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#3366745 How many true, lifelong Panthers fans are actually out there?

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 14 May 2015 - 02:56 PM

27 years young and before the Panthers rolled into the Carolinas... I never had a team. On Sunday's I would watch the Redskins games with my dad (his favorite team) but couldn't have told you a single players name.

Then in 1995, I went to my first NFL game... In Clemson SC. 105 degrees. And my team got stomped by the Rams in their first ever home game. Since that day, I've been a die-hard Carolina Panthers Fan!

#3295875 Blue Goose Huddlers

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 23 March 2015 - 02:11 PM

forums legend meowmeowmeooow goes without saying. duh.




Planning on bringing back a weekly photoshop series this season. Last season, me and the family had a lot going on so it was difficult to find the time. Hoping to post more, but also to stay silent through the "dark times" we are currently in. I'll have a lot more to say and post come Draft time.

#3295768 Blue Goose Huddlers

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 23 March 2015 - 01:35 PM

I take the offseason off to avoid all the "quality" threads, and I'm forgotten like Armanti Edwards. I see how it is. 11 pages and no mentions... I'm hurt guys. Really and truly. Let me just leave a little refresher of what I bring to the team...

















#3273972 (In your opinion) Top 5 needs for the Panthers and who would you like to fill...

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 March 2015 - 02:16 PM

Lol it's ok my adopted Panther is coming back so I won't bug you until next year


You might call yourself Meowman, but to me you'll always be Meow3



I've adopted that nickname. Notice the 3 in M3OW. Much easier than trying to get the cubed symbol to type out on various venues.

#3273821 (In your opinion) Top 5 needs for the Panthers and who would you like to fill...

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 March 2015 - 01:37 PM

pie for posting


don't be a stranger on here :cam1:



Lol thanks. It's been super busy at work lately and being the offseason and all... If pretty much been demoted to "lurker" status. But with today being such a big NFL day. Thought I might chime in a little. Maybe, once it slows down here at work I can churn out some Photoshop Wizardry (NO NOT ADOPT-A-PANTHER SIGS). Until then I shall vanish back into the shadows. I seen myself like this... I'm the poster the Huddle deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So y'all will hunt me. Because I can take it. Because I'm not your hero. I'm a silent Huddler, a watchful illustrator. A dark photoshoping-mfing-knight. I'm M3OWMAN!!!

#3273162 (In your opinion) Top 5 needs for the Panthers and who would you like to fill...

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 March 2015 - 10:07 AM

1 - OT (Bulaga, Collins/Flowers/Humphries)

2 - WR (Torrey Smith, Michael Crabtree, 1st round draft pick)

3 - S (I don't know, someone?)

4 - TE (Would be fine with re-signing Dickson here)

5 - DE (Derrick Morgan)



TE was my #6 need. And I too wouldn't mind re-signing Dickson ORgoing after Zach Miller.

#3273097 (In your opinion) Top 5 needs for the Panthers and who would you like to fill...

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 March 2015 - 09:28 AM

With Free Agency only HOURS away, what do you see as the Panthers Top 5 needs to make the next big step? And who (FA or Draft) do you want to fill said spots?


Here's what I have in mind:


1. WR2- T. Smith, Strong, or J. Hardy

2. OT- Bulaga, Flowers, or D.J. Humphries

3. S- Nate Allen, Draft BPA in 4th

4. CB- Cromartie, R. Darby

5. DE- Derrick Morgan, B. Orakpo


I know some of this is wishful thinking, and probably not got a chance in hell of happening. But it's fun to dream.


Share your Top 5.

#3240617 Huddle Mod Semi-Finalists Announced

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 13 February 2015 - 10:08 AM

My vote goes to Montsta. I've never seen him rage post or get into it with any other Huddlers. He has all the knowledge and traits to be a successful Mod. 


No disrespect to the other Finalists. Everyone picked has contributed to the Huddle in some form. I would have gladly gave my vote to RR for all he has done for this community, but he has declined. 

#3221582 Deflate-Gate: Patriots Being Investigated For Deflated Footballs

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 27 January 2015 - 02:14 PM

Had not seen this posted and didn't click through all 30+ pages, but this appears to be some very compelling evidence that the Patriots have had an unfair advantage over the past 8 seasons.


Check out the data. Pretty crazy

Heard them talking on the radio about this. First thing that popped in my head was "THIS RIGHT HERE explains why LaFail is all of a sudden a pro bowl wr!

#3060347 I would like to take this time to thank the Huddle Tailgate!

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 31 October 2014 - 08:43 AM

Yesterday, me and my wife took off work early and took the 2+ hour drive to the game. Possibly the only game we will make this season. We arrived around 5 and found the Huddle Tailgate with limited confusion. Once we walked up a few of our fellow Huddlers instantly recognized us and called out "Meow!". We took the time to get to know a few people we hadn't met at previous tailgates, enjoyed some games, and enjoyed A LOT of adult beverages. Finally got to put a face to Roaring Riot and he was beyond generous to both me and Mrs. M3OW. Got to know Teeray and his wife (great people if you ask me) and got to catch up with some old Huddle friends. 


Around 7:45, we decided it was time to take our stuff back to the car and head in... Took a little longer than expected due to the 3 hours of drinking and lack of food consumed. We finally made it in the stadium and to our seats right before the national anthem. 


From kickoff I knew we were in for a bad night. During the first defensive drive, me and the wife were getting loud, standing, slamming seats, and waving those cursed towels. By the 2nd play, this older couple behind us started yelling "Could you please sit down, we can see the game". If you've met me, you know I'm not gifted in the height area of the gene pool. I turn to notice this couple sitting in their seats with blankets wrapped around them as if they were at home watching a movie on their couch. I told them I would move down a little (there was only two other people on our entire row at this point) and she thanked me. 


Just minutes later, the INT happens and me and the misses go crazy. Jumping, yelling, screaming, and high fives began. I turn to my right to high five a fan.... No one there. Ok, I'll turn around.... This younger couple behind me was sitting with their arms crossed as if they just had a huge fight. I felt like Tom Brady with no one else to High Five and join in this awesome early celebration... I look to the row in front of me... A bunch of teenagers who were glued to their phone and they all looked about as interested in football as Steve Smith is in coming back to Carolina. I look to my wife and ask "Why is nobody cheering?" She shrugs and we both cheer and try to get this section to get off their butts. In the entire section, maybe 15 people were standing and celebrating. 


This goes on for the whole first quarter. At one point the old couple proceeded to yell at two fan sitting # ROWS IN FRONT OF THEM to sit down!!! On defense I continue to cheer, scream, and slam my seat back until suddenly it's no longer making any noise. Confused I turn around to see why my seat has now been muted to find the old lady had thrown her jacket on the arm rest of my seat and the seat next to it. I turn slowly trying to keep my cool and when I finally make eye contact with her she gives me this "What now?" face and looks to her husband and smiles. I smile back and move to the next set of seats and proceed to bang even louder and now right in front of them. I felt her evil stare burning a hole in the back of my Kuechly jersey but I didn't give a damn. I paid for this seat and if I choose not to sit in it and slam it instead.... I WILL!


By the 2 min warning, 30 something guys show up for the seats next to me. Beers in their hands, I'm thinking "Finally! Someone to get loud with!" NOPE! These bros spend the entire end of the half and halftime talking about important business crap going on in their lives and gazing into each others eyes with deep non-football related conversation. At one point, a big play happens and I begin to cheer and yell and turn to the guys (who are now looking at me like I'm insane) and tell them to get up and have some fun! They laugh and go back to their debates about which polo manufacturer makes the best fit. 


For an entire half, me and my better half complain about this entire section and how these are the WORST seats we have ever sat in. "WE WILL NEVER BUY SEATS IN SECTION 537 AGAIN!" "Yeah, These people SUCK!" Well, fast forward to the 3rd and they do the whole "Will Section 536 please stand" thing and we both throw our arms up. "Fug. Just 1 section away!!!!" We both turn to our right to see who would win whatever it was they were giving away... (Okay. now remember earlier in the story when I talked about all the alcohol consumed at the tailgate... Good, let's keep that in mind for the next part of this story.)


Look to the section next to us that SHOULD be Section 536... no one is standing? But the section next to them is standing and cheering??? What the hell? Are that many people confused as to what section they are in? Then it hits me like Ray Rice in an elevator.... I turn slowly to look at the numbers on the stadium behind us. And there it is. In BIG BLUE NUMBERS... 5-3-8.... We had been sitting in the right seats, on the right row, of the wrong section the whole time! No one had ever shown up to ask if we were in their seats, no one. 


We finally pulled the trigger and left after the last Saints touchdown (don't judge me... I had a 2+ hour drive back home I was NOT looking forward to). The drive home was a quiet one. Leaving us both to pour over our thoughts (and hangovers). We got home and promptly hit the sheets and blacked out... Only to wake up (what seemed like seconds later) to head into work this morning.


After this entire story of our experience at the game, I just wanted to say...



You all were the HIGHLIGHT of an otherwise crappy night.

Thank you to Jeremy, Roaring Riot, Boo and everyone else that helps put together the best tailgate in the Queen City. 

And to all the Huddlers we got to meet and get to know... You are all awesome and hope to see you all again soon.


TL;DR (See above in big blue letters)

#3054913 Panthers to give out black rally towels at tomorrow's game

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 30 October 2014 - 10:14 AM

They SELL Blue Growl Towels in the shop.... My son had to have one at Fan Fest last year. We now will have a white, blue, and black towel... I'm fine with this choice and will proudly "spin it 'round my head... Like a helicopter" during tonight's game. Hopefully in the face of some Aint's fans sitting behind me.

#3052563 Huddle Tailgate Thread- *Panthers vs. Aints*

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 29 October 2014 - 07:46 AM

Me and Mrs. M3OW will be there. Leaving work early so we should be at the tailgate around 6 at the latest.

#2945165 MSNBC Morning Joe: Hardy, Panthers and the War on Women

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 12 September 2014 - 09:14 AM

James Holmes was the shooter and John Holmes a porn star... just sayin'.

Fixed... Thanks for that knowledge lol

#2945116 MSNBC Morning Joe: Hardy, Panthers and the War on Women

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 12 September 2014 - 08:44 AM

If his lawyers have half a brain they would contest that the current climate is not conducive to a fair trial by jury and look to have the whole thing pushed back until the media sandstorm blows over.


I argee... But there is no telling when it comes to a lawyer. But then again.... How many of the Jurors could still be upset by the point of trial? This is America... Land of the Free, Home of the Grudge. The fact is, by the trial, every Juror will  have the knowledge that "this is a highly paid NFL player who 'attacked' a woman just like that other player". The Rice video will come down on Hardy whether it's this week or during his trial. 

#2945109 MSNBC Morning Joe: Hardy, Panthers and the War on Women

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 12 September 2014 - 08:38 AM

No way, one thing about 'Merica is you can always find plenty of people that are tuned out on current events and news.

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.


True.... But if the Panthers don't sit (or worse release) Hardy, how much more media attention will this get by the time he is given a FAIR trial? With the whole country being shocked by the Rice footage, it's only a matter of time before someone becomes the fall-guy. People are more mad that Rice is walking down the street with her on his arm (for now) than they are about the actual hit. This will be water-cooler talk for a month or more. Some people may not watch or keep up with the news, but you'll be sure SOMEONE will bring them up to speed. 


Yeah, 'Merica is suppose to have a fair judicial system... But that was put in place WAAAAYYY before media has gotten this big. Hell, I can't even fill my car up at a gas pump anymore without getting a 4 minute recap of "Today's Top Stories"....