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Will The Fitz on the Carolina Panthers Please Stand Up

05 February 2014 - 12:52 AM

Wow.  Talk about a class act. Great restructure for his team, him , the organization, and his legacy. Yes (Larry Fitzgerald)he did increase his remaining years at the price tag of 2.5 mil or so a year. He did take his 18 million cap hit this year and reduced it by almost 10 million and also essential took off the last two years of his contract by putting it as an option(my guess restructuring again so he retires there)...He said he would do whatever he could to keep that team together so they could sign other players by cutting his cap hit.  Will maybe CJ help us out?  Smitty?  Gross take a minimal deal to return to give one or two more goes at a superbowl....Will Stewart fix his contract so it makes sense for us as an organization, he loves it I'm sure money wise, no play and get paid.  Most of us have to pay to get rehab after injuries he's made a living in that rehab room.  I guess we will see.  So who do you think will step up for the Panthers so we can keep the core?


My guess:


Gross:  small but fair contract 2 years with a 3rd year option

Smitty:  (7mil hit now)  He reduces a few million

Godfrey:  Cut or he takes a severely reduced contract

Kalil:  Small reduced amount same as Smitty a few million



CJ:  I would love to see him reduce his cap hit a little but just don't see it happening.  Making it close to impossible to resign Hardy.  


GMan will have to be creative once again, but man he's done a hell of job.  We have all our picks and maybe an extra pick depending on what happens with Hardy and our signings.  KEEP POUNDING!

Refs in todays Game

12 January 2014 - 04:00 PM

This has to be one of the most horribly officiated games in the NFL playoffs at this level.  8 teams left with everything on the line and we get a crew that knows very little about the NFL.  The NFL never fines any Refs for horrible calls that switch a game.  The beginning of the game the personal foul was horrible tipped ball with the ball infront of the WR the CB hits him which is allowed.  The non headbutt call when the panthers received one earlier and on the same drive a no call 12 men in the huddle which was pointed out by Luke and Thomas Davis that the Refs ignore which results in a TD.  Right there should of been  a FG and a punt on the previous drive.  These are momentum killers.  would have produced a different game.  These Refs need to be held accountable just as players are during the game.  If a crew scores less then a B or hell an A when evaluated they should be suspend for X amount of games.  Players get fined for hits that are borderline illegal to legal.   This commish is by far the worst of any sports.  You can hear it at the Draft and he still just laughs his way to the bank.  Horrible...just plain horrible.  KEEP POUNDING!

So Let's Get Some Predictions......Score Wise...

05 January 2014 - 11:47 PM

So it looks like we will have Stewart and Smith back.  We had a lot of time for people to get healthy, not take another game of freezing cold weather where we had to travel to -12 degree weather.  We didn't have to take hit after hit after hit tonight.  We didn't have to focus on just game planning against another team, we had a week to work on ourselves without game planning.  Now we can focus on this game.  The most important game, because it its the next game.  The next game at home at BOA, in which we don't have to travel 3 time zones, stay in a hotel, be away from family......Lots of positives here for us.  This will be a great game, a hard game, a tough one.  Let's see what everyone predicts final score and pick stats of MVP for the game:


Panthers 27  San Fran 19


Newton:  288 passing yards, 2 tds, 1 int

               64 yards rushing 1 td


Oh and we get another home game because some how the Saints beat the Seahawks. KEEP POUNDING!


Watching Panthers in Rome

29 December 2013 - 10:06 AM

Found a Scottish Pub to watch the game tonight here in Rome Italy.  Heard there a few fans that might be there too.  hopefully they have free wifi so I can post some pics.  Dont want to pay the damn international data charges.  KEEP POUNDING!

Seattle Crowd

02 December 2013 - 10:52 PM

I hope that after we win this coming Sunday night...the our crowd against the JETs acts the sameway as this Hawks crowd.  When they score everyone in the stands high fives....They get extremely loud.  They are up on their feet 95% of the time.  The enjoy watching the game and not going to just get the shot at free t-shirts....lets show this team that we are behind them 100 percent, not only in the primetime games but any and every home game.......take it among yourself to pump up your section and keep them going throughout the game......enjoy this season, we all know sometimes these feeling can be few and far between.....this group is special and has a bright future....but we can never tell how long this ride will last.....KEEP POUNDING!!!!