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#1399108 If John Fox were still here......

Posted by maddog on 16 September 2011 - 04:14 PM

If fox was still here the sales of chewing gum would be up in Charlotte! That is the only thing I thought about when I saw the Denver game the other night. The man COULD chew gum!

#1378056 Great article on our secondary/Butler

Posted by maddog on 07 September 2011 - 08:57 PM

I'm new and just joined, hello everyone! I can't read anymore and not want to actually understand the views of some fans. Like I want to interact and be able to understand the way some people think. Now I played football, watch football, and when I'm not watching I'm craving Madden. For the people that still think Gamble is a legit corner I have to ask what type of fan you are. I see fans everywhere when I go to games but some are just out there bc they have the money and it's a social/drinking gathering. Through knowledge and knowing what will make the team better, Gamble is nothing more than a backup at best. Watch videos, old game film, heck even go to practice! If he shines in practice I would bet it was against a receiver that is back-up material. Gamble has been burned so many times in the past few years it's mind-blowing on how he got his last contract. When he isn't getting burned he is playing his guy at least 5 yards off which turns into touchdowns (will have to look what game it was but I threw the remote bc it was ridiculous!) or it turns into easy first downs. Darius Butler may not be pro-bowl bound but I'm tired of watching Gamble "try to play!" Gamble will not make the Panther better and with evidence to back it up, there needs to be a change. So with our GM as well!

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