthers

Posted by Louie on 16 November 2013 - 11:11 AM

OP you need to get a clue. Have you been watching any of the games this year? The Panthers will dominate the time of possession and keep Brady off the field. When he is on the field he will only have time to throw short, chewing up more clock. I think this game is going to look more like the Atlanta game than people realize. Luke Kuechly needs to cover Gronk better than he did Gonzalez in the first half. Other than that, I think we will completely out physical them.

#2469950 Been awhile since I seen an opposing fanbase giving us absolutely 0% chance o...

Posted by Louie on 06 November 2013 - 10:11 AM

49ers= #32 in pass offense

And as far as their run game, its called Star Lotulelei

The 49ers are dead last at passing the football, but the Carolina Panthers Defense is 10th against the pass and 2nd against the run. I don't think Frank Gore is going to have a big game (see other examples this year: Marshawn Lynch 43 yards, Adrian Peterson 62 yards, Steven Jackson 57 yards. We have faced better running backs than Gore and held all of them to a few yards and 2 rushing TD's. The 49ers rushing defense has given up 7 rushing TD's. So, if the 49ers are last in passing and if the Carolina Panthers continue their trend of relegating oppossing running backs to insignificant yardage, what are the 49ers going to do? The Carolina Panthers are averaging over 25 points a game (over 30 points a game in their last 4). If you think the Carolina Panthers have very little chance to beat the 49ers this Sunday you are a moron.

#2467559 If we come out of the Pats game at 5-5, we will still be in good shape.

Posted by Louie on 04 November 2013 - 07:49 PM

Fug that!!!! 7-3

#2381986 best analysis of rivera's history of close losses

Posted by Louie on 16 September 2013 - 09:42 AM

That article was the best summary of Ron Rivera as a head coach I have ever read. He fails to adjust his strategy to the game, especially in the 4th quarter. A good head coach would use Cam properly and know what the strengths and weaknesses of his team is at the time. Who would trust their defense to stop the Bills when 4 players on the secondary were already injured in the game? Why not go for it on 4th and 1 and WIN THE GAME? Come on Ron, ONE first down and we WIN THE GAME!!!! WTF???? At worst, we didn't make it and the Bills still have to drive 80 yards to win with less time on the clock than before. 

#2372945 NFL.com's fantasy start 'em/sit 'em

Posted by Louie on 13 September 2013 - 09:24 AM

I also drafted our defense and I started them last week and again this week.

#2366693 I liked the offense and I'm confident moving forward.

Posted by Louie on 09 September 2013 - 12:28 PM

The problem wasn't Cam Newton. The problem was the play calling and the lack of execution by the WRs (not named Steve Smith), TEs (greg Olsen dropping not one but two balls, and the RBs (Deangelo Williams fumbling the ball on the 6 yard line). Cam was efficent and ran the plays that were given to him. He didn't overthrow receivers, he didn't throw interceptions, and he didn't fumble the ball. Our 2nd and 3rd WRs need to do a better job of getting seperation and catching the balls thrown to them. Also, Shula needs to throw a few deep balls each game. Maybe he didn't against Seattle because of their secondary, but that is Cam's best asset, the deep ball. So, if you eliminate that, you are greatly stifling your offense, imho.

#2352870 A Defense Destined to Dominate

Posted by Louie on 03 September 2013 - 08:58 AM

Got the panthers on 2 of my fantasy teams.

Me too, and I am starting them this week! B)

#2280390 The Official Pre-Camp Predict the WR corps for 2013 thread

Posted by Louie on 08 July 2013 - 08:59 AM








I think Ginn makes it due to being a returner and his WR potential he has shown in mini-camp. I think Edwards stays on the team because of his improvement this year. Hixon, I think has the most talent, if he can stay healthy (other than Lafell or Smitty of course).