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#2161865 Dwan Edwards may not be coming back.

Posted by rayzor on 14 March 2013 - 02:43 PM

So who do we draft with the #1 overall pick next year? Time to start looking forward to that.

oye vey...

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#2161706 I want to Block a User...

Posted by rayzor on 14 March 2013 - 01:24 PM

How do you block a Chuck? He's starting to send me messages and I'm about to blow my rape whistle.

If you have issues with other posters.

Please use the block feature.

You are all pretty damn stupid so I don't know how one is worse than the other.

Here is a picture because I am to lazy to type it out.

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If you ignore Mods or Admin you will be banned, ip banned, deleted, and Jase will rape you so hard you will like it.

#2161013 Any realistic shot at Cordarrelle Patterson?

Posted by rayzor on 13 March 2013 - 07:58 PM

he's one of several I'm really hoping gettleman and rivera think are worth the pick. definitely want a playmaker WR in one of the first couple rounds.

#2160412 Tavon Austin to Work Out With The Panthers

Posted by rayzor on 13 March 2013 - 01:55 PM

i've got to say i love watching that guy.

i love QBs who can throw and run well.

i love RBs who can carry the ball and receive well.

i love TEs who can block on the OL and catch well.

i love WRs who can catch and run the ball well.

i love multi-threat players. the more lethal dimensions you add and can incorporate well, the more dangerous as a team you become.

#2160399 Gary Barnidge signing with Cleveland

Posted by rayzor on 13 March 2013 - 01:45 PM

Considering there's very little cap room, and this team's philosophy is not to make a FA splash it's safe to say there will be little impact from this FA period. I'm not talking about specifically today, I'm talking about the whole time. I guess I'm just not as great at cooking up blind optimism as I once was.

that's not what gettleman said he's going to do. he said he believes we need to patch holes using FA. there's a lot of holes on the team.

i'd say that 1) he's not done with the cap and 2) we pick up several players in the next week to start filling those holes. he'll probably try and get as much done before the draft to free up the team to take the best player available and then he'll pick up several more as the offseason goes on.

i just don't see us sitting on our hands the whole FA period....esp. knowing that there is so much time left, that there's a lot of value out there and will be more, and that gettleman likes finding diamonds or at least solid players where others don't see them. he's good at it.

this isn't blind optimism. i'm not expecting some big name talent to come here nor do i think it's necessary. i do think that this team will be in better shape than it was when the season starts as far as personnel is concerned. we'll still have questionable coaches, but at the very least we won't be less talented than we were last year.

#2160355 Florio interview on WFNZ that was actually very good

Posted by rayzor on 13 March 2013 - 01:10 PM


i can't stand florio and don't listen to wfnz to be annoyed or love it, but this interview was really good.

talked about the deadspin thing and free agency so far.

word to fans freaking out about the stadium deal and JR asking for money even tho there's a profit...the profit wasn't that big and quite a few teams are doing the same thing with their own cities mainly to keep from being in the situation the vikings were where they were told by the league that if they don't do something soon, there is a city wanting to take their team.

word to fans freaking out about us being inactive in FA...take a deep breath. teams that are hyperactive now are spending because 1) they have a lot of cap room (mainly because they haven't been using it) and they have to. pointed out that there was only one team that miami was bidding against for wallace, and that was miami. also pointed out that it's incredibly rare that teams who make a lot of noise in FA right away have it pay off and turn their teams around. said that drew brees going to NO and reggie white going to green bay are very rare examples of players picked up in FA that turn their teams around. most of the time it's a very short term benefit.

he said a whole lot more about it, but i don't feel like typing more.

anyway...surprisingly good listen.

#2159826 Tavon Austin to Work Out With The Panthers

Posted by rayzor on 13 March 2013 - 06:07 AM

lol....arguing over whether he compares more to wallace or harvin and at the same time saying wouldn't take him until the 2nd.

#2158878 I want to Block a User...

Posted by rayzor on 12 March 2013 - 03:30 PM

i wish there was some way of blocking quotes from users you've blocked.

#2158714 Revis likely to land in our division(Bucs)

Posted by rayzor on 12 March 2013 - 02:28 PM

not worried.

it would be incentive for us to try and get another dynamic playmaking WR and boost the WR corps as a whole.

#2158470 No news on Gross

Posted by rayzor on 12 March 2013 - 12:29 PM

I'm not disappointed players are volunteering to give up their money at the end of their careers.

It's a business to them, loyalty plays a very small part.

this. to us its little more than monopoly money b/c it's just an obscene amount of money. to them, it's a significant amount of what should end up being their retirement and their ability to support their family.

sorry, but there's no organization i would work for where i would volunteer to take less money unless my job or maybe the future of the company as in closing its doors for good. to take less money just so the org. had more cash for operating? nah....not my fault they didn't plan well enough.

#2158419 No news on Gross

Posted by rayzor on 12 March 2013 - 12:09 PM

I am simply worried that the franchise asked Gross to restructure and he has yet to comply. If today was the cutoff, like most of us thought it would be, not hearing anything at this point could mean Gross is on the chopping block. Which would be a huge mistake. Maybe I am reading too much into it and making way to many assumptions.

Which is why I asked the huddle's opinion. Or maybe this website isn't for inquiring about things, only posting about Cam handing out donuts in class

acting snarky isn't going to help bring more discussion. you end up looking like a whiny bitch.

and yes...you are reading too much into it and making too many assumptions.

#2157194 boldin traded to the 49ers for a 6th round pick

Posted by rayzor on 11 March 2013 - 03:20 PM

Ugh, a fugging sixth!? Now this you can get pissed about Rayzor lol.

if we didn't have a billion dollars wrapped up in the RB corps and a backup MLB we could have swung that contract of boldin's.

#2153942 Drafting a Guard in the first round

Posted by rayzor on 07 March 2013 - 03:21 PM

I'm not a fan of the whole "you don't draft this position at this level" mindset. There are exceptiopns (taking a kicker at #1 overall, for example) but generally speaking, I say if you think Player X is the best guy to take at your spot, then take him.

it can never and should never be as simple as just that.

need must be accounted for in that decision...like if the BPA is a MLB or a QB or an RB...do we really take one over DT, CB, WR, FS, etc.?

also, what is my board looking like for that position later? can i find someone of nearly equal value later? is there a thinner grouping for this position than others?

is this position as crucial for the team as others, esp. crucial enough to warrant this early selection?

there's just too many factors to take in.

#2153410 Drafting a Guard in the first round

Posted by rayzor on 06 March 2013 - 11:55 PM

I couldn't disagree more about DT. It's a premier position.

comes with a higher bust rate than other positions and still takes a couple years to not look bad. harder to get a legit day one starter than other spots.

#2151908 Which 2013 O-Line combo gives us the best chance to win more that 7 games?

Posted by rayzor on 05 March 2013 - 02:40 PM

quickest/best/cheapest fix is having a healthy kalil and bringing in a vet RG. a step further in the right direction would be picking up another RT in FA that is better than bell. shouldn't be too hard to pull off, esp. for a decent price.

the real weak link is the right side. the left will be fine...not studly, but fine with kalil back and amini having a year under his belt. i'd still expect to see amini struggle, but mainly because he's still in his first couple years where they are likely to have roller skates for cleats.

the right side can be upgraded pretty easily without breaking the bank.

we don't need a stud OL. we don't need perenial all-pros or even pro-bowlers (not that the pro-bowl designation means jack). we just need guys who aren't going to get pushed around and who can get a little bit of a push. with the RB corps that we have (way under-utilized, overpaid, but still reaaaalllly good), and cam being the mobile playmaker that he is, we just don't need much on the OL except for being serviceable.

i would say adding another playmaker to the WR corps who can get open and handle/command double teams with a serviceable OL would help out a lot more than having an elite OL with our receiving corps as-is.

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