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In Topic: Society on Mars.

Yesterday, 04:10 PM

There's no way humans would be able to psychological handle anything like that. I think they'd all go crazy and kill each other before they even got there.


I sense a SyFy movie script.

In Topic: A little perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

While I have no doubt there are Palestinian civilian deaths, I don't trust a single photo or video coming from Pallywood.




In Topic: I have no game in Spanish..

Yesterday, 03:41 PM

Yep- I'm a magnet when I travel to Mexico couple times a year just because I'm more interested in them and their lives and I try to speak their language and fit in rather than be the "ugly American."


Works in Asian countries as well. :thumbsu:

In Topic: I have no game in Spanish..

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

Wow I don't have any advice to offer, but I just wanted to say that, in my younger years, a gringo stuttering and struggling to speak Spanish had the opposite effect on women.




I spent months in Guadalajara (over the span of 2 years) transferring manufacturing from Charlotte to GDL. Broken spanglish was a friggin magnet. I was told GDL women to men ratio was higher than typical MX (which already has a decent W-to-M ratio).


Be confident and don't be an ass.


My wife is from GDL (happily married 9 years now).

In Topic: The negative influence of the Carolina Huddle

18 July 2014 - 12:04 PM

Is that an off the menu item?

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