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Yesterday, 08:51 PM

lame thread. Somebody make it good and fast


In Topic: Hey Zod, check this guy out

25 July 2014 - 04:34 PM

How do strangers typing out words become abuse? I don't think anyone takes the internets serious enough to get upset or hurt by what a stranger types, but hey, we're talking about Appalachia, they probably just got the Internet recently.

Fine, verbal abuse. And I never said anything about you being hurt by it; in fact, clearly you enjoy the back and forth.

In Topic: Hey Zod, check this guy out

25 July 2014 - 12:31 PM

Your playpen?


The Matt Ryan/Cam Newton thread is the first actual football smack we've had in months; this place is basically the Alejandro Lastra show. Yeah he gets abused, but he seems to enjoy it, so playpen fits.

In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

25 July 2014 - 11:42 AM

Had to stop reading when you said Cam's supporting cast was better. Our oline was makeshift and he has been sacked quite a bit. Some of those are on Cam holding the ball. But Cam has also escaped a poo-ton of sacks with his wheels. Just last year, Look at his scramble against the Pats to pick up the first and long on a 3rd down. Matt Ryan gets crushed in that scenario. Give me Cam all day everyday. Matt Ryan's goofy Howdy Doody looking ass can stay in that shithole in GA.

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I said "arguably better," and here's what I'm arguing. While both OLs were bad; Gross and Kalil were better than any OL on our roster. And weapon-wise, Cam's backfield was easily superior to Matt's, while the WR/TE weaponry was similar thanks to injuries to JJ/RW. And how to you account for advanced statics rating Ryan as the superior player?

In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

25 July 2014 - 12:51 AM

I would not want Matt Ryan as the QB here. Matt Ryan goes 6-10 with our team last year if he was there instead of Cam.

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I disagree; the Panthers' D was something like 12+ PPG better than the Falcons' last year while their offensive PPGs were within a point of each other or so (Panthers had the advantage by said margin). And unlike in previous years, a strong case could be made that Newton actually had a stronger supporting cast on his side of the ball; his line and running game were better while injuries to the most commonly-cited (and rightfully so) Falcon difference-makers, Jones and White, leveled the receiving corps playing field.


Cam had a good year but benefitted hugely from an absolutely fantastic defense  (never even winning a game wherein his opponent scored >21 points). And given the similarity of the PPG their respective offenses produced, it's asinine to claim that Ryan's win total hypothetically would not have been aided by a similar degree, especially when, according to many traditional (QB rating, completion %, etc) and most advanced (QBR, DYAR, DVOA, etc.) statistics, Ryan had a markedly superior season irrespective of the offensive components surrounding him. 

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